Best Redirect Plugins For WordPress

Best Redirect Plugins For WordPress

Clicking on a broken link is often frustrating and a waste of time. Broken links usually hurt your site rankings as well as the visitor’s experience. Ensuring your website does not have any broken links is of the utmost importance when it comes to user satisfaction. Developers need to be extra careful while migrating the content to a new platform such as WordPress.

Manually finding and fixing broken links is a tedious and time-consuming task, which is when redirect plugins become helpful!

Redirect plugins ensure that if a user clicks on a broken link, they are redirected to a useful page and that it doesn’t reflect negatively on the website. The user can continue browsing from the new location.

There is a wide range of available redirect plugins. Let’s understand a few of them and what their advantages are.

Different types of Plugins:

  1. Redirection: Redirection is the most popular redirect manager for WordPress. You can manage 301 redirections with ease, and it also keeps track of all the 404 errors. This plugin will reduce errors and improve your site’s ranking. If your WordPress supports permalinks, you can even use this plugin to redirect any URL. It also supports the full logging feature. A configurable logging option allows you to view each and every redirect that occurs on your website, including the visitor’s information, the browser they used, and what they to the website. These logs can be further optimized and filtered for further investigation.
  2. Safe Redirect manager: Safe redirect manager is another free WordPress plugin that can easily redirect any posts to new URLs with the 301 or 302 status codes. This plugin is designed for heavy traffic and available in multiple languages other than English.
  3. WordPress ultimate redirect plugin: This plugin covers all your needs for redirects, 404’s, post-migration, or domain change redirect needs. It combines all other SEO redirects, 404, or redirect logging plugins’ functionalities into one. They also have included their own unique feature, “Auto-direct to the nearest match URL.” It costs $89 to purchase this plugin.
  4. SEO Redirection Plugin: It is a robust redirect manager that helps to manage 301 redirects, and the developer can quickly build and manage redirects easily for your site. This plugin is most useful when you need to migrate content from one website to the other. They have recently added a lot of new features, including
    • Fixing crawl errors.
    • Import/Export features.
    • Adding the last access time
    • Complete logs of all the redirected URLs
    • All URLs can be redirected.
  5.   Simple website redirect: The simple website redirect plugin allows you to redirect an entire website to another one. It can handle one-off redirects where a URL for an older address would point to a new one. This plugin is free to download and use.

Broken links are like the Bane to a website’s existence. They cause a lot of harm to your website in terms of ranking and hamper the overall user experience. Redirect tools are a significant asset to every website. All of the plugins, as mentioned earlier, can make this process very simple, and you don’t have to worry about your website losing its ranking or your users having a bad experience.

If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding your website and its optimization, get in touch with us!

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