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I want to give a huge shoutout to Jake and the entire Seahawk Media team for the amazing redesign of our Clean Juice consumer website! We’re so happy with the final product.
Landon Eckles
Landon Eckles
CEO & Founder, Clean Juice
What We Offer

Benefits of Partnering With Seahawk

Enjoy unparalleled growth by teaming up with Seahawk! As your strategic partner, Seahawk offers a dynamic platform to elevate your WordPress themes, plugins, and builders. Experience increased visibility, extensive sales opportunities, and the chance to connect with a global audience.

Boost Your Theme, Plugin, and Builder Installs

Drive up installations of your themes, plugins, and builders by leveraging Seahawk's extensive user base. Amplify your reach and ensure a broader audience uses your digital products for increased visibility and recognition.

Maximize Sales and Amplify Your Revenue

Seahawk isn't just a platform – it's a sales powerhouse. Partner with us to tap into a global marketplace, maximizing sales opportunities and boosting revenue streams for your WordPress products.

Promotional Content

Seahawk empowers you to create compelling promotional content. Craft captivating narratives, showcase unique features, and engage users effectively, fostering a deeper connection between your brand and your audience.

Affiliate Program

Earn extra money by joining Seahawk's Affiliate Program. Collaborate seamlessly and earn commissions as you promote and drive sales. It's a win-win. So, join our Affiliate Program, and let's grow together!

Step Into a World of Limitless Potential With Seahawk

For WordPress themes, builders, and plugin developers, we offer a collaborative haven with flexible partnerships, global recognition, a lucrative commission structure, and much more.

Flexible Collaboration

Seahawk provides adaptable collaboration models tailored to your needs. Whether you prefer joint ventures or unique arrangements, we ensure our partnership aligns seamlessly with your unique business goals and preferences.

Global Recognition

Leverage Seahawk's extensive reach to gain global recognition for your WordPress themes, plugins, and builders. Join us to expand your brand presence and attract a diverse audience on an international scale.

Diverse Product Portfolio

Seahawk welcomes a variety of WordPress themes, plugins, and builder developers. Diversify your product portfolio and cater to a broad audience while enhancing your market presence and meeting evolving user needs.

Expansive Network of Industry Partners

Connect with a vast network of industry partners through Seahawk. Collaborate, share insights, and broaden your horizons as you become part of a diverse and supportive ecosystem.

Opportunities for Exclusive Promotion

Explore exclusive promotional opportunities and cross-promotions with Seahawk. Elevate your brand by participating in strategic marketing initiatives, reaching new audiences, and fostering growth.

Dedicated Support Team

Experience unwavering support with Seahawk's dedicated team. From onboarding to addressing queries, our support team will ensure a smooth and successful partnership journey for you.

SeaTheme Collection

Explore Seahawk’s SeaTheme Collection, where the seamless fusion of cutting-edge design meets innovative functionality. Beyond partnering with leading theme, plugin, and builder providers for content and affiliate ventures, we proudly present a curated library of starter templates meticulously crafted on top-tier page builders like Elementor and SeedProd. Elevate your WordPress experience with our SeaTheme Collection and showcase versatility and excellence in every project.

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Why Choose Seahawk?

Choose Seahawk for a partnership that transcends conventional boundaries. As a quintessential partner for WordPress themes, plugins, and builder developers, we position you for sustained growth in the dynamic world of WordPress development.

Reach a Global Customer Base

Seahawk opens the doors to a vast international audience. Showcase your WordPress products to users worldwide, expanding your reach and influence in the global digital space.

Establish Productized Service Offerings

Seahawk empowers you to enhance your offerings with productized services. Elevate your product value, meet diverse user needs, and position yourself as a go-to source for all WordPress solutions.

White Label Services

Seahawk offers white-label services for a seamless branding experience. Stamp your unique identity on our collaborative efforts, ensuring that your brand shines through as we continue toward achieving mutual growth.

Tech Stack

Powering your team with the best tools for customer success


An open source platform that powers 40% of the web, WordPress offers flexible design tools, intuitive editing options, and powerful features.


Brandy is a brand asset management tool that helps teams, brands, and agencies create a centralized space to organize all their digital assets.


A leading visual website collaboration, feedback & project management tool, Atarim makes it easy to collaborate on WordPress sites with your clients from one centralized platform.


SeedProd is the ultimate WordPress drag-and-drop website and landing page builder that lets you create stunning, professional websites & landing pages quickly. No coding required!

AII in One SEO

AII in One SEO is the world's best WordPress SEO plugin. It is a comprehensive SEO tool that offers power features for site optimization.


WPForms is a prominent drag-and-drop WordPress form builder plugin for creating different types of forms for WordPress sites.


One of the most powerful WordPress popup and lead generation plugins, OptinMonster helps businesses convert website visitors into subscribers and customers through attention grabbing optin forms.


A widely used free Google analytics plugin for WordPress sites, MonsterInsights helps website owners to track their site's performance and gain insights to improve their online presence.


The best collaborative interface design tool, Figma enables teams to design, align, and build in one space. It is used by teams around the world for UI design, UX design, wireframing, and more.

Want To Partner With Us?

Our partnership promises a rewarding experience with a commission structure to maximize your earnings.

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Everything you need to know about the our partnership with WP Plugin, Theme, and Builder Developers. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please connect with our friendly team.

Listing your plugins or themes on our website is a breeze. Just sign up and go to the affiliate section in our app. After registering, you’ll get access to your own affiliate dashboard. Here, you can easily generate custom tracking links. Put these links in your website, blog posts, emails, or social media. This makes sure each referral is counted correctly.

Absolutely! Boost your affiliate sales by opting for exclusive promotions. Collaborate on strategic marketing initiatives, reach new audiences, and elevate your brand through tailored promotional opportunities. It’s a win-win for your brand and Seahawk’s growing user base.

Seahawk provides robust features for tracking and monitoring your sales on our dedicated platform. Gain real-time insights into installs, user engagement, and performance metrics. Our seamless tracking and reporting system empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your products for success.

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