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Looking to improve your website's user experience and search engine rankings? Our Core Web Vitals Checker is the solution you've been searching for. With our powerful tool, you can test any web page on mobile and desktop devices, identifying areas needing improvement and optimizing your website for better performance. Improving your Core Web Vitals enhances your user's experience, boosts your search engine rankings, attracts more organic traffic, and increases conversion rates.

What Are Important Core Web Vitals?

Wondering what Core Web Vitals are and how they affect your website's performance and user experience? Our Core Web Vital Checker analyzes critical metrics, including:

Long FID results in a slower and less responsive page, which is crucial for a positive user experience. Our Core Web Vital Checker can help you identify and address issues that result in long FID, leading to a faster and more responsive website.

Monitoring CLS helps identify potential issues causing unexpected layout shifts and frustrating and confusing users. Our Core Web Vital Checker lets you stay on top of CLS, ensuring a stable and smooth layout for your website visitors.

Optimizing LCP ensures that your website's most important content is readily available to visitors. Our Core Web Vital Checker identifies elements that cause long LCP and provides insights to improve the loading time of these elements, enhancing user experience.

Other Notable Metrics

TBT is important because it can affect the user experience of a website, as a long TBT may result in a slower and less responsive page.

It is a metric that measures the time it takes for the first byte of data to be received from a server. A longer TTFB may indicate that the server is taking a long time to process and respond to the request.

Enhances website performance by optimizing the order in which elements are loaded, resulting in faster and smoother user experiences. INP is a pending Core Web Vital metric that will replace FID in March 2024.

Service Features

Boost Your WordPress Site: Optimize Core Web Vitals for Better User Experience

Are you aware that a slow website can lead to reduced traffic and even Google penalties? Improving the performance of your WordPress site is essential to provide visitors with the best possible experience and avoid these issues.

Here’s why you should improve your CWW:

Site Speed

Boost the overall speed of your web pages to increase engagement on your website and get search engine ranking benefits. With our Core Web Vital Checker, you can identify issues that slow down your site and address them for improved site speed.

Conversion Rates

Maximize conversion rate, and enhance lead & sales generation. Our Core Web Vital Checker can help you identify areas that need optimization to increase conversions and generate more sales.

Ranking Benefits

Google considers Core Web Vitals as one of the ranking factors when it comes to user experience. Improve your SEO and get the natural rank benefits. Our Core Web Vital Checker provides insights on improving your website's Core Web Vitals for better search engine rankings.

Target Audience Optimization

Enhance the quality of your website and increase the number of visitors by optimizing the website for your target audience. Our Core Web Vital Checker can help you understand your audience's needs and preferences to optimize your website accordingly.

Credibility Boost

Your appearance, usability, and authority will improve with the help of our professional website design service. Our experts can help you optimize your website for better user experience and credibility.

User Experience Enhancement

User experience is directly linked to the website's speed. As a brand, your priority should be improving your site's speed. Our Core Web Vital Checker can help you identify areas that need improvement for a better user experience.

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Site Optimization Pricing

Checkout our PageSpeed Optimization Plans. Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you.


$ 399 Billed once.
  • Core Web Vitals Optimization (FID, LCP, CLS)
  • Caching Setup
  • Media Optimization & Compression
  • Minify Javascript and CSS
  • Minimizing HTTP requests
  • Website Report & Analysis

Website + Database

$ 699 Billed once.
  • Everything in Basic +
  • Database Optimization
  • Tables Optimization
  • Reducing Database Bloat
  • 24hrs Response Time
  • Complete Report & Analysis


$ 999 Billed once.
  • Everything in Advance +
  • Mobile Usability Fixes
  • Hosting Recommendations
  • Search Console Fixes
  • SEO Audit
  • Comprehensive Report & Analysis
  • Extended Support

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Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.

Core Web Vitals is a set of user-centered metrics that measure critical aspects of website performance, including loading speed, interactivity, and visual stability. Google uses these metrics to assess the user experience provided by a website.

Core Web Vitals have become an important ranking factor for search engines, including Google. Websites that provide a better user experience, as measured by Core Web Vitals, are more likely to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). Therefore, optimizing your website’s Core Web Vitals can positively impact its SEO performance.

Because every website is different, it depends! We always benchmark performance at the start of the project, and then we compare the original page speed scores to those run after all the optimization work has been performed. Our goal is to see measurable gains and get your website as fast as possible.

We can work on many platforms, specifically PHP based content management systems. We tend to focus on optimizing WordPress websites because its quite popular and that is where we have the most experience. With that said, we can apply various optimization techniques to improve your page speed even if you use different software

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