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Case Study N2Y: WordPress Development

Case Study N2Y: WordPress Development

The world of special education requires dedicated attention, specialized tools, and a deep understanding of unique learning needs. N2Y has been at the forefront of this domain, providing a comprehensive suite of special education software, curriculum, and learning tools. With a belief that everyone can learn, N2Y has served as the nation’s leading solution for special education. Their commitment extends beyond the classroom, touching the lives of educators, service providers, families, and, most importantly, the students they serve. However, even the pioneers of an industry face challenges that need to be addressed to maintain their leadership position.

The Dual Challenge

Recognizing the pressing need for digital evolution, N2Y approached Seahawk to rejuvenate its online platform. Their vast experience and extensive offerings conveyed the urgency for a substantial overhaul. Their challenges were twofold:

  • Content Expansion: The evolving needs of the special education community required N2Y to expand its digital content, demanding the addition of more pages and microsites to its existing website.
  • Technological Upgradation: As technology advanced, N2Y’s platform began to show signs of age. Their site operated on outdated versions of SQL, PHP, WordPress, and several plugins. This lag impacted the website’s performance, security, and ability to deliver N2Y’s rich content effectively.

A Comprehensive Solution

Understanding the gravity of these challenges and the immense responsibility N2Y holds in the special education realm, our team formulated a cohesive strategy to address both issues.

Content Augmentation

Collaborating closely with N2Y’s content creators, we delved into custom development, adding meticulously designed pages and microsites that echoed N2Y’s commitment to quality education. Each addition was crafted to ensure seamless integration with the existing website while offering a streamlined user experience.

Technological Modernization

Recognizing the technological shortcomings, we embarked on an extensive overhaul. By accessing N2Y’s hosting environment, our team updated all technical aspects, transitioning the website to the latest versions of SQL, PHP, WordPress, and essential plugins. To ensure a smooth transition, our team executed rigorous tests on a test environment before deploying changes to the live site.

Remarkable Outcomes

This holistic approach bore fruit, with N2Y’s website emerging stronger on both fronts:

  • Content-rich Interface: The website now showcases a broader spectrum of resources and services, reinforcing N2Y’s position as the comprehensive solution in special education.
  • Robust Performance: With updated technology, the website exudes improved efficiency, security, and user experience, ensuring that visitors, whether educators or caregivers, can access vital resources with ease.

Long-term Relationship

The success and seamless execution of this project fostered a bond of trust between our team and N2Y. Valuing the precision and quality of our work, N2Y chose to extend this relationship. They have since been a part of our annual care program for successive years, entrusting us with website maintenance, security assessments, and regular updates to align with industry benchmarks and evolving trends.


Our alliance with N2Y is an emblem of the synergy that emerges when technology meets purpose. Through custom development and technology upgrades, we rendered a platform befitting N2Y’s legacy in special education. This project underscores the potency of a client-aligned approach, demonstrating that with the right combination of technology and understanding, even the most intricate requirements can be met with finesse and precision.

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