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Hiring a WordPress Support Agency? Crucial Questions to Ask


A WordPress-powered website requires dependable support to prevent disruptions and maintain customer satisfaction. Whether it’s for your personal site or providing support for clients via your agency, choosing the right WordPress support agency is pivotal. 

Therefore, to help streamline your selection process, we have compiled a list of crucial questions to ask when evaluating potential WordPress support agencies. By asking these questions, you can assess the capabilities and compatibility of various WP support specialists, ensuring you secure the ideal support partner for your business needs.

What Does a WordPress Support Agency Offer?


A typical WordPress support agency offers a range of services to maintain, optimize, and troubleshoot WordPress-powered websites. These services often include:

  • Technical Support: They assist with website setup, configuration, and troubleshooting technical issues such as common WordPress errors, server errors, plugin conflicts, and site crashes.
  • Security: The WP support agency can help implement security measures to safeguard the website from malware, DDoS attacks, hacking attempts, and other security threats. This may also include regular security audits, malware scanning, and firewall setup.
  • Updates and Maintenance: They can help manage WordPress core updates and theme & plugin updates to ensure the website remains secure, compatible, and optimized for performance.
  • Backup Solutions: WordPress support agencies can help you set up regular website data and file backups. This is important to mitigate the risk of data loss in case of emergencies or website failures.
  • Performance Optimization: Optimizing website performance is also a part of WordPress support services. This can include implementing caching solutions, optimizing images, and minimizing code to improve loading times and user experience.
  • Content Management: Some WordPress support companies can assist with content updates, formatting, and publishing. They can also provide guidance on content creation & strategy and SEO best practices.
  • Training and Consultation: Lastly, WordPress support service providers can offer training sessions and consultations. This can help website owners and administrators better understand WordPress functionality as well as best practices for website upkeep and maintenance.

Seahawk’s WordPress Support Services

When you choose Seahawk as your WordPress support provider, you’re opting for reliable emergency support tailored to your needs. Our expert team ensures consistent assistance and actionable solutions for your WordPress website, monitoring it 24/7 for critical errors. 


We also offer white-label support services to agencies, offering timely access to quality assistance whenever they need it. Plus, our self-serve app marketplace simplifies finding reliable support services for all WordPress issues. 

Trusted by top web hosts like DreamHost and Pressable and agencies outsourcing WordPress services, Seahawk is your go-to for resolving website emergencies. 

Our WordPress support costs vary based on the complexity and urgency of the issue you’re facing. On average, you can expect prices ranging from $59 to $499. However, it’s essential to note that the final cost may fluctuate depending on the nature of the problem and the complexity of your website.

Hire Seahawk for Expert WordPress Support Services

Let us handle all your needs, from troubleshooting to maintenance and beyond. Contact us to get started and experience the Seahawk difference!

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a WordPress Support Agency

Before entrusting your website to a WordPress support agency, asking the right questions to gauge their expertise, reliability, and compatibility is essential. So, here are the key questions you should consider asking before you hire a WP support agency.

What is Your Experience in Providing WordPress Support Services?

Understanding a WordPress support agency’s experience is important in assessing its capabilities. Inquire about their years in the field, industries served, and types of websites managed.

Determine if they have expertise in WordPress and its eCommerce counterpart, WooCommerce. This insight can help you gauge their familiarity with diverse website setups and their ability to handle the complexities of your specific requirements.

Seahawk, for example, has over a decade of experience providing WordPress support services across various industry verticals, including small businesses, legal firms, non-profits, enterprises, and more.

With a portfolio of over 1,000 brands relying on Seahawk for WordPress services, our extensive experience underscores our proficiency in catering to diverse client needs and ensuring client satisfaction.

Can You Provide Examples of WordPress Websites You Have Worked on in the Past?

Requesting examples of past WordPress projects is crucial for assessing a support agency’s track record and expertise. By examining their portfolio, you learn about the types of websites they’ve handled and the quality of their work. Look for diversity in project types, such as business websites, eCommerce stores, blogs, and portfolio sites. 

Additionally, inquire about any customization or specialized features implemented, which demonstrates their ability to tailor solutions to client requirements.

Here’s How We Helped Chenchula with White-label WordPress Support Services


Chenchula, an entrepreneur managing over 30 websites, sought responsive and reliable support. Struggling with client account management, she turned to Seahawk for white-label WordPress services. 

With proactive solutions, including hacked site repair, account management, and support, as well as web development and design, we impressed and earned a full-time partnership. Our team’s web design, development, and security expertise ensures brands like Chenchula thrive. Read the full case study here.

What Specific WordPress Support Services Do You Offer? Can We Customize Them to Our Needs?

WP support agencies typically provide a range of services, including technical support, security, updates, backups, performance optimization, and content management. It’s essential to clarify if these services can be customized to suit your specific needs.

This flexibility ensures you receive tailored solutions that address your site’s unique challenges. By understanding the agency’s capacity for customization, you can ensure that their support services align closely with your operational preferences.

How Do You Handle Security Updates of a WordPress Website?

A reputable WordPress support provider typically follows a proactive approach to website security by regularly monitoring for vulnerabilities and promptly applying updates to the WordPress core, themes, and plugins.


This process involves scheduling automated updates where possible through tools like BlogVault, conducting manual updates when necessary, and thoroughly testing the website afterward to ensure compatibility and functionality. 

Further, they may implement security measures such as instant malware removal, real-time blocking of hackers and brute-force attacks, and timely detection of vulnerabilities that are mitigated swiftly.

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What is Your Process for Resolving WordPress-related Issues or Technical Challenges?

