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Why do you need to migrate from Sitecore to WordPress?

Well, as popular as WordPress is, you must have second thoughts about it as to whether it will be able to fulfill the aspects Sitecore provides. There are 1.88 billion websites in the world & 42% are on WordPress; whether small or giant enterprises, WordPress is their primary choice over Sitecore. Presenting you some comparisons that can remove all your second thoughts about migrating Sitecore to WordPress platform. Learn how Sitecore features stack up against WordPress CMS to make an informed decision


Sitecore is licensed annually at $40,000 for the first year & additionally $8,000 for each year ahead. This cost can even go up depending on the features you have chosen. WordPress is open source & free to use. The only cost required with WordPress is- domain, hosting, customization & maintenance.


Sitecore is quite complex to use & requires a good amount of technical knowledge to make the most out of it. The maintenance difficulty is on a high edge with Sitecore. WordPress, on the other hand, is known for its user-friendly interface & compatibility for any kind of user/business.
WordPress maintenance is on a low edge.


Sitecore is restrictive and requires more time to get things live. Users call it slow in progression. WordPress has over 60,082 free plugins and 31,000 themes, including the premium ones which can make your brand stand out in the market. The good thing is that you can go live with WordPress in just 30 minutes and still be able to upscale your business to its full potential.


Benefits of choosing WordPress over Sitecore

Why choose an expensive & technical CMS like Sitecore when you have a free, cost-effective & most popular CMS right in front of you? It's WordPress! 40% of all websites on the Internet are made on WordPress. There have to be some solid reasons for it. Right? Let us look at why you should migrate from Sitecore to WordPress


Personalization is key to every business, which makes it unique. As much as it is crucial, a lot of times, it can be tricky. The goal is to keep it user-friendly & straightforward.

Marketing & Integrations

Marketing & managing content is easier when you have all stats in one place. Moreover, how these statistics are placed on particular page plays a huge role in enhancing the user experience & ensuring compatibility with CMS & marketing automation tools.

Multilingual & Localization

With continuous updates & new versions, WordPress has mastered multilingualism & localization. Its flexibility also allows for custom functionality to meet your specific needs. You can easily scale your business locally with WordPress in any language you like.


We mentioned above that almost 40% of websites are made on WordPress. Big enterprises like Facebook, Microsoft, TechCrunch, Walt Disney, Sony Music, Toyota, PlayStation, The New York Times, etc., trust WordPress with its features.


WordPress is a simple CMS to start, and it's easier to scale your business. Its excellent content management capabilities make it hassle-free to accommodate high traffic and manage your website's content effectively.

SEO & Responsiveness

Google loves WordPress. Every business wants to rank on the search engines of Google. Therefore, it is the best choice for your business's marketing automation strategy. A WordPress website is known for its user and SEO friendliness, giving it the top rank on the search engine rankings of Google.

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Why Choose Seahawk as Your Sitecore to WordPress Migration Agency?

Seahawk is dedicated & passionate about WordPress. We are fully white-label WordPress service providers and have worked with 1000+ businesses.

Revolutionary Pricing

Our revolutionary pricing is designed to help you grow your business. We offer affordable pricing and high-quality services, so you don't have to worry about scaling your company or paying for unnecessary overhead.

Revolutionary Pricing Copy
Trusted by the best

Trusted by the best

We've been working with agencies and web hosting companies for over a decade, specializing in managing multiple websites. You can rest assured that we're not just here to take your money. We're committed to helping you succeed with our top-notch services.

Unique in the market

We have a self-service marketplace, which means you can manage your customers' accounts and renew their subscriptions without us being involved. We also have retention services that help us prevent customer churn so that you won't lose any current customers!

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We do it all Copy

We do it all!

Do you need help with your website? Don't worry. We've got you covered. Everything from migration to WordPress to UI Design, WordPress hacked site repair , to WordPress development —we take care of everything on your behalf!

Setup process

Our approach for Sitecore to WordPress Migration

Here's our 5-step strategy for your Sitecore to WordPress migration


With our experienced digital marketing team by your side, we will consult with you on every aspect of the migration process. With us, you'll gain insight into all the hows and whys of migrating from Sitecore to WordPress.


Next, we will frame a migration plan for you as per your requirements and in accordance with your previous website's features.

Migration Process

We'll start the Sitecore migration to WordPress with all the data. Don't worry; we'll take a complete backup before the final transition.

Project Delivery

Our WordPress experts will ensure your new website fits your business's requirements. It's time to deliver the new wordpress website project.

Extended Support

Delivering the project is not the end of our partnership. We are here to extend our support for your website's further needs. From maintenance to high performance, we'll ensure everything is done smoothly.

Contact Us

To get started, fill out our form and tell us about your project. Connect with us today and have your Sitecore to WordPress migration project completed with peace of mind!



Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.

Here are some points you should consider when taking this decision

  • Are you paying too much for the CMS?
  • Are you facing difficulties with backend management?
  • Is it that your website doesn’t meet the requirements of your business?
  • Any other problem with website operation?

If you answered yes to these questions, it’s time to migrate your website from your Sitecore site to new WordPress site.

Still not sure? Contact us & we’ll audit your website and provide suggestions & solutions.

We store the site structure in Sitecore database backup on our server, and thus, the site won’t go down anytime during actual migration process. Once the entire process of actual migration is complete, we’ll move new WordPress site to your server.

It depends on the functionalities and size of your current Sitecore website & data. The more complex the data is, the more time it might take with Sitecore to WordPress migration. Before starting, a complete backup will be made to ensure data integrity throughout the migration process.

Your current Sitecore website will be live through the entire migration process. Your Sitecore site to WordPress site migration will happen without touching the existing website.

The cost depends on the factors like the size & complexity of the WordPress site. We will evaluate your website & requirements thoroughly and let you know.

Data security is our top priority & we take every precaution during the Sitecore to WordPress migration of your website. Your data will be 100% safe with us during the entire migration process. So, you need not worry about data security.

It’s not necessary if your current hosting provider is compatible with WordPress in terms of performance & usability. If there are even minor issues, you should switch to new hosting provider that are 100% compatible with WordPress, especially for enterprise-level businesses.
We’ll help you with that if you decide to switch. We have partnered with the top WordPress web hosting companies and can vouch for their services. Additionally, we also provide retention services to the web hosting providers, which helps their customers with any issue on the website. This collaboration is a win-win on all ends.

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