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4 Best Solutions To Backup Multiple WordPress Websites

It’s frustrating and time-consuming to keep the WordPress sites up-to-date, but trying to manage multiple sites is even more strenuous. Backups are crucial while managing a site because problems can happen anytime, and you need to be prepared when catastrophe strikes. Spending few extra minutes to find the best-suited solutions for backing up the multiple […]

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How To Install WhatsApp Chat To WordPress Website?

If you’re the proud owner of a WordPress site, you likely look for every opportunity to hear feedback from your site’s users. What if there was a way to talk to your website users directly on your smartphone? With the WP Social Chat plugin created by the Quadlayers team, you can allow your customers to […]

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Which Is Better For Your WordPress Site – VPS or Managed WordPress Hosting?

When it comes to running a WordPress site, we all want the best experience for our visitors we can possibly provide. But should you do it yourself or bring in the pros? What are your options and what’s the difference, anyway? Let’s break it down. What is Managed WordPress Hosting? Managed WordPress hosting is a […]

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How To Publish A Blog Post Article On WordPress?

Creating frequently updated, engaging, dynamic content on your site is an excellent way to make it stand out from the rest, no matter what your area of interest is. One of the best and most fun ways to do it? Publishing a blog! We at Seahawk Media believe in the power of the blog, as […]

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The New “Go” WordPress Theme By GoDaddy

What is it? Drumroll, please! “Go” is a brand-new theme by WordPress, created to go hand-in-hand with popular block editing plugin CoBlocks. The theme is innovative, Gutenberg-first, and focused on helping website designers create powerful, beautiful websites with ease. With over 7,000 active installs in just one week, this theme is already proving to be […]

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How Enterprise, Big Brands Are Leveraging WordPress VIP & Underscores

Ever wonder how legends are created? Legendary enterprise websites, that is. Here is our step-by-step breakdown of how large brands leverage different tools and platforms to develop stunning and functional websites enjoyed by audiences around the world. Let’s dive in! Have an unforgettable brand To use WordPress VIP, you’ve got to be a VIP. WordPress […]

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Why The Biggest And Brightest Brands Choose WordPress?

Gary Vaynerchuk preaches that “content is king, but context is God”. This is so true in today’s online ecosystem. Brands providing value through content and establishing themselves as thought-leaders are winning big. One of the most important formats for content is blog. Google puts rules in place to make sure the blogs with the most views, […]

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Why Every Brand Needs A GoDaddy Pro & WordPress Expert

GoDaddy has 73 million domains under management today, making it one of the largest domain registrars in the world. Along with a domain every website needs hosting, security and SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Purchasing these products in one place, like GoDaddy, alleviates the problem of juggling multiple accounts. That is why GoDaddy has invested heavily into […]

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