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Vikas Singhal On Scaling InstaWP, Backed By Automattic | Episode 3 Of WP Legends

Dive deep into the inspiring story of Vikas Singhal, a coding prodigy who sold his first software at the age of 14. In this episode of WP Legends, we unravel the fascinating journey of scaling InstaWP, backed by none other than Automattic. Vikas shares invaluable insights into his entrepreneurial journey, from the early days of coding to navigating the challenges […]

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Akshat Choudhary on Scaling WP Plugins Empire with BlogVault, WPRemote, MalCare, Airlift

Embark on an inspiring journey with Akshat Chaudhary from BlogVault as he unveils the secrets of scaling a WordPress Plugins Empire. In this enlightening podcast, discover the intricate strategies and success stories behind the growth of BlogVault, WPRemote, MalCare, and Airlift. Gain valuable insights into the dynamic world of WordPress plugin development and learn how […]

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Vito Peleg On Atarim, WordPress, And Early Side Hustles

In this engaging podcast episode, Gautam, the co-founder of Seahawk Media, sits down with Vito Peleg, the visionary founder of Atarim, for an insightful discussion on the intersection of technology, entrepreneurship, and Vito’s journey in the digital arena. As they delve into topics ranging from WordPress to early side hustles, listeners can anticipate a first-hand […]

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