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Need WordPress Help? Check Out Free & Premium Resources


For most WordPress website owners and users, the easiest way to get WordPress help or support is through search engines like Google. A quick search for WordPress help or WordPress support, and you will get abundant resources.

However, to cut to the chase and find the right resource that will help you fix the issues on your website quickly, it is best to know exactly where to look.

With this aim in mind, we have collated this exhaustive list of free and premium sites for WordPress support and help. This will help both beginners and experienced WordPress users find answers or solutions for any issues at speed.

Free WordPress Help (Support) Online for WordPress Site

Below is a list of resources for free WordPress help and support online. These resources are highly reliable, concise, and accurate. The list contains links to official sources, online forums, social media channels, and more. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

WordPress Official Sources

As a popular content management system that powers over 43.2% of all websites on the internet, WordPress has a vast library of resources that can help you fix any glitches in minutes. In tandem, it has created a global community of WordPress veterans who can assist you to run your WordPress website smoothly.

The official site of WordPress provides numerous support guides, documentation, and even live chat support. Below are a few resources that you can bookmark for future reference.

WordPress Help and Support Guides

wordpress support guides

From designing a new website and managing domains & emails to plugin integration and monetizing websites, this is the first (and the most obvious) place to start when you need reliable WordPress help to tackle a problem. Alongside the support guides, also check out the FAQs section for further information.

WordPress Documentation and Technical Guides

As the name suggests, for technical guides and documentation on themes and widgets, this page is the most helpful resource. You can use the search bar to find the information you want or browse through the available resources.

WordPress Developer Resources Handbook

This is a handy resource for WordPress developers. In this developer handbook, you will find information on coding standards, common APIs, and advanced administration. It also provides detail on how to develop WordPress themes and plugins.

WordPress Help and Live Chat Support


Users with a premium WordPress plan have access to WordPress live chat support. If you can’t find a solution through existing guides and articles, get in touch with the technical staff. 

WordPress Codex


Another highly useful resource for WordPress developers, the WordPress Codex is an extensive repository that provides information on how the WordPress code-base works.  If you want to learn how to code better or how to add advanced features in WordPress, this should be your go-to guide.

WordPress Forums, Events, and News

If you have questions that require specific answers, WordPress forums can be mightily helpful. WordPress forums are moderated by volunteers from all over the world.

Note, sometimes the question posted (or asked by you) may not be answered at once. It might be a day or two before they are answered. Furthermore, when using forums, ensure to be polite to volunteers, as these people take time out of their busy schedules to answer your queries.

WordPress Help Official Support Forum

Being a WordPress official, this is the most active WordPress support forum online. To post a question, you need to log in. But, before you post a new question, enter the question in the search bar to check if answers are available for a similar question.

WordPress Development Stack Exchange


This Q&A website is popular among WordPress developers. It has a community of expert WordPress developers. If you have a technical question or a question related to coding or advanced WordPress features, then volunteers on Stack Exchange can help you.

WordPress Meetup


As an open-source platform, WordPress has a vast community of volunteers. Most WordPress enthusiasts like to host events in their cities, wherein they meet, discuss and share their knowledge with other like-minded WordPress users. If you want to meet WordPress designers, developers, or publishers, search for WordPress events near you on WordPress Meetup. This website has a selection of in-person and online events.

Post Status

PostStatus is a WordPress news source that offers industry analysis and a variety of features for members of the Post Status Club. It provides a Slack group for professionals using WordPress account with a newsletter, a podcast, and a job board for those seeking employment or hiring opportunities. It prides itself on delivering in-depth industry insights and fostering community engagement within the WordPress ecosystem. With a focus on keeping members informed and connected, it serves as a valuable resource for professionals looking to stay updated and network within the WordPress space.

WordPress News

You need to keep yourself up-to-date about the latest WordPress developments and improvements releasing in public forums. WordPress News is an excellent source to ensure you don’t miss out on important updates and releases that may be critical for your website’s functionality.

