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Benefits of Joining the Seahawk Affiliate Program

Partner with Seahawk today and experience a partnership designed for mutual success. Together, let’s redefine excellence in WordPress services and elevate your affiliate journey.

Generous 15% Commission

Earn a remarkable 15% commission on every successful referral, ensuring substantial rewards for your promotional efforts.

Diverse Range of Services

Seamlessly promote a comprehensive suite of WordPress services, from development and design to maintenance and more.

Timely Payouts

We understand the importance of timely payments. Receive your commissions promptly, ensuring you reap the rewards of your hard work without delay.

High Conversion Rates

Seahawk's reputation for excellence and client satisfaction translates into impressive conversion rates, giving you a competitive edge in the affiliate arena.

Setup process

Who Can Join Seahawk's Affiliate Program?

At Seahawk, we welcome affiliates from various backgrounds and industries who are passionate about promoting exceptional WordPress services.

Digital Influencers and Bloggers

Share a common audience interested in WordPress, web development, design, or related topics? Join us and monetize your influence.

Web Developers and Designers

Are you in the business of creating outstanding online experiences? Partner with Seahawk and expand your revenue streams.

Agencies and Marketing Professionals

Amplify your service offerings by collaborating with Seahawk. Provide your clients with top-tier WordPress solutions while earning a generous commission.

Tech & WordPress Enthusiasts

Are you passionate about technology and WordPress? Channel your enthusiasm into earnings by promoting Seahawk's services.

Niche Bloggers and Content Creators

Whether your niche is business, e-commerce, travel, or any other, if your audience needs WordPress solutions, we've got you covered.

Social Media Influencers

Engage your followers with valuable WordPress insights and services. Monetize your social media presence by partnering with Seahawk.

Affiliate Marketers

If you're experienced in affiliate marketing and understand the WordPress ecosystem, Seahawk's program offers an excellent opportunity for you to thrive.

WordPress Community Members

Active in the WordPress community? Join us in spreading the word about Seahawk's exceptional services and earn while you do it.

The secret

Why Seahawk?

Powerful, self-serve productized services for agencies to retain more customers. Trusted by over 1,000 startups and top web agencies.

Collaborative Growth

Your success is our success. We see our affiliates as valued partners, and we're committed to providing the resources, support, and guidance you need to flourish in the affiliate marketing space.

Cutting-Edge Marketing Materials

Access a rich library of professionally designed marketing materials, from eye-catching custom images to compelling content. These resources are crafted to help you effectively promote Seahawk's services.

Responsive Affiliate Support

Have a question or need assistance? Our dedicated support team is here for you. We're committed to providing timely and helpful responses to ensure your success.

Setup process

Getting started

Becoming a Seahawk affiliate is a breeze. Follow these simple steps to kickstart your journey:

Sign Up for the Seahawk Affiliate Program

Sign up and navigate to our commissions section of our app. Fill in the required information to create your affiliate account.

Access Your Affiliate Dashboard

Once registered, you'll gain access to your personalized affiliate dashboard. This is your hub for tracking referrals, monitoring performance, and accessing promotional resources.

Generate Unique Tracking Links

Inside your dashboard, effortlessly create custom tracking links for Seahawk's services. These links are how we track the referrals you send our way.

Integrate Tracking Links into Your Content

Seamlessly incorporate your unique tracking links into your website, blog posts, emails, or social media content. This ensures accurate attribution for each referral.

Start Promoting Seahawk's Services

Choose from a wide range of WordPress services from development to design to maintenance to effectively showcase Seahawk's offerings.

Tech stack

We use the best tools for your customers

We have a unique tech stack that is tried and trued with some of the largest web hosts. We only select reliable tools that help us operate efficiently, while giving transparency to our partners.

Elementor Websites

Elementor is the platform web creators choose to build professional WordPress websites, grow their skills, and build their business.

Shared Slack

We use shared slack channels with our web hosting partners and internal stakeholders. This allows us to communicate closely with partners.


Front is very important to our customer support operations and tracking important KPI and SLA data.


ClickUp is an awesome tool that helps us manage projects and tasks effectively.


WordPress is the heart and soul of Seahawk. The majority of our operation is tied to WordPress.


The best design tool on the market. We use Figma for all design operations.



Everything you need to know about the our pro services. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please connect with our friendly team.

Absolutely! You’re encouraged to promote Seahawk’s services on your website, blog, social media channels, email newsletters, and any other platforms where your audience engages.

No, joining our affiliate program is completely free. There are no hidden fees or charges.

Yes, you can refer clients from anywhere in the world. Seahawk’s services are available globally.

The tracking cookie is valid for 30 days. This means if a referral makes a purchase within 30 days of clicking your affiliate link, you’ll receive a commission.

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