Inertia – Case Study

Inertia case study

The Company

In 2004, Inertia started to offer mainly engineering services to customers in the automotive industry. Nearly two decades and hundreds of projects later, a lot has changed.

The company creates industry-defining product innovations that make new and grow existing businesses more than solving technical problems and delivering design, engineering, and manufacturing services. Nowadays, the customer needs a genuinely holistic approach to product development to ensure you’re solving the correct issues, in the right market, for the right customer, with the right product.

For Inertia, this has meant evolving into more than just an engineering services company. The company has now become more than a rapid prototype shop, an industrial design firm, a manufacturing services company, or an innovation consultancy.


Inertia Initial Design

To stay competitive and stand out from the competition, Inertia approached us in need of a complete website redesign service. They needed a dynamic, up-to-date, easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, and fast-loading website.

The project goals were to:


A reputable company, Inertia lacks a modern marketing element despite working hard to achieve its business objectives. Their extensive industry knowledge and strong business relationships fulfilled all their customers’ desires, but they aimed to capture the public’s attention through an organized online presence. 

In addition to designing their website, we optimized their content and provided the best services. As a result, we discussed our ideas with the Inertia team and devised a solution that met their needs. 

Our Approach

We organized an initial discussion with the Inertia team to understand their ideas and needs once they reached out to us. As part of the design and development process, our web development and content teams worked on various parameters to make their ideas come to life and give them the type of online presence they are looking for. Listed below are some of the services we provided: 


Final Design

Visit Intertia Figma Project & Inertia official website

An intuitive, interactive, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing site design for Inertia is a great way to showcase their work in their industry. As soon as we encountered a hurdle, we came together as a team to keep pushing the ideas forward, test notions, and build a digital experience that would attract and convert various audiences with diverse needs and achieve more than the expected results. By delivering the needs and desires of Inertia, we have established a long-term relationship to work with them in the growth and evolving presence in their industry.

About Us

We are the leading WordPress website development agency that builds aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional websites that can take your business to the next level. We approach every project as an exciting collaboration. We’re a team of WordPress experts in web design and development, and you’re the ace in your business. We genuinely care about doing excellent work; that’s how we make the Internet better for all.

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