Social Media WordPress Groups and Other Channels

Social media is another powerful medium that has proven to be effective when it comes to getting reliable WordPress help and support. Most WordPress groups are started by well-known websites or influencers who have plenty of WordPress knowledge. These are mostly closed groups, so you need to send a request to join them. 

Once your request is accepted, post your questions, and the moderator, admin, or other members of the group will answer them. Just like WordPress forums, ensure you are polite and respectful towards group members.

Popular WordPress groups can be found on Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, and Quora. If you use Slack for communication within your organization, you’d also find a WordPress community on it.

WordPress Help Groups on Facebook

Advanced WordPress Facebook Group

The members of this group are advanced WordPress developers. Apart from sharing their WordPress knowledge with the community, they can help with technical queries. As professionals, they are also up-to-date about the latest WordPress news. Advanced WordPress Facebook Group is a private group, so you need to send them a request to join. Also, once accepted, contribute to the group by being part of the discussions and helping others when they face any website issues.

WPBeginner Engage – WordPress Help for Non-Techies

If you are a blogger, small business owner, or non-techy WordPress user, then this group can provide immense help and guidance. Hosted by WPBeginner, a well-known WordPress blog, here you can ask WordPress-related questions, read through tutorials, be part of Facebook Live, and learn how to grow your business. The group also organizes contests and giveaways, providing an opportunity to learn, have fun, and win exciting prizes.

Global Elementor Community

This Facebook group is one of the best public forums, useful for those who require help with Elementor. As a popular WordPress website builder, Elementor helps you build intuitive websites and comes with impressive features. Through the Global Elementor Community, you can connect with web creators from around the world and learn more about this amazing platform. It’s a closed group, so send them a joining request. Also, this group works as a knowledge-sharing platform, so avoid self-promotional activities.

WordPress for Beginners

For WordPress beginners, this group can be quite useful. Most designers, WordPress developers, and advanced users are members of this group. They are committed to helping newbies navigate the WordPress landscape through helpful suggestions. Just post your question, and someone will reply to you. You can also use the search bar to check if a similar question has already been answered. Furthermore, for premium WordPress support, you can connect and hire members who are a part of this group.

All About WordPress

As a WordPress help group on Facebook, here you will find all information related to WordPress, such as web design tips, SEO tips to improve your site’s traffic, and other digital marketing strategies. All About WordPress is hosted by Nile Flores, a WordPress designer and professional blogger. Check out the group rules before sending a joining request.

WordPress Plugin Suggestions

WordPress Plugin Suggestions group can answer all questions related to plugins. You can post questions, which will be answered by the members. You are also encouraged to participate in the group and contribute to discussions. They have a list of rules, so kindly read through them. They also have pre-admission questions that need to be answered before joining the group.

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WooCommerce Help & Share

For those running a WooCommerce store, the WooCommerce Help & Share group is a good place to meet like-minded users. This group has a lot of discussions around WooCommerce. It can help you to stay up-to-date about recent news. Plus, you can ask for help if required or provide assistance to other group members. Only posting self-promotional Facebook posts that don’t contribute anything to the group is discouraged. However, you can share your WooCommerce products and offerings, just ensure that it is not too frequent.

WordPress Speed Up
WordPress speedup_Facebook group

WordPress Speed Up is where you go if you want to make your website faster. This is one of the niche public forums where experts only talk about speed issues and ways to keep out spam and ads. It’s not the place to promote your plugin. There are about 1,800 members, and you can expect someone to post something every day. People here are quick to help out, especially if you have a tricky problem that needs more than just installing a cache plugin. They often talk about the best tools and tricks for speeding up WordPress, especially for different hosting setups.

WordPress Front End Developers

Another niche FB group, the WordPress Front End Developers group is where WordPress developers who work on the visual parts of websites come together. It’s a place to ask questions, show off your work, talk about trends, and work together. No matter if you’re a beginner or a pro, this group will help you with the front end stuff for your site.

