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Case Study Red Snapper Group: WordPress Resign & Development

Case Study Red Snapper Group: WordPress Resign & Development

Established in 2005, Red Snapper is set on a mission to deliver quality, value, and innovative services to the Public Safety and Enterprise Security sectors. Red Snapper Group consists of different portals to provide services to various sectors, such as – Law Enforcement & Offender Supervision/Rehabilitation work, Justice, Regulatory, Enterprise Security, and Cyber Security. Red Snapper Group provide services via their different portals:

Red Snapper Group
  • Red Snapper Managed Services: They provide offender rehabilitation and out-of-court disposal interventions and outsource out-tasking and advisory services to the public safety sector.
  • Red Snapper Media: They provide an exciting portfolio of digital media products that focus on creativity, impact, and design. They offer our advertising partners a unique opportunity to be part of the UK Law Enforcement & Offender Supervision/Rehabilitation work sectors.
  • Red Snapper Recruitment: They provide unmatched, cost-effective, transparent, and innovative recruiting services to the UK Public Safety sector, Law Enforcement, Justice, Regulatory, and Cyber Security.
  • Red Snapper Learning: They are a market-leading provider of education and training services on Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, and Public Safety to law enforcement, more comprehensive crime prevention, and offender management work communities. 


Red Snapper group sought a strategic partner to revamp and rebrand their existing sites and increase sales and visibility. Red Snapper group has a decade of experience providing services to public safety sectors through training, recruiting, and sharing information through media channels. 

With the growth of their brand, team Red Snapper wanted to update their public-facing website to better reflect their innovative services to the public safety and enterprise security sectors. To reach this goal, the Red Snapper team approached Seahawk with their new design and asked us to rebuild their website. Their original site had a much darker aesthetic which did not meet their requirements of a modern concept.

Looking to rebuild and revamp their Media, Recruitment, Learning, and Managed Service websites and build a digital marketing strategy for each website, the Red Snapper team reached out to Seahawk to discuss his needs & requirements and find out if there was a good fit between the companies.

The Seahawk team worked closely with Red Snapper to establish the company’s specific needs, what could be retained in the existing site, & what would need to be developed to get the sites live and operational. 

The result was a cost-effective, elegantly constructed, and professional website that incorporated aspects uniquely suited to Red Snapper’s needs.

Our Strategies 

The work started with a team call with the client to ensure that the website copy was aligned with their business and marketing objectives. 

  • We discussed the requirement to rebuild the existing site. We worked as a team with our esteemed client to prepare a mockup site to ensure our content and design were in sync with their brand guidelines. 
  • The mockup included suggestions to help with website conversion and necessary SEO elements (e.g., appropriate keyword and call-to-action button placements, optimized for all devices, etc.)
  • We took advantage of the client’s niche market and updated the website’s essential pages with long-tail keywords focusing on their services and USP to achieve quick wins for them.
  • The website was padded with SEO-structured content based on thorough keyword research and competitor analysis.

The Outcome

Seahawk was able to build and launch the sites within six-eight weeks of the project starting. Red Snapper websites now has a new, modern look and feel, with an emphasis on all of its services.

The new site is much easier on the eye with its user-friendly design. It is optimized for mobile, ensuring clients can comfortably find their services on their smartphones.

Simply put, all the new sites look better, are easier to navigate, and their load time has improved by 45%.

You may visit this Project on Figma & websites of Red Snapper Media, Red Snapper Managed Services, Red Snapper Recruitment, and Red Snapper Learning.

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