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4 Best Solutions To Backup Multiple WordPress Websites

4 Best Solutions To Backup Multiple WordPress Websites

It’s frustrating and time-consuming to keep the WordPress sites up-to-date, but trying to manage multiple sites is even more strenuous. Backups are crucial while managing a site because problems can happen anytime, and you need to be prepared when catastrophe strikes. Spending few extra minutes to find the best-suited solutions for backing up the multiple WP sites will allow you to spend your time, energy, and attention being more creative and productive with your business.

Well, guess what: Now, it has become easy to backup numerous WordPress sites with a reliable backup solution in one place. Just hit the backup button, and voila, it’s done!

So, here we have curated a few tips through which you can manage your multiple WordPress sites at once without facing any hurdles. In fact, even if you face any problems, we’re always here to support you. Now let’s begin:

The Topmost Solutions to Manage Multiple WordPress Sites at Once-


ManageWP is the free, oldest, and most common management platform in the market that helps you save time and simplify your processes. It helps by allowing you to access an infinite number of websites from one dashboard.


  • Single Click upgrade: With a single click, you can upgrade your WordPress pages, run security scans, remove spam, and many more.
  • Excellent Backup Service: ManageWP provides a free cloud backup service that includes regular backups, single-click restore, offsite storage, etc.
  • Powerful features: People may buy its premium add-on, which provides additional and powerful backup and management features such as on-demand backups, backup frequency settings, cloning, etc.
  • Multiple accounts: On a single dashboard, you can add multiple Google Analytics accounts; this will help you keep track of all outcomes.
  • Premium Add-ons available: There are various premium add-ons available, including SEO rating, white-labeling, and specialized client reports.


MainWP is a robust tool that lets users access several WordPress sites from a single dashboard. It’s a free and open-source platform that can help you navigate your web and provide you with an easy-to-use platform. With MainWP, you can execute any of the necessary tasks, such as updating your WordPress sites with a single click of a mouse.
Furthermore, since Cloudways is the partner of MainWP, you should assume a high level of plugin support with the platform.


  • Automatic Updates: Automatic updates are available for themes and modules. If a new version is available, MainWP will give you an email alert, and it automatically gets updated by the next day.
  • Plugin Detection: It automatically identifies plugins that your website no longer requires and even gives you updates regarding the various themes available. This helps you enhance your website’s protection by removing obsolete and risky plugins.
  • Single-click Upgrade: It updates your WordPress pages to the most recent and secure version with a single click.
  • Pro Package: It also has a pro package that gives you access to all (current and new) upgrades, extension changes, and priority service, among other things.

WP Infinite

WP Infinite is a popular WordPress site management tool that allows you to handle an infinite number of WordPress sites. It has a free package that only includes backups and upgrades related to themes and plugins. However, to unlock the full power and view all features, you must buy the premium package, which starts at $147 a year.


  • Single click availability: From WordPress base to plugins & themes, these are available on single click downloads.
  • Handle Users: It helps building and managing user profiles through all of the WordPress pages with ease.
  • Malware Scan: It provides a security option to protect the pages from hackers and attackers.
  • WordPress Deployment: Update, migrate, and build staging environments for your sites quickly.
  • Customer Reporting: Generate notifications rapidly and deliver them to clients to check on the website’s performance.

WP Remote

WP Remote is a famous Web management platform with several valuable features that allow you to access and edit all of your WordPress pages from a single location. It has both free and premium plans. The most basic subscription package costs $49 a month (up to 20 websites).


  • WordPress Backups: Backups for all of your pages are available (offsite and on-demand backups).
  • Single click upgrades: WordPress plugins and themes upgrade available with a single click.
  • Website Security: WP Remote includes various security tools, such as malware scanning, login authentication, an integrated firewall, and one-click malware elimination, to help you safeguard your pages on multiple levels.
  • Assistance: Email and live chat are also options for contacting customer service.

Selecting the WordPress management solution depends on the theme, browser compatibility, and supported WordPress site plugins, so choose accordingly.

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