Seahawk Culture Code

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Early in 2019 we created a Culture Code slide deck that we shared internally with Seahawk leadership. We recently shared this deck internally with our team, but we are now excited to share this with the public.

We will always be iterating the Seahawk Culture code as our company progresses. We may update this slide deck every so often if new ideas come to mind. Our hope is that people around the world will get a better understanding of our company culture at Seahawk. So far the response has been quite positive.

Seahawk is constantly growing with thousands of customers and hundreds of employees around the world. We are beyond grateful to our mentors, investors, employees, and customers who have helped shape our vision over the years. Seahawk started in 2015 as a part-time side hustle and quickly became a large operation with hundreds of employees. Here is our most recent deck.

Seahawk Culture Code from Seahawk

As mentioned, this deck will be constantly evolving. As we continue to rapidly expand around the world we plan to localize this deck with help from new leadership. We also hope this document inspires your brand to put culture first. Thank you for reading.

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