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Trusted by over 4,000 startups, Seahawk strives to improve your website performance and achieve great results with easy access to various free tools. Our powerful and self-serve tools can help you convert, engage and retain more users on your site.

Website Speed Test

Get lightning-fast page load times with our feasible Website Speed Test Tool! Just enter your website's URL and get instant results on how quickly your pages load. Optimize your site's performance and increase engagement with our comprehensive testing tool. Try it out now and see just how fast your pages can be!

Broken Links Checker

With this tool, you can easily detect broken links by entering your website URL and getting fast results! This tool will assist analysis of broken links on your website and provide maintained data for a quick fix. It also helps scan website pages or domains to fetch broken link issues and track your website health timely.

WordPress Security Scanner

It is crucial to keep your WordPress website away from site issues and malware. We understand the importance of protecting your website from hackers and keeping you safe from any potential threats. Our easy-to-use WordPress Security Scanner Tool helps you avoid common mistakes and misconfigurations that can leave your site vulnerable to attack.

Core Web Vitals Checker

Optimize your website's performance with our Core Web Vitals Checker! Ensure lightning-fast loading, smooth interactivity, and visual stability to deliver an exceptional user experience. Take the guesswork out of optimization and improve your site's ranking with actionable insights from our powerful tool. Unlock your website's true potential and impress both users and search engines with our Core Web Vitals Checker!

Web Hosts Savings Calculator

Identify the revenue loss caused by customer churn and gain insights into how reducing customer churn and improving reliability can significantly impact your business revenue. Unlock a world of possibilities with our fully white-label WordPress Pro Services program, empowering hosting companies to offer comprehensive solutions that solve customer woes. Partner with us today and revolutionize your web hosting game!

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Looking to evaluate your website’s ability and improve your site’s overall performance? Use our Free Testing Tools for fast and accurate results and take your website to new heights!



Here's everything you need to know about our Free Testing Tools. Can't find the right answers to your questions? Connect to our friendly Team here.

A website needs evaluation and checks regularly to maintain its overall performance. With Free testing Tools, you can access and monitor different features on your site and find a quick fix in case of any issues. 

Seahawk provides easy access and Free access to various Testing Tools for your website. You can go to our Free Test Tool page and use them free of cost based on your website requirements.
Seahawk offers various Free Testing Tools including Broken Links Tool, Website Speed test Tool, WordPress security Scanner, and more.
We provide free and easy access to all the Testing Tools on our platform. You do not need to pay anything to use these Tools.

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