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Virat Kohli needs no introduction! But for the uninitiated, he is the captain of the Indian Men’s Cricket team and is the man behind the Virat Kohli Foundation, that was established in the year 2013. The foundation was set up with the aim of making India a sporting superpower and creating an environment that will help talented youngsters bloom into fine sportsmen. On November 11th, 2017, the Athlete Development Program was launched where seven young athletes were identified and inducted into the ADP. They are provided support in terms of nutrition, travel, training, and rehabilitation. In 2019, a total of nine athletes were inducted in the ADP. The Virat Kohli Foundation caters to athletes across the range of sports which include tennis, table-tennis, badminton, squash, boxing, swimming, golf, and archery. The foundation enables children from underprivileged communities to rise, play and develop their skills in any field of sports that they want to pursue. Virat Kohli being a sportsman himself has been very keen to see India progress across sports and provide scholarships to talented athletes.



Virat Kohli Foundation is a noble concept that is helping Indian talent grow in the field of sports. It required an adequate and efficient web presence that would help in better promotions and more traffic. However, the previous website lacked certain essential functionalities which weren’t quite intuitive. It required a major revamp that would be trendy and would help in crowd funding initiatives too.


Seahawk Media brainstormed with the client and enlisted various ideas and strategies that could amplify the website from basic to classic. With such a strong cause and branding, the website required to be not just attractive but also include every minute detail about the ongoing efforts and previous initiatives. Our in-house team created a new website with interactive features for the visitors who want to donate or want to be a part of the program.


The outcomes were just as planned, the website looked stunning and had all the needed features that would help promote the noble cause. It functions smoothly and displays all the featured work done by the foundation. With a bright color theme and vibrant look, it attracted people to visit the website often. All SEO technicalities helped it rank up in all search engines. The website helped the VKF to promote the work that they were doing for the betterment of the country.

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