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How to Quote a Website Design or Development Project? 

website quote

Setting a website quote can be head-scratching if you are a website designer or developer. There are many questions that might arise as to how much a website costs. What factors should be considered during WordPress web design and WordPress development

Quoting a website design or development project can also depend on your expertise, the client’s unique requirements, and the type of website you are dealing with. However, before giving a website quote, all factors must be analyzed thoroughly before making any decisions. 

So, today, we will talk about how to deal with clients and their expectations while giving out a website quote. From website design services to development projects, we will explore multiple factors to think about and learn how to quote for your next big project. 

How to Create Website Quote – At a Glance 


As you go and take on more projects, you will feel creating quotes for a website is not a tough task. You just need to gain knowledge and expertise in the area. However, for beginners, figuring out the quotation can still feel complex.  

So, before giving out a quote for a website project, try to set up a meeting with the client first. It can be an in-person meeting or a Zoom call; it doesn’t matter; as long as you can discuss the client’s needs in detail and understand their unique requirements, you’ll be able to get the hang of the project and things needed to set a quote. 

Additionally, you might also wanna ask your clients about websites they like and the specific features they enjoy. Getting clear on the details early on will save time later in the project and prevent delays due to unexpected changes or misunderstandings. 

Once everything has been discussed, create a detailed website quote explaining the estimated timelines, the features to be implemented, and the payment terms, including plans and deadlines. This quote can act as a crucial agreement between you and the client.

You must absolutely avoid adding new features while a project is still ongoing later in the process. This will only add to the cost and create confusion for both you and the client. Once the quote has been approved, you can move on to signing the necessary documents. 

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Factors to Consider When Quoting a Website 

With the above process, it’s easier to quote a website and share it with the client. However, there are multiple things that you need to consider before quoting. Take some time to evaluate key factors to ensure you price your work fairly and get compensated appropriately. Below are some factors to create a more accurate quote : 

Overhead Expenses


If you are thinking about what overhead expenses really mean, then these are the expenses you incur while you deliver any service to your client. For freelance web designers and developers, the cost could be the software/web design tools they use for a specific project. However, for agencies, overhead costs include operating costs and resources used. To calculate the overhead cost per project: 

  • Check on your total monthly overhead expenses
  •  Divide that by the number of projects you generally take on and finish each month to find the cost per project
  •  Lastly, include that overhead expense in your website quote

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Your Expertise 


When quoting a website, the significant factors to consider are your level of expertise, the team you have, and the support you can offer. There is no fixed price for that, but it all depends on your service valuation. 

Basically, what is your worth? This could be affected by how much you’ve invested in developing your skills, the amount of time you’ve dedicated, the team you have, and your overall years of knowledge.

Sometimes, your specific skills can say much more about your quote, as specific skills are relevant to a website. For example, if your WordPress agency specializes in designing corporate websites, then you can earn more from corporate clients because of your expertise in girls. 

Consider how much the client should value your experience for the specific project, then include that in your quote.

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Project Workload


Before quoting a website, it’s wise to evaluate the workload you will share. – Always determine the scope of work and the project’s total time to complete.

Think about the website’s complexity, like its simple web design, how many pages are to be customized, and what will be included in the WordPress cost and development. You can think and use all these details to create an estimate of the budget and set a price accordingly. 

For some projects, the workload can be as minor as fixing a bug or fixing core web vitals. On the other hand, clients can expect you to develop big WordPress projects with additional tasks such as plugin updates and integrations. 

Make sure you consider all these factors in your quote. It’s often helpful to provide a detailed breakdown of the work you’ll do for large projects.

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Hosting and Domain


Hosting and domain name are additional costs associated with creating WordPress websites. If a client comes with an existing website with just an update on website design, then you likely already have access to the hosting and domain. But if they don’t, you’ll need to find out who will take on hosting and domain management.

Your web hosting type depends on the website’s needs and expected traffic. Shared servers work for low-traffic sites, while dedicated servers are better for high-traffic websites. Remember to include the annual maintenance fees in your website quote if you provide your own server as part of your services. This way, the client knows what to expect in terms of costs. 

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Additional Costs


Many projects come with additional costs that must be factored into the website quote. Sometimes, because of heavy workloads or big projects, you might have to outsource the task and need to cover those costs. Be sure to include these extra costs in your quote.

For example, a custom WordPress development project might need to hire additional developers and outsource WordPress resources. In this case, consider what the WordPress outsourcing agency will charge and add that to your quote.

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Other expected extra costs to consider are:

  • Ongoing monitoring and supervision
  • Website content creation and SEO
  • Security checks 
  • Domain name purchase
  • Subscription fees for various services

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Pricing Structure for Quoting a Website 

If you want to determine what to charge for a project, look at different pricing structures. Various pricing structures exist, mainly project-based, fixed, and hourly rates. You can also prepare a customized quote based on the project requirements. 

However, let’s study the three most common pricing structures: 

Fixed Price

This is one of the most common ways to quote a website. Because most agencies commonly have fixed quotations for several services. This makes it easier for clients to understand the quote and the work that will be done on their site based on it. 

You might also have predetermined prices for small, medium, and large business sites. Fixed-price quotes shouldn’t include additional changes that go beyond the original project scope. 

However, if you need to do some additional work that requires an additional quote, set an hourly rate for any additional work and include it in your website quote. This approach helps you get paid appropriately for your time and that both you and the client understand the terms and conditions of your services.

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Hourly Rate 

This is one of the most common ways to quote and charge clients for websites with additional web or development work requirements besides the fixed quote. Hourly rates are mainly used for custom theme developments because getting paid for the amount of time invested is a more practical approach to quoting. 

Since every website and client is unique, you may encounter differing opinions and need to make changes along the way. This is why charging by the hour is more flexible. If a client requests additional changes, they know it comes with an extra cost. 

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Personalized Approach 

You can use a personalized pricing strategy if you are stuck deciding whether to charge based on a fixed price or hourly rate. According to this strategy, you can create customized price packages for the client based on their specific requirements for services. 

For example, if your agency offers pro web hosting, ongoing maintenance, or site maintenance and health checks, all of these can be bundled up in a personalized quote for your clients.

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However, you need to keep an eye on the numbers and calculate the cost for each customized project and service. 

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Wrapping Up 

Website quotes can vary significantly depending on the project’s scope, the need for updates, and unique functionality. Providing a quote for a website project is also crucial in attracting more clients. 

Whether it’s a WordPress or WooCommerce project, your quote should be meticulous and professional. It should cover the critical elements of the project so that the client understands what they’re spending for. 

A well-prepared quote can help clients feel secure about investing in the project. To create a website quote, it’s essential to understand the best practices for quoting website projects. We hope we can offer you some understanding of how it’s done. 

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