Best WordPress Development Agencies 

best WordPress development agency


According to recent statistics, WordPress has become a go-to platform for anyone who wants to build a website, so much so that 43.2 % of all websites on the internet will be using WordPress in 2022. With almost 60,000 free plugins to choose from, its popularity is vastly rising among developers and agencies. 

Consequently, you can find many new agencies have come up to provide WordPress services to build and design websites for potential customers in the market. With hundreds of agencies to choose from, it becomes confusing who to work with to develop or re-design a website.

Are you confused too?

Don’t worry because to make it easier for you, we have evaluated and shortlisted some of the best WordPress Development Agencies in the market to make it easier.

Let’s jump in,

Best WordPress Development Agencies 2022

1. Seahawk Media


Seahawk media is a US-based end-to-end WordPress development and hosting platform, providing pro web services across the globe. Top managed WordPress site hosting businesses rely on Seahawk to power pro services at scale.

Seahawk began by assisting GoDaddy Pro with complex, escalated WordPress support tickets and gained a lot from this project. It’s where the Co-Founders met and started to back the best web hosting businesses in the world.  


2. 10up 


10up helps businesses and marketers create digital] experiences that enhance business and marketing outcomes by providing consultative, creative services, innovative tools, and dependable products. It takes a particular person to solve a problem, make something, and delight someone. 

With a customer-centric approach, unmatched leadership, investments in open platforms and tools, and forward-looking remote work culture, 10up offers the best experience in the agency space. Our team of 200 digital strategists, software engineers, interactive designers, cloud infrastructure, and audience and revenue optimization specialists can navigate any challenge.


3. WebDevStudios 


We at WebDevStudios offer a wide range of services and solutions for start-ups, B2-B & B2C companies, small and midsize businesses, enterprise organizations, and marketing agencies. At WebDevStudios, they are committed to helping you reach your business goals to achieve the best results possible. 

Brad Williams and Lisa Sabin-Wilson, pioneers in the WordPress industry who own and operate WebDevStudios, are founders and owners of the company. The company was established in 2008 and has grown from a small group of designers and developers to a highly skilled team of project managers and designers, all dedicated to delivering outstanding results for clients in terms of design, development, and project management. This means that they code for WordPress, so there will not be any security vulnerabilities to worry about or hacks that may compromise the security of your project. 


4. CreedAlly 


CreedAlly created custom plugins, created error pages, and set up redirects. Third-party servers were used to host heavy files such as images and videos so they would open smoothly without slowing down the site’s visitors. Using WordPress, the newsroom has significantly improved its editorial workflow thanks to its intuitive interface, media library, and post revisions.  

News can be posted more quickly with the new CMS. In addition, Gutenberg is the new editor for the WordPress site. As part of the migration process, CreedAlly ensured that all existing content, including media, would work smoothly with Gutenberg after migration to the new site. Besides providing much-needed training, the CreedAlly team also helped clients manage the website independently without requiring technical assistance. 


5. Nice Digitals 

NICE Digitals

The marketing services offered by NICE Digitals help their clients grow their business, retaining both new and existing customers. Their service is best known for being a promoter of their client’s businesses, not the owners. Lovely Digitals clients praise their work but do not insist on credit for our accomplishments. Your business will always be under your sole control. They offer White Label Services in that capacity. 

The Nice Digitals team consists of creative enthusiasts who are constantly working to implement their Web marketing knowledge to scale up their clients’ businesses. They maintain long-term relations with their clients because of their Web Design, Online Marketing, and Web Development expertise. 



Before going ahead with any agency, we suggest you thoroughly review the agency’s website and shortlist them based on your requirements. Then, you should get on a call with the short-listed agencies to comprehend whether their work values and processes align with yours.

However, we at Seahawk Media are providing the best of all the services to meet your end-to-end wordpress needs. Contact us to know more about our services, or check our blog page for more insights.

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