Check Broken Links On Your Website

Improve the credibility of your website by fixing your broken link on time with Seahawks Broken Link Tool! Our tool will not only help you determine the dead links but also ensures a flawless experience for both your site and users. With our complete scan, you will be able to detect invalid and rotten links on your website and fix them in no time!

Why Do You Need To Check For Broken Links?

Broken Links affects the credibility of your website

Broken Links are impacting your google ranking and overall page credibility. Too many broken links or inaccessible data indicates that your website has been neglected or idle for a long time.

User experience gets hampered

Experiencing Higher Bounce Rates on your website? Broken links often lead to higher bounce rates as a user rarely makes a second go to request the webpage once the error has transpired. If your website has a broken web page or link, you are likely to lose your existing website users.


With this tool, you can audit your website health from time to time. It helps examine website pages or domains to detect broken link issues within the site. This helps build a seamless experience both for your website and the visitors.

Advantages of Our Broken Link Checker

Thinking about how to enhance and maintain your website credibility? Learning how to fix broken links is vital for any website owner. Here’s how you can check for broken or dead links on your website with Seakhawk’s Broken Link Tool:

Free Link Checks

This easy-to-use Broken Link Tool costs you nothing but brings in higher and more accurate results for your website. Try and test our Free Broken Link Tool and get a full scan of your site.

Detects Errors

With our tool, we dive deep into your website and prepare a complete list of broken links on your site. It will detect errors and alert you to update the dead links accordingly.

Improves Your SEO

Broken links are not only bad for your website but also for your SEO measures. We will help you bridge gaps between your site errors and organic rankings.

Additional Status codes

We provide http status codes like 429, 929 which helps in depth troubleshooting options. From analyzing to implementing the solutions we solve broken link issues in minutes!

Monitoring and Maintenance

With our easy-to-access tool, you can keep a check on your website regularly. This will help you monitor and maintain any issues occurring within your website and pages.

Take Professional Help

Seek professional help with our best in class WordPress Developers. Our professionals design the best of tools to bring the best results for your website and google ranking.

Contact Us

Ready to learn more about your website? Connect with us today and have your website get a full health checkup for an error free and user friendly website!



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A broken link is a link that has been inactive or does not direct you to the desired page because of website issues or internal link glitches. Broken links can create a fuss for your users, as they often result in error pages and wasted clicks

A broken Link tool helps you determine broken or dead links in your website and helps you identify and fix them in a time. 

In case you suspect of having any broken links on your website, you can use our easy-to-use Broken Link Tool and get a complete list of dead links surfacing on your website.

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