The rules are simple: everyone is welcome, but no affiliate links allowed. Check out our guidelines for some extra tips on how to get along with your new group friends. Over 1,000 members have joined, and more are joining all the time. With ten administrators, spam is kept under control. Most posts get replies within a couple of hours, so you’ll get help fast.

Join to get advice on fixing layout problems with CSS, or share cool things you’ve made or want to make. Everyone here loves the front end magic.

WordPress Help Groups on LinkedIn

WordPress Learning Group – LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn is a legitimate source for finding WordPress help online. The WordPress Learning Group is a safe environment wherein you can connect, share, learn, and collaborate with other WordPress enthusiasts. You can join this group with a click of a button. However, ensure you adhere to the rules to avoid getting removed from the group.


To find solutions for WordPress-related issues, this is another group that you can join. The admins are well-known WordPress experts. They can offer suggestions or provide links to helpful resources to help fix issues. Read through the general rules of the WordPress group and ensure to be courteous to all members.

WordPress Guru

WordPress Guru is ideal for developers. If you have any questions regarding PHP, WordPress, eCommerce, widgets, theme creation, plugin construction, or API development, you can discuss and find solutions for them in this group. At present, there are 1200+ active members in this group.

WordPress Global Community

With more than 10k members, the WordPress Global Community group is a hub of experience and expertise related to WordPress. This global community of volunteers can assist with a range of topics like web design, website performance, themes, and templates. Active participation and engagement with the members is the key to being a part of this group for a long time. 

WordPress Help Groups on Quora


If you are using Quora, then joining the many groups dedicated to WordPress can provide you with assistance when required. This particular WordPress group has over 692k followers and has some esteemed WordPress experts as their members. Here, you can browse through the questions to find the answer you are looking for or post one if you have a specific question. Most answers are quite detailed and some also provide links for further information.

WordPress Community and Web Development

The WordPress Community and Web Development group can be useful for both beginners as well as advanced WordPress users. Most questions posted here are related to web development. If you have any technical queries, you will find reliable answers here. You can also answer some of the questions if you have knowledge about that particular topic.

WordPress Help Forum

For newbies who want to learn more about WordPress, this is one of the most accessible of public forums wherein you can connect and learn from top WordPress enthusiasts. Currently, the WordPress Help Forum has 13k active followers. So, no matter what your questions are, you’d be able to find suitable answers for the same.

WordPress eCommerce

For information related to WordPress eCommerce, you can check out this group. Here, you will find answers to the best WooCommerce themes and plugins, how WooCommerce works, and other advanced information. Some of the top WordPress veterans have answered questions on this group, so you are likely to find genuine answers here instead of promotional stuff.

WordPress Help Groups on Reddit


Another Q&A site for finding reliable answers to specific questions. This WordPress group is part of the top 1% on Reddit and has around 182k followers. If you are not on Reddit, you need to create an account to join this group. Here, you will find answers to the most basic WordPress-related issues as well as advice on more technical problems.

WordPress for Beginners

This group provides WordPress support to beginners. It is a restricted group, wherein you can view questions and comment on them. But, to post questions, you need to send a request. Once your request is accepted by the moderators, you can ask any WordPress-related questions that you may have.

WordPress Plugins

For WordPress plugins related questions and answers, this group can be quite handy. If you are facing an issue with a plugin, you can ask this group for help. Similarly, developers looking for feedback on a plugin they are working on can also find advice and suggestions here. The WordPress plugins group has 17k members and ranks in the top 5% of Reddit groups.

WordPress Themes

If you are new to WordPress themes and can’t decide which is best or have an issue with your current theme, this group can assist you. You will always find approved members actively online in this group. So, in most cases, you would be able to get a quick reply to all your queries. At present, the WordPress Themes group has around 11k members who provide suggestions and advice as needed. 

WordPress Help Slack Channels

As a collaborative communication tool, Slack is used by the WordPress community that makes Apart from the direct messaging feature, anyone who is part of the WordPress Project Slack account can join specific channels to communicate about WordPress-related topics.


