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Why offer Pro Services?

We help manage a continuous, in-house pro services experience for our web hosting partners, chat with our friendly team.

Retain more customers, reduce churn

We help web hosting companies reduce churn by helping their customers with tasks like hacked or slow websites.

Bring more solutions to your customer base

Offer existing solutions to your customer base that they are desperately searching for.

Increase customer lifetime value, more revenue

Increase LTV and expansion revenue with customers who purchase Pro Services.

Acquire more customers, top of funnel

Create new top of funnels and get organic traffic with your existing domain authority for top WordPress service keywords.

Why offer pro services

Setup process

A seamless experience for web hosts

Some of the top reasons for Managed WordPress hosting churn is hacked and slow websites. Get a retention program spun up fast.

Create landing pages for pro service offerings

We help establish core pro service and WordPress retention offerings and create content for landing pages that will be prevalent in the site nav.

Establish sales and order taking process

We can bring on dedicated sales rep from our team in India or you can dedicate a tech support rep to the program to get trained by and work closely with us.

Assign dedicated web an development Nests

We assign the best WordPress and Customer Success talent across India that are incentivized by getting the program five star trustpilot reviews. We also use your company labels for a deep white-label experience.

Set up tech stack, SOPs, and operations

Once we have company emails we can setup softwares on your behalf like front.com to manage customer success or Elementor unlimited license. We also share SOPs, training docs, and any other operational documentation.

Ongoing sales and marketing enablement

We work closely with a dedicated tech support team member assigned to the program running point on sales and the marketing team to ensure we are serving and retaining as many customers as possible.

Launch professional services program

Once everything is on order, we are set to launch the program! When pro services is in the site navigation we are bound to get a lot of traffic and we will be well prepared on all fronts.

Tracking, dashboards, and KPIs

We closely track all KPIs in the program such as response times, time to completion, completion to cancelled ratio, and positive review conversion. Every month we iterate to ensure we are driving optimal results for the program.

Partnership for years to come

Everything is shared in a transparent format for leadership and management to easily view. In every partnership we have our team becomes part of your family and culture. Everything is shared in a transparent format for leadership and management to easily view.

The secret

Why Seahawk?

Powerful, self-serve productized services for web hosts to retain more customers. Trusted by over 1,000 startups and top web hosts.

Team and recruiting

We recruit the best WordPress developers and UI designers across India and Poland. We are proud to focus our recruiting efforts in these regions with years of combined experience doing so.


Revolutionary prices and quality

We offer affordable pricing designed for small business web hosting customers. We ensure our offerings are affordable and scalable.

Trusted by the best

Seahawk is trusted by the best web hosting companies to build and manage pro service retention operations. We have a decade of experience working with the best web hosts.

Tech stack

We use the best tools for your customers

We have a unique tech stack that is tried and trued with some of the largest web hosts. We only select reliable tools that help us operate efficiently, while giving transparency to our partners.

Elementor Websites

Elementor is the platform web creators choose to build professional WordPress websites, grow their skills, and build their business.

Shared Slack

We use shared slack channels with our web hosting partners and internal stakeholders. This allows us to communicate closely with partners.

WordPress Services for Web Hosts


Front is very important to our customer support operations and tracking important KPI and SLA data.

WordPress Services for Web Hosts


ClickUp is an awesome tool that helps us manage projects and tasks effectively.


WordPress is the heart and soul of Seahawk. The majority of our operation is tied to WordPress.


The best design tool on the market. We use Figma for all design operations.



Everything you need to know about the our pro services. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat to our friendly team.

Yes, you can try us for free for 30 days.

We are flexible with our web hosting partners.

Trusted by the top web hosts.

We bill monthly.

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WordPress Services for Web Hosts

Seahawk powers pro services WordPress support for the biggest names in web hosting to help customer retention and expansion.

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