Top WordPress Communities Around The World

Top WordPress Communities

WordPress is an open-source content management system that has become one of the most popular platforms on the internet, powering over 43.2% of all websites. Its success is partly attributed to the strength of its global community of developers, contributors, and WordCamp organizers.

The WordPress community is a passionate and dedicated group of users, designers, developers, and enthusiasts who share the goal of making the platform more accessible, usable, and secure. They organize local meetups, workshops, and conferences to share knowledge, provide mutual support, and foster innovation. They also contribute to the platform’s development by creating themes, plugins, and other tools that make WordPress more versatile and powerful.

This article highlights some of the most active WordPress communities around the world. These communities are diverse, with different languages, cultures, and traditions, but they all share a strong commitment to promoting WordPress and supporting its users.

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Top WordPress Featured Communities 

WordPress communities can be found worldwide and are excellent places for people to meet and grow their WordPress knowledge together. The list of countries constantly expands, appearing everywhere from Vancouver to Greece to South Africa and even Buenos Aires. 

Let’s check some of the most popular communities around the world!

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WordPress Norway

Norway’s WordPress community is rapidly expanding, boasting over 500 members who meet monthly in Oslo, Bergen, and Stavanger. Enthusiasts from various backgrounds attend these meetups, including beginners, small businesses, developers, and large corporations, all united in supporting WordPress’s growth in Norway.

WordPress Cairo

Starting in 2014, WordPress Cairo has successfully hosted meetups throughout 2015. With approx 50,000 WordPress users in Egypt, WordPress is the primary platform that most businesses prefer to use. However, most users are beginners or first-time developers, making networking a key focus in growing the WordPress community in Egypt.

WordPress Cape Town

WordPress Cape Town has been an established WordPress community since 2011, hosting annual WordCamps and attracting several hundred members to monthly meetups across Cape Town. This group has also extended its reach by hosting events for charity, such as website-building and hackathons.

WordPress Poland

Poland is a rapidly growing WordPress community that hosted its inaugural WordCamp in 2011. With monthly meetups taking place in eight cities throughout the country, WordPress enthusiasts of all levels, from developers to designers to beginners, come together in small groups to share knowledge and grow their WordPress skills. With a diverse group of developers and users, WordPress Polska boasts several hundred members and continues to expand.

WordPress Singapore

WordPress Singapore has been around for several years, hosting its first WordCamp in 2011. Monthly meetups cater to both technical and non-technical attendees, but there is a growing need for more technically skilled WordPress users to support the platform’s continued expansion in Singapore.

WP Serbia

WP Serbia is the primary WordPress community in Belgrade, active since 2013. Monthly meetups bring together a diverse group of WordPress enthusiasts, ranging from developers to beginners and small businesses, for networking and informative seminars. WP Serbia also assists in growing the WordPress community by providing a job board for WordPress-related opportunities.

Brussels WordPress

Belgium’s WordPress community has experienced rapid growth in Brussels since 2013, with the recent addition of Antwerp meetups in the past year. With a few hundred members who speak four different languages, this community is currently working on organizing a Belgium WordCamp. Belgium’s success in hosting WordPress events shows that even smaller nations can contribute to the platform’s growth.

WordPress Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires has a thriving WordPress community, thanks in part to the success of WordCamp Argentina in 2007. Although there are few WordPress users in South America, this community has grown steadily since the city’s first WordCamp in 2015. Loyal members attend meetups each month, expanding WordPress’s regional reach.

WordPress Vancouver

The main WordPress community in Canada is located in Vancouver, with over 1500 members and meetups catering to developers, general users, and enthusiasts. WordPress Vancouver is committed to expanding local WordPress communities nationwide through workshops and outreach efforts.

Francophone WordPress

WordPress Francophone is a non-profit organization that serves as a community hub for all French-speaking WordPress users. The organization hosts annual WordCamps and smaller monthly meetups in major cities such as Paris, Lyon, Nantes, and Bordeaux.

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Wrap Up

WordPress communities around the world provide an excellent platform for users to learn, share and collaborate. The strength of these communities lies in their diversity, as they are filled with individuals from all backgrounds and skill levels. These communities also serve as a valuable resource for those looking to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and developments in the WordPress ecosystem. If you’re interested in connecting with like-minded people interested in WordPress, joining one of these vibrant communities is worth your time!

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