Before hiring an agency, it’s crucial to understand their process for resolving WordPress-related issues or technical challenges. Typically, an agency initiates a comprehensive website assessment to identify the root cause of the problem and then formulate a tailored solution. 

They also maintain clear communication throughout the process, providing updates on the progress. In addition, some support agencies offer various support channels, such as ticketing systems, Slack, or dedicated support teams.

So, understanding their process is essential to know about their efficiency and suitability for your needs.

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Do You Offer Ongoing WordPress Maintenance Packages, and What Do They Include?

Inquiring about ongoing WordPress maintenance is crucial before hiring a support company. Most WordPress agencies offer comprehensive website maintenance packages tailored to clients’ needs. They may also provide priority support for urgent issues and consultation on website improvements. 

By understanding the scope of these packages, you can be assured that you receive consistent and proactive maintenance to keep your WordPress website secure and optimized.


Seahawk, for instance, offers 24/7 support and emergency WordPress help services. Our WordPress website maintenance and care services include features like plugin & theme updates, core WordPress updates, routine backups, security monitoring with fixes, and uptime monitoring. 

We offer four WordPress maintenance packages to suit all budgets and needs. This includes:

  • SeaCare Essentials: $49
  • SeaCare PRO: $99
  • SeaCare Business: $399
  • SeaCare VIP: $999

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If Needed, Can You Assist with WordPress Theme Customization and Plugin Development?

Before hiring a WordPress support company, it’s also essential to inquire about their ability to assist with WordPress theme customization and plugin development if needed.

Reputable agencies often offer these services and have skilled WordPress developers who can customize themes to match your branding and functionality needs. Moreover, they can develop custom plugins to add unique features and enhance your website’s functionality. 

So, understanding their capabilities in this regard is crucial if you want access to comprehensive support for all your WordPress customization needs.

Seahawk provides custom on-demand WP development starting at $59/hr, with pricing varying based on the extent of customization required. This service allows clients to access skilled developers for WordPress theme customization and plugin development as needed.

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How Do You Handle WordPress Website Backups and Disaster Recovery?

Understanding their backup and disaster recovery procedures is essential to ensuring your website’s data integrity against unforeseen events. Reputable agencies typically implement automated backup systems to regularly back up website data and files. 

These backups are securely stored in remote locations or cloud servers to ensure redundancy and reliability. In the event of a disaster or data loss, they also have established protocols for swift recovery, including restoring from backups and minimizing downtime.

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Does Your Support Services Include Hacked Site Repair Service?

Before finalizing your decision to hire a WordPress support agency, it’s essential to inquire about the inclusion of a hacked site repair service. While a specialized offering, some agencies provide this critical service to swiftly address security breaches.

By having experts on hand to repair hacked sites, you can minimize damage, restore website functionality, and protect your brand’s reputation.

Seahawk offers proactive malware removal and hacked site repair services as part of our comprehensive support offerings.

What Level of Communication and Support Can We Expect During and After the Project?

It is also important to clarify the level of communication and support you can expect during and after the project. Most support agencies maintain clear communication throughout the project, providing regular updates. Some also offer ongoing support after the project’s completion, ensuring clients have access to assistance and guidance as needed. 

Whether through dedicated support channels, periodic check-ins, or proactive outreach, understanding the agency’s communication and support protocols helps establish expectations. It also ensures a positive client experience both during and after the project.

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What is Your Approach to WordPress Website Speed Optimization?

If website speed optimization is a priority for you, check whether or not the WordPress support company you want to partner with offers this service. This specialized service involves a detailed analysis of your website’s speed metrics, followed by the implementation of site optimization techniques.

Seahawk provides proactive site speed optimization as part of our support offerings. Our website optimization services feature two plans: Essentials $499/billed once and Comprehensive $999/billed once. These plans offer tailored solutions to enhance your website’s speed and overall performance, ensuring an optimal user experience for visitors.

Would You Provide Training or Documentation to Help Us Manage Our WordPress Website Independently?

When considering a WordPress support agency, it is also vital to inquire about their provision of training or documentation so that you can manage your website independently after the project is completed. Some agencies offer comprehensive training sessions or documentation.

This equips you with the knowledge and skills to perform routine tasks, update content, and make minor adjustments without relying on constant support.

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Can You Integrate Third-party Services or APIs into Our WordPress Website?

If you require support with third-party services, do check if they can help. Some support agencies offer this service via skilled developers who can seamlessly integrate various third-party services or APIs, such as payment gateways, social media platforms, CRM systems, and more.

By ensuring that your chosen agency offers this capability, you can leverage the full potential of your WordPress website.

Do You Offer White Label WordPress Support Services?

If you are a digital marketing company looking for white label WordPress support, check if the agency offers white label services.

Agencies, such as Seahawk, provide white label WordPress support services tailored to meet the needs of digital marketing firms. This allows you to resell support services under your own brand and maintain client relationships while leveraging the expertise of the agency.

What is Your Pricing Structure for WordPress Support Services, and Are There Any Additional Fees We Should be Aware of?

Before hiring a WordPress support agency, it is also important to understand their pricing structure and any additional fees involved.

While most agencies offer transparent pricing with clear breakdowns of their service packages, inquiring about potential extra costs, such as setup fees, hourly rates for custom development, or charges for exceeding support hours, is essential.

By having a comprehensive discussion about pricing, you can ensure it aligns with your budget, thereby avoiding any unexpected costs.

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When it comes to WordPress support, asking the right questions can make all the difference between a seamless partnership and potential pitfalls. By making crucial inquiries about experience, service offerings, communication, pricing, and more, you gain insight into a support agency’s capabilities.

Thorough vetting also ensures you secure the best possible support partner. So, before deciding, take the time to ask these crucial questions to partner with the most reliable support service provider.

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