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Case Study: The Eight Principles

Overview of the Company  Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boise, ID. The Eight Principles work on achieving fundraising levels by creating and maintaining high-level performing fundraising. They enable nonprofit organizations to raise more money consistently using our unique training platforms. With their distinctive guidance tools and learning platform, they enable clients to achieve revenue […]

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Case Study: Mabry Technology Solutions

Mabry Tech is a company specializing in consulting & developing innovative solutions for businesses. Mabry’s technology consulting brings clarity and stability to their customer’s business development. Every business can take advantage of Mabry’s full-service technology & consulting solutions. Problem: Outdated Website Mabry Tech approached Seahawk because they were unhappy with their current website and felt […]

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Case Study: Axle Eight

Axle Eight is a boutique digital marketing agency in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, serving clients across the globe. From SEO, paid media, and content creation, Axle Eight is an extension of your marketing team to deliver a marketing ROI you’ll want to brag about. The agency believes marketing is about being relatable to […]

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Case Study: Chenchula

Located in the heart of Los Angeles, Chenchula, aka “Chennie,” has provided small businesses like yours with successful advertising services for over ten years. With her expertise in helping small and medium-sized enterprises at Google, Chennie started helping small businesses understand the online marketing landscape in 2007. They provide an online strategy to help you […]

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Red Snapper Group – Case Study

Looking to rebuild and revamp their Media, Recruitment, Learning, and Managed Service websites the Red Snapper team reached out to Seahawk.

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Clean Juice – Case Study

Clean Juice was founded in 2014 by Kat & Landon Eckles in Lake Norman and opened its first location in Birkdale Village.

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RetailNext – Case Study

Founded in 2007, RetailNext is the first in-store analytics platform expressly built to address the changing face of retail.

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InApp – Case Study

InApp is a software development company that provides full-cycle software development services to customers worldwide.

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Inertia – Case Study

In 2004, Inertia started to offer mainly engineering services to customers in the automotive industry. Nearly two decades and hundreds of projects later, a lot has changed.

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Envision Learn – Case Study

Envision Learn was founded on the belief that students can become more thoughtful and successful individuals in the tech space when equipped with essential knowledge…

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