Our Mission

Every business needs high-quality marketing services at revolutionary pricing. Seahawk offers marketing services for brands of all sizes across the globe. This means we localize our services for every market around the world. We believe that WordPress should be a core focus in all marketing efforts. That's why we created a powerhouse team of marketing superstars to help your brand navigate the complex web and social ecosystems.

We create win-win partnerships by offering global cadence to execute projects on time and on budget. We are aware of the challenges faced by the industry and our model allows us to meet your needs, without sacrificing quality.

Our Story

Seahawk was founded in 2015 by Ryan Hussey in Wilmington, North Carolina. What started as a side hustle while attending college later flourished into a marketing company focused on WordPress. During this time the internet was expanding rapidly. WordPress encompassed over 33% of the entire web and DIY website builders were on the rise. Ryan stayed true to his belief in the power of WordPress as an open source platform.

Seahawk went on to partner with GoDaddy, the largest hosting provider in the world. In 2019, Gautam Khorana was running a top GoDaddy partner company in India, which led to him meeting Ryan. After working together for quite some time, Seahawk acquired Gautam's company. Gautam joined Seahawk as a co-founder.

Today, Seahawk serves thousands of customers across the globe. Seahawk continues to grow rapidly and open locations in every WeWork.

What we do

We are a global marketing company with a focus on WordPress. We strive to help all brands with our proven strategies.

  • SMB

    As the little guys ourselves, we know exactly what it takes to get the job done for small to mid-sized brands. We leverage our experience in WordPress, web design, SEO, and social media to help your brand grow online and go beyond the usual and ordinary.

  • VIP

    Seahawk VIP was created for big brands seeking to harness the power of WordPress at scale. Along with high-level WordPress implementation, we also offer other custom oriented marketing services for VIP brands.

  • Partners

    We help big web hosts, agencies, and marketing companies identify opportunities to increase revenue and partner to power the backend operations. Our purpose built processes have undergone rigorous evaluation and testing. We achieve high-quality, custom work at scale for our partners

Our Love For Wordpress

It all starts with strategy as we create progress with WordPress. We can present you with a fully functional website on WordPress much faster than many of our competitors by combining knowledge, research, and technical prowess. Our clients & stakeholders know for a fact that once a job assigned, it will not only be completed, but mastered.


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