The different channels on this platform are part of different topics, and discussions can range from WordPress core and bbPress to translation and WP-CLI. There are channels dedicated to WordCamp EU and WordCamp US. There is also a WooCommerce community on Slack including 1000+ third-party developers who can help you with any issues related to WooCommerce.

Slack can be used by anyone. It has iOS and Android apps that can be downloaded. Read here to learn more about how to join the WordPress community on Slack.

*Note: Slack is mostly used to contribute to the WordPress project in different capacities, such as design, coding, and documentation. So, you wouldn’t find WordPress support channels as such on Slack.

General WordPress Website Tutorials and Blogs

This next section highlights a list of websites, wherein you can find WordPress help through comprehensive tutorials and blogs. Most of these websites are reliable resources, so you can rest assured that all the information on them is legit.

WordPress Blogs and Tutorials

There is no place better suited if you want to learn about WordPress than its official website. On this site, you will find tutorials, how-to guides, and articles. You can also join the online workshops for live sessions. In short, for all WordPress-related resources, this is the right place.

If you prefer watching a video on how to fix an issue on your site rather than reading an article, then WordPress has a library of videos that you can access on Just make use of the search bar to find the video. Most of these videos are short and easily understandable. You can also watch these videos on YouTube.

Seahawk WordPress Help Tutorials, Blogs, and News

Seahawk_blogs and WP help resources

Being a PRO at WordPress services, we have a comprehensive resource section on all things WordPress-related. To make it easy for users to find the resource that they are looking for, we have conveniently categorized them into different sections; namely WordPress News, WordPress, and WP Glossary

Apart from these, we have tutorials, blogs, and articles on web design, hosting, marketing, web performance, and more. So, check through our resource section for WordPress support, or get in touch with us for premium support.

Want to Expand Your WordPress Learnings?

Keep an eye on our blog for carefully curated resources, how-to guides, infographics, listicles, reviews, comparisons and more content on all things WordPress!

WP Beginner: Best WordPress Help Resource

This website offers beginner WordPress guides, making it an excellent resource for newbies just starting their first WordPress blog or website. From starting a blog to WordPress SEO and security, you will find helpful articles here. It also has tutorials on how to build an online store and fix common WordPress errors.

WP Lift: WordPress Help on Themes and Plugins


This is another useful website that provides information on WordPress themes and plugins. It also offers web hosting reviews alongside coupons. Plus, you will find how-to guides and tutorials here on blogging, SEO, speed optimization, and marketing.

IsItWP: WordPress Guides and Support

This website provides step-by-step guidance on how to build a WordPress website, register domain names, and generate leads. Apart from WordPress, it also has articles on how to grow your email list and the best CRM software.

To find the right article, just click on the browsing drop-down available and get started with learning the different aspects of WordPress.

JustWP: WordPress Helps, Tutorials and Tips

JustWP_WordPress blog

This is a non-profit website for WordPress help. Apart from information on WordPress plugins and themes, you can read about blogging, hosting, and graphic design. The tutorials shared on this website are quite in-depth.

They also have a section on free and paid submissions. If you want to promote your WordPress services or products, you can use the service they offer to reach a wide network of target audiences.

WP Tavern: WordPress Help and News

WP Tavern_WordPress news source

WP Tavern is like your go-to spot for everything about WordPress. They talk about a range of things in the context of evolving WordPress utilities, like the Gutenberg project, tech trends, design, AI automation, new rreleases and announcements from WordPress plugin creators and more. It covers all things that is making WordPress better – online shops, the WordPress community, cool plugins and themes, events, and other open source software. It’s not just a news site, it’s a friendly community where WordPress fans can chat and learn together.

Kinsta Blogs

This website offers information on WordPress, hosting, web development, and other tech tools. For advanced WordPress users, this website can assist in quickly finding solutions to common WordPress errors.

Articles and blogs on Kinsta are also quite in-depth, so you will find all solutions in one place without having to toggle back and forth on the search engine.

