Scan Your Website For Security Vulnerabilities

Our WordPress Security Scanner is a free security scanner for WordPress that scans your site for potential vulnerabilities. It's a great tool to use before publishing your site to ensure it's ready for the public. So, what are you waiting for? Try the Seahawk website security scanner now!

Why choose our comprehensive WordPress Security Scanner Tool?

We know you have many options for website security tools, and we want to help you make the right choice.
Our WordPress Security Scanner Tool is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use tool on the market. It's built with you in mind--we want to help you keep your website safe so that you can focus on what matters most: creating content and making money.

Free to use

We believe in giving back to our community, so we're always looking for ways to make things easier for everyone. Our comprehensive WordPress security scanner tool is no exception--we've made it available at no cost to anyone who wants it!

Instant scan

Our instant scans allow you to scan your site for suspicious threats or detected malware within seconds. With our real-time alerts and immediate scan, you do not have to wait for those potentially harmful scripts to load before seeing whether anything went awry!

Advanced reports

Our reports provide detailed information about potential vulnerabilities in your site & checks including malware, phishing, social engineering, PUPs, etc. Our reports also include actionable recommendations on addressing any security issues found, helping you secure your site.

Enhanced Detection

Scan your website for all kinds of security issues. Whether it's Malware, Virus, PUPs or any phishing software infecting your site - we'll detect it right away. Our comprehensive security scanning will also identify vulnerabilities in your website's software and configurations to help prevent potential attacks.

Professional support

We offer excellent professional support for our WordPress security scanner tool, so you can rest assured that if you ever have any questions or concerns about using it or any other features of our scanner tool, we're here to help.

What makes your WordPress vulnerable?

Unprotected website

An unprotected website can be vulnerable to various attacks, such as SQL injections, cross-site scripting (XSS) attacks, and brute force attacks. Hackers can exploit these vulnerabilities to gain unauthorized access to your website, steal sensitive information, inject malicious code, or deface your website.

Vulnerable to SQL injection attacks

SQL injection attacks are among the most common vulnerabilities affecting WordPress websites. Hackers can input malicious SQL code into a vulnerable input field on your website, which can manipulate your WordPress database and allow unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Weak passwords

Users often need to be more active in changing their passwords and use the same ones for every website. This makes it easy for hackers to access your site by using social engineering techniques like phishing or tricking you into giving them access to your account.

Components & Libraries

Using components and libraries can make your website more vulnerable because they can be easily hacked by someone who knows what they're doing. This is especially true if those components have been tampered with or modified in some way--for example, if someone has added a script that allows them to take over your website's functions without permission.


Plugins are another source of vulnerability on your website because they can be used maliciously by hackers who want to steal sensitive data from your site or even take over control altogether! Make sure you only use plugins from trusted developers who have been tested for security vulnerabilities before being released into production environments such as yours!

Core files

Core files like wp-config.php can contain security vulnerabilities if they're not adequately secured by running them through an automated process before being uploaded onto your server. To secure your WordPress core files, you can use security plugins that can scan your website for vulnerabilities and malware and implement best practices like regular backups and limiting file permissions.

Proactively protect your Website from all kinds of Malware

Want to protect your website from potential malware and issues? Connect with us today for a quick free scan and keep your site secured with Seakhawk’s WordPress Security Scanner!


Looking for Urgent Professional Help? Checkout our Hacked Site Repair Plans

Simple, transparent pricing that grows with you. Try any plan free for 30 days.


$ 199 Billed once.
  • Basic Daily Security Scan
  • Email support
  • Site Cleaning - Manual
  • Database Cleaning
  • Basic SSL support and monitoring
  • Upgrade to Latest WordPress Version


$ 299 Billed once.
  • Full Daily Security Scans & Secured Backups
  • Quick Response time
  • 24*7 Support
  • Regular Installation of Security Updates and Patches
  • Block Attacks (WAF)
  • Basic SEO Setup



Everything you need to know about the product and billing. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please chat with our friendly team.

A site security scan is a process where we run a thorough scan of your website to look for any potential malware or issues like hacking, viruses, or exploits.
It is necessary to understand and be aware of any potential web hazards. A security scan helps you prevent a hack and detect malicious codes or any suspicious activity that could harm your website’s positioning.
Our WordPress Security Scanner Tool is free and user-friendly. It is the most comprehensive and easy-to-use tool present in the market.

Our tool is powered by deep scan technology that scans your website from every inch to find any possible vulnerability or issue. Additionally, it offers automatic and instant scans for advanced reports on issues and their solutions. This allows us to identify web hazards that could hurt your site’s security and ensure to fix them in a snap! 

Our tool is powered by deep scan technology that scans your website from every inch to find any possible vulnerability or issue. Additionally, it offers automatic and instant scans for advanced reports on issues and their solutions. This allows us to identify web hazards that could hurt your site’s security and ensure to fix them in a snap!

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