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Case Study Clean Juice: WordPress Design & Development

Case Study Clean Juice: WordPress Design & Development

Clean Juice was founded in 2014 by Kat & Landon Eckles in Lake Norman and opened its first location in Birkdale Village. At Clean Juice, they all believe wholeheartedly in a HEALTHY BODY & STRONG SPIRIT and aim to provide the opportunity to use Clean Juice to apply this to your everyday life. They now have over 100 retail shops and one of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States today! Oh, and not to mention the only USDA organic certified juice company.

With such rapid growth and expansion, Clean Juice set out to create the best mobile and web experience for its millions of customers. Clean Juice teamed up with Seahawk to design a web and mobile website aligned with its mission of making the world healthier. Seahawk assigned its best team, the project led by Jake Geller, and our design and development teams in Poland and India.

The project was divided into 5 phases:


Clean Juice had an excellent mobile app but needed a new professional website to go along with it. Nowadays, brands can get inconsistent across platforms, and it’s super important to keep a unified front to maintain trust with customers.

Cleanjuice Original Website UI

The original Clean Juice website was quite clunky, slow, and had a cookie-cutter design. Their technical SEO was also not correctly set up and didn’t have a content publishing infrastructure set up with WordPress. Overall, they lacked a high-performing, well-designed, SEO-optimized, mobile-friendly custom WordPress website. The Clean Juice Marketing Team partnered up with Seahawk to create the best website in the industry.


The project’s goal was to design & build Clean Juice, a world-class, award-winning website as one of the fastest-growing franchises. To achieve this, we broke up the project into five phases and assigned some of our industry-leading UI designers, developers, and project managers to this.

Discovery & Objective Setting

The project kick-off began with a discovery of everything relating to the Clean Juice brand as a whole. We studied their brand story and voice extensively. We also did a full data audit into their analytics and built a findings report with insights.

Seahawk Head of Growth Jake Geller, who was also the first-ever Clean Juice employee and coined the term “CashewLatte,” was the lead on the project. Geller’s in-depth view into the founding of Clean Juice and now working closely with their marketing team allowed him to draw critical insights that would drive the project forward. One of those insights led to a change in the menu page on the site, which netted them 30% more online revenue instantly. He and our SEO team did an in-depth audit that would shape the functionality and flow of the website entirely.

This phase of the project also included objective setting. Geller scoped out the project in ClickUp by stages to ensure things stayed on track and we met our goals for the project. We not only wanted to achieve our goals for completion but to deliver the best results, even if it took love and patience.

UI Design

When Seahawk does a project, we don’t take it lightly and pride ourselves on designing for intent. Everything we do in a design has the purpose of driving conversion and evoking emotion, even simple things like elements and photo selections.

This phase was indeed a lengthy process, but we wanted to make sure Clean Juice got to see many design directions and takes from different designs. We assigned 5 of our best UI designers in Poland to make a couple of creative suggestions. In total, we did about ten custom designs in various directions. We ended up honing on one of them by our designer Arkadiusz Spiralski.

There were a few versions they liked that were soft colors and pastel, but overall the sentiment was towards a simple, eclectic, and modern design that leveraged white marble counters, which has a purpose as it is known as a cleansing stone. The photography throughout the site would be a combination of lifestyle and clean white marble countertop photos displaying their products.

WordPress Development

Clean Juice chose a page builder that they are familiar with called Divi. It happens to be one of the most popular WordPress page builders on the market today. Since they are most familiar with it and Seahawk is WordPress page builder agnostic, we were able to use Divi and still strip out the clunkiness of their old site, fine-tune everything, and enhance the design with smooth micro-interactions.

Sanjay, our UI Developer, started leveraging the HTML/CSS modules in Divi and converted the custom, high-quality designs provided by Arkadiusz Spiralski from Figma and imported them into the Divi Builder. Along with making all pages pixel perfect, we set up Clean Juice for success with Gutenberg blog editing capability and publisher accounts for their team to produce content at scale. We also set up a proper URL, category, and permalink structure and set redirects on links we needed to change. We try to keep the site as light as possible with a few plugins.

Project Reflection & Launch

After a thorough QA, we launched the Clean Juice site on their servers! It was an inspiring event as this was one of the best projects we have enjoyed working on. We reflected with their marketing team on the project and made some minor tweaks. We also established a plan for reporting and content strategy and set up dashboards for them to have complete visibility into what is going on with their site.


As discussed with the Clean Juice team, we started executing the growth plans post-launch, including work on SEO and content strategy. Using the dashboards, the shoutouts on LinkedIn, and expert reviews and opinions, we monitored how the users perceived the content and website.



Visit Clean Juice Website


It has been an honor to work with the Clean Juice marketing team on this project. Their brand stands for so much good, and we were honored to be a part of the project with their talented marketing team.



  • Jake Geller – Project Lead
  • Arkadiusz Spiralski – Lead UI Designer
  • Japheth Miranda – Project Manager
  • Maria Keller – Illustrations
  • Sanjay Kumar – UI Developer

Clean Juice

  • Shelby Dworek Cabrera
  • Robert Kisiah
  • Jenna

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