Search Engine Journal

While this website mostly focuses on SEO and social media articles, it does have a separate section for WordPress news, articles, and blogs. Though the WP information offered on this website may not be as extensive or detailed as other websites on this list, it is a good resource for basic WordPress help.

Besides blogs and tutorials, it has dedicated eBooks and podcast sections that can be valuable resources. They also host webinars that you can register and be a part of.


On this website, you will have information related to WordPress hosting, the latest releases, web development trends, and plugin & theme reviews. The articles on this website are well-researched and categorized in different sections. They also have a specific tutorial section for their own products.

WP Buffs


From how-to guides and news to articles on themes and plugins, WP Buffs is another good website for learning about WordPress. They host webinars and also have a community section where guests can contribute.

WP Support Specialists

WP support specialist_WordPress resource

WP Support Specialist serves as a handy resource for obtaining free assistance with your WordPress website. If you find yourself needing guidance or support with your WordPress site, you can access helpful advice and direction to solutions with useful resources to address common WordPress concerns.

Their guidance covers essential topics such like installation of your WordPress website, choosing the right WordPress plugins, choosing WordPress themes, secure backup of WordPress website and updating WordPress plugins and themes.

Premium WordPress Help (Support Team)

For those seeking premium WordPress help, the below list can be quite handy. These websites provide PRO WordPress support, which is essential for professional businesses and enterprises.

With PRO support services for WordPress, you can be assured of quick fixes to any website issues that you might face. The best part, most of these premium sites offer 24×7 support, no matter where you are located.

Seahawk WordPress Support Services

Seahawk is a leading WordPress maintenance and support service provider offering premium services at competitive pricing. We understand that a website may face a glitch at any time, and without any support, this glitch could result in website downtime, affecting the site’s revenue.

Thus, by signing up for our WordPress emergency support, you can have 24×7 expert support at hand for as low as $59/hr.


Our WordPress help and support includes backup & restore, security & site monitoring, website performance optimization, site repair, bug fixes, and more. You can count on us to provide expert advice and solutions to all your website-related issues. We also offer white-label WordPress services to other agencies.

Moreover, our expert team is well-versed in all aspects of WordPress, making us the most sought-after WordPress support agency worldwide.

Looking For WordPress Help And Support Online?

Check out the premium WordPress support services that we offer!

WP Maintainer: Support, Maintenance, and Security Provider

WP Maintainer

The next on this list is WP Maintainer. They specialize in website security, maintenance, backup, and support. Their services include malware monitoring & cleaning, WordPress plugins and themes update, on-site and off-site backup services, and theme & plugin compatibility support. They offer free WordPress migration services. Plus, they offer monthly WordPress support.

WP Fixit: WordPress Help and Support Service

WP Fix It

WP Fixit offers round-the-clock WordPress support. Apart from general support, they provide infection removal and site speed services, WooCommerce monitoring, site migration, and HTTPS services. They also have a package for ongoing hosting and support services.

Additionally, their featured services include Google Analytics 4 set-up. With WP Fixit, you can opt for monthly site care or hire them for hourly support.

Maintainn: WordPress Maintenance and Support


This website has a team of professionals that offer premium support and WordPress maintenance services. It is owned and operated by SiteCare, making it a trusted brand. Some of the services it offers include website security monitoring, tackling error message, WordPress core updates, theme & plugin updates, and offsite backups.

WP Butler: Dedicated WordPress Help Provider

Wp Butler

WP Butler offers customized WordPress support services. Based in Australia, they offer monthly and priority support and have a team of WordPress experts with 30+ experience. They not only offer support for multisite backups, WordPress updates & security but also provide support for WordPress hosting and uptime monitoring.

Their premium services include complete website redesign and redevelopment. Plus, they offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

ClickWP: WordPress Tech Support

ClickWP offers monthly WordPress tech support as opposed to hourly services. Depending on your website needs, you can choose from the different WordPress support plans that they offer. Some of the services they offer include website software updates, security monitoring, and nightly website backups.

