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How To Migrate From To

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Written By: author image Aishwarya Mehta
author image Aishwarya Mehta
How to migrate from to

Have you been contemplating moving from to a self-hosted platform like If you have already made your decision, we are here to help you migrate from to in a few simple steps. Many of you must have started with as beginners but soon realize there are limitations to the platform. To meet your growing business and website needs, it’s important to move to a more flexible platform with extensive features. In this blog, we will tell you why you should choose over and how to easily shift from one platform to another.

Why Move from to 

There is no doubt that is a platform that is easy to set up and perfect for beginners to start their websites. However, soon the limitations of this platform start to hamper your business growth. This is where comes into the picture to help you with its vast range of features and ability to extend your website according to your needs. is a powerful and popular self-hosted platform that allows you to have full ownership of your website. Let’s take you through a quick comparison between both platforms to help you discover the difference between both. 

CostFree + hosting provider feeThe basic version is Free (Premium and Business versions are paid)
Domain nameIs often Free for a year depending on the hosting provider Free for a year on the paid version
Hosting storage Unlimited 3GB 
Monetization Full Freedom with unlimited options Options are very limited. No freedom 
Branding FreedomFull FreedomNo Freedom 
Features and PluginsUnlimited Features and themesAllows plugins with only Premium plans 
Analytics Powerful Analytics Allows with Premium plans and above 
SEO features Allows you to use the best SEO tools and pluginsLimited SEO features 
E-Commerce store Provides plugins for E-commerce setup Allows set-up with the paid plan only 

So, with the above comparison, it’s quite clear that moving from to is an ideal choice for you. 

How To Migrate From to 

We have prepared an easy step-by-step guide for you to seamlessly shift from to

Step 1: Export data from 

Export all your present data to migrate from to
Image source:

To migrate your content from to, export all your data from first. 

  • Sign into your WordPress blog and navigate to WP Admin
  • There you will find a Tool category in your sidebar and select Export 
  • Select the start export option in the Export box 
  • On the next page, make sure to select All content and click on download export file 
  • Your file is now downloaded in a .xml format which contains all your posts and pages. Save this file in your system as it is needed in further steps

Step 2: Install and Set up WordPress 

Install and set up WordPress. org
Image source: WordPress

We advise you to choose a WordPress hosting service for an easy installation and setup of WordPress. When you sign up with such a web hosting service, it will automatically install WordPress for you. You can also choose from the top web hosting services with Seahawk’s Web Host Rankings and start with an easy and automated installation. You can simply log in to your hosting account, click Login to WordPress and kick off your WordPress setup. Once you finish this, you can move on to the next step of importing your content into 

However,  for WordPress to start, you’ll need to modify your DNS and update your existing domain records on WordPress. If you are functioning on a domain registrar, you can log in to its settings and manage the DNS there. You can also use a web host service and update your domain records from your hosting control panel.

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Step 3: Import content to 

Import Content to
Image source:

Once you have WordPress installed on your host, you can continue to login into your WordPress Admin for your new WordPress website. 

  • Go to
  • From your WordPress admin panel navigate to Tools> Import 
  • Next, you will find an official import option for WordPress. Scroll down and click on Install Now
  • Your WordPress will automatically install the plugin and the link will be modified to the Run Importer option now. Click on the link to continue 
  • Now click on choose file, select the same XML file from your system downloaded in the first step, and click on the Upload file and import button 
  • WordPress will now begin with the automated process of importing all your pages and posts from 
  • However, before migrating all your content, you will get an option of choosing an author to assign all your posts to  
  • You can either create the same author profile from or create a new author profile or simply just import all the content to the existing author profile 
  • Once you have chosen the author, make sure to Download and import the attachments to keep your posts/pages from breaking 
  • Finally, click on submit, and Voila, all your content is now migrated to your new site 

Step 4: Check your site for any errors 

It’s always a good idea to recheck and review your website rather than face any issues later. With the above steps, we made sure that you make a seamless migration from to However, it’s your job to examine if all the pages, posts, and media are imported successfully to your new site. 

Double-checking is crucial for discovering any missed items like images and other things so that you can go back to and download the things manually that you missed out on during the automated process. 

Step 5: Redirect the site to 

Redirect your site to migrate from to
Image source:

The final step after the review is to redirect your old site to your new self-hosted site. This step is important as it makes sure you do not lose any SEO or rankings of your site. 

However, charges a certain fee to provide this service to its users. You need to pay a small fee of $13/ year and migrate your to completely. This will not only help you maintain traffic but also improve your search engine rankings. 

  • Go to the site redirected page. 
  • Enter your new domain name in the box, click on go and make the payment 
  • Once the payment is done, it will add a 301 redirect redirecting your blogs visitors and search engines to your new site 


Building a great website helps you offer an enhanced user experience. And with, you have all the freedom to build your website the way you want. With its wide variety of plugins and features, you can customize your new site your way. If you have already created your website and are looking to create the best experience for your users, you can get our exceptional Managed SEO services for your new self-hosted WordPress website. So, go ahead and make the most out of your seamless migration from to 

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