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Elementor Stuck On Loading Screen? Here’s How To Fix It!

Elementor nulled version

Elementor simplifies the process of developing website pages in WordPress. However, you may occasionally encounter Elementor stuck on loading screen and sometimes widget panel may also doesn’t load for you. It can get aggravating at times as this issue can take many forms. Several users aren’t sure what they’re dealing with.

You might be having one of the following problems if you’re experiencing Elementor Stuck on the loading screen:

1. The Editor is Constantly Loading

The most prevalent Elementor Stuck on loading problem is this. The Elementor editor will load indefinitely. Incompatibility difficulties with plugins or themes are the most common cause of this problem.

2. The Editor opens a new document with a white blank page.

The editor shows a white blank webpage as another form of loading problem with Elementor. Plugin problems and Server memory difficulties may cause the white blank webpage problem in Elementor.

3. The Widget Panel Doesn’t Load

This is a new Elementor loading error that prevents the Elementor plugins panel from loading. Either the widget screen is wholly grayed out or continues to load indefinitely.

Elementor Stuck On Loading Screen Error: 7 ways to fix it

elementor stuck on loading screen

Many Elementor stuck on loading screen issues, according to the  Elementor Developer, are caused by plugin incompatibilities.

However, this isn’t always the case.

Here are some ways of resolving these issues:

1. Make Sure there are No Plugin Conflicts

Since Elementor claims that add-on plugins are the source of these loading issues, it’s best to start here. Third-party add-ons are usually to blame for the ‘Elementor not loading’ problem. There are many Elementor add-ons available, and if you use one that isn’t correctly written, you may get issues like this.

Here are Some Add-on plugins that are known to cause conflicts with Elementor: 

  • Elementor Premium Addons
  • Elementor kit lite
  • Ultimate add-ons
  • Google XML Sitemaps
  • Elementor Addon Elements
  • Essential Addons for Elementor
  • Premium Addons Plugin
  • Powerpack elements 
  • Elementor version Conflicts

If you can’t figure out what’s causing the Elementor Stuck on Loading problem, Deactivate these plugins and see if the problem goes away. Try to disable Elementor Pro & free version. Sometimes plugin version may cause conflicts.

Learn More: How to Fix Slow WordPress Backend?

Begin activating plugins one at a time, checking Elementor as you go. If the loading problem reappears after enabling a plugin, you’ve discovered the source of the problem.

Disable any Elementor add-on plugins on your website and see whether the problem disappeared.

2. Increase PHP Memory Limit

One of the leading causes of the Elementor Stuck on Loading Error is a limited PHP Memory Limit. It is adjusted to 40M by default. However, a minimum of 64M  and a maximum of 128 M is required to run Elementor smoothly.

php memory limit

For those who are unaware of what WP MEMORY LIMIT is, WordPress allows you to adjust the maximum memory consumption by PHP by using the WP MEMORY LIMIT PHP constant. Suppose your system has 1GB of RAM and that all of that memory is available to PHP.

When a page is loaded and PHP is started, the maximum amount of RAM that the webpage PHP process can utilize is X. Assume you’ve adjusted the memory limit to 128MB.

That implies you’ll be restricted to 8 concurrent PHP processes if all of your PHP processes occupy all the available RAM (128MB).

To check your WordPress site’s memory size, go to ‘wp-admin -> Elementor -> System Info’.

Updating the wp-config.php file is the starting step. You can go using the cPanel File Manager or FTP server in the WordPress folder.

Look for the” /* That’s all, stop modifying!” line in the wp-config.php file. Put the following line of code before this comment :

define(‘WP_MEMORY_LIMIT’, ‘128M’);

After adding the lines, go back to wp-admin -> Elementor -> System Info and double-check that the changes have been saved.

3. Disable any Browser Extensions

The issue that causes Elementor to become stopped on the loading page often has nothing to do with your website.

The problem may be with your browser. If you have any extensions or plugins on your browser, Remove them and see whether the issue has been resolved. Search for plugins that prevent scripts from loading using browser developer tools. Examine your site for the presence of ad blockers.

Also, try changing your browser to see whether Elementor works appropriately in another one.

4. Switch to the Default Theme 

It’s also possible that your WordPress theme prevents Elementor from launching on your website. Although this happens seldom, it’s still a good idea to examine whether your theme has any issues.

Switch to the default WordPress theme on the website and see if Elementor is working correctly.

If this is the case, your theme is to blame. You can’t just abandon your theme to make Elementor function, can you?

Now that you’ve identified your theme as the source of the problem, contact the theme’s creators to alert them and seek a repair.

Struggling With Elementor Glitches?

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5. Increase Server Resource Limit

Sometimes the server reaches its resource limits; in this case, you might want to check cPanel and look for resource usage. This typically happens with shared hosting accounts. Contact your hosting provider in such a case.

high resource usage cPanel

6. Modify the Editor’s Loading Method

Elementor allows you to change the builder’s loading process. There isn’t enough information about how it works, but if you’re experiencing trouble with the editor, Elementor recommends switching methods.

Go to Elementor > Settings > Advanced in your WordPress dashboard to locate this option.

Change Editor Loading Method in Elementor

The ability to change the editor loading mechanism may be found on the Advanced tab. This feature is deactivated by default.

Check that the editor loads correctly after enabling this option.

7.  Miscellaneous: PHP 8 Compatibility, Permissions, and Caching issue:

  • If your system is running on PHP 8, try to downgrade to PHP 7, as Elementor currently does not support PHP 8. 
  • Make sure Elementor has permission to download Globals. If you see any error code like 403, contact the hosting company.
  • Make sure the server caching, Cloudflare or Rocketloader or any caching plugin is disabled and try again.

Unable to Fix it Yourself? Take Professional Help to Fix Elementor Issues

‘Elementor stuck on loading screen‘ is a frequent problem that should not be taken seriously. Nearly every single Elementor user has experienced this. You’ll be able to fix the problem if you use any of the methods listed above. If that doesn’t work, contact our professional WordPress support experts to fix it for you.
Contact Us today to fix Elementor Loading issues in a more professional way.

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