They offer virtual assistant-level support for on-page SEO, setting-up email subscription forms, and formatting & publishing content. Their web development level support, on the other hand, includes website speed optimization, CRM integration, and creating landing pages.

Smartwpsite: WP Support Services

This website offers ticket-based WordPress support and monthly maintenance. With ticket-based WordPress support, only a single WordPress website issue will be fixed by the developer. The monthly maintenance plans have three packages that you can choose from.

Monthly plans include speed optimization, website backup and restore, weekly theme and plugin updates, uptime monitoring, and priority support.

Awesome Support

Awesome Support

Awesome Support is a top-notch WordPress support plugin, rivaling even SAAS solutions like Zendesk and Helpscout. It lets users submit tickets from the front-end, while agents handle them from the WordPress back-end. With features like importing tickets from other platforms, customizable email notifications, and secure file uploads, it ensures efficient customer support. Plus, it supports multiple products and departments, offers custom fields, and allows users to agree to terms before submitting tickets. With its intuitive interface, flexible sorting, and filtering options, it’s a breeze to use. And with GDPR compliance and integration with WooCommerce and Gutenberg, it’s truly versatile.

WP VIP Enterprise WordPress

WP VIP Support

WP VIP Support provides unmatched WordPress expertise and service, empowering WordPress users to create superior digital experiences with confidence. The seasoned team handles the complexities of WordPress Core software, including post meta, API calls, Gutenberg blocks, and user management, ensuring seamless operation. You can benefit from their 24/7 support through ticket system, addressing any WordPress challenges promptly and efficiently. WP VIP Support also specializes in optimizing WordPress at scale on our cloud platform, facilitating global digital experiences.

You can stay up-to-date with the latest WordPress features and security enhancements through their upgrade services, while the vigilant monitoring protects against potential DDoS attacks.

In addition, WP VIP Support conducts performance diagnostics on the VIP platform, swiftly resolving any issues to maintain optimal performance for your digital projects.

Getting the Right WordPress Help 

For general support, the most simple and accurate way to get WordPress help is through its official sources. The official channels of WordPress provide in-depth information on all things WordPress-related through tutorials, blogs, articles, and even videos.

The support forums are another way to get quick WordPress help from expert global WordPress users. Social media WordPress groups are excellent for meeting, brainstorming, learning, and collaborating with the wide WordPress community. Above all, there are a lot of websites that offer WordPress help through well-researched articles and step-by-step guides.

If you are a business owner, having PRO WordPress support can make a huge difference in times of emergency. Most professional businesses and enterprises sign up for the premium version of WordPress support so that any issue can be dealt with quickly.

WordPress Help FAQs

How can I get help with WordPress?

There are a few ways to get help with WordPress. You can use the official WordPress support forums, which are an excellent resource for finding answers to your questions. You can also find help from the WordPress community on social media like X (formerly Twitter) or Facebook. Finally, you can hire a WordPress consultant or developer to help you with your site.

Does WordPress have 24/7 support?

No, WordPress does not have 24/7 support. However, many resources can help you with WordPress, including the WordPress Codex, the WordPress Support Forums, and WordPress plugins and themes. Seahawk also offers 24/7 WordPress support services for all WordPress-related tasks and issues.

How to work with WordPress for beginners?

For beginners, it is essential to understand the basics of the platform. This includes learning how to create posts and pages, use the media library, and add themes & plugins. There are also many resources available to help you learn WordPress, such as online tutorials, books, and courses.

Why is my WordPress site not connecting?

There are a few possible reasons why your WordPress site may not be connecting. Here are some of the most common causes:

  • Your site’s hosting may be down.
  • Your WordPress site may be misconfigured.
  • Your WordPress site may be infected with malware.

Can I use WordPress for free?

Yes, you can use WordPress for free. However, there are some premium features that you can purchase, such as themes, plugins, and hosting.

What is WordPress best for?

WordPress is best for creating websites of all kinds, including blogs, personal portfolios, business websites, and eCommerce stores.

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