Case Study: The Eight Principles

The Eight Principles Case Study

Overview of the Company 

Founded in 2007 and headquartered in Boise, ID. The Eight Principles work on achieving fundraising levels by creating and maintaining high-level performing fundraising. They enable nonprofit organizations to raise more money consistently using our unique training platforms. With their distinctive guidance tools and learning platform, they enable clients to achieve revenue as high as 600% in a single year. Eight principles stand as a comprehensive expert providing fundraising curriculum for Non-Profits. 

In conclusion, their tool, training program, and insights help us understand foundational elements to build a sustained, giving, and scalable fundraising and an engaged donor base. 

The Challenge 

The Eight Principles approached Seahawk as they needed to implement some changes in the website to improve their user interface. Since the client has recently started expanding his work in India, they wanted to optimize the experience for their Indian users.

Following are the changes that were in focus while implementing the solutions:

  • LMS – Plugin + WooCommerce integration for the payment flow
  • Standard top navigation, as appears on the home page to appear on all primary pages of the website
  • All the current subscribers’ information and logins must be preserved on the revamped website. 
  • The client wanted a plugin/platform for individual account password-protected MP4 and PDF libraries to upload and edit files. 
  • Geolocation plugin for IP-based pricing
  • There should Geotargeting for India with an alternate Indian homepage 
  • Translation of the pages 
  • Homepage redirect as per Geolocation IP
  • Eliminating all the 404 error files/pages/links on the website 

Our Solution: 

Seahawk is a leading web design and WordPress development agency that offers the best solutions based on the problems and undertakings required for a business. Accordingly, after going through The Eight principles website and requirements, we devised the following solutions for them. Given below are some of the specific solutions we provided for The Eight Principles:

  • Implemented geolocation-based redirection for the homepage. For eg. Any user’s detected IP from India is now redirected to the Indian version. 
  • The site has LMS portal functionality and is integrated with Woocommerce for payment flow. 
  • Each product (course) has different prices in their respective currencies.
  • Additionally, the website features multi-language support, offering both Hindi and English languages.

Derived Results and Reviews by the Client 

To conclude, with our talented team of experts and result-focused approach, we successfully implemented all the changes on the website. Hence, the client was satisfied and happy with the overall flow of the website, making it an efficient and intuitive user experience.

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