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20 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Expert WordPress Developer

20 Questions To Ask Before Hiring An Expert WordPress Developer

Creating a stunning WordPress website requires the expertise of a skilled developer. But how do you ensure you’re hiring the right developer for the task? In this article, we’ll check out the essential “questions to ask before hiring an expert WordPress developer,” covering their experience, expertise, theme selection, SEO, performance optimization, and more. This will help you make an informed choice.

Assessing Experience and Expertise of WordPress Developers


Hiring a WordPress developer with relevant experience and expertise is the first step toward a successful website development project. This is why businesses hire WordPress developer who can provide valuable insights and manage the project effectively to deliver a professional-looking WordPress website. In this competitive market, a web developer focusing on WordPress can make all the difference, which is why partnering with a WordPress development company can be a strategic move.

So, how do you assess their capabilities?

Years of WordPress Development Experience

It’s important to ask a potential developer about their years of experience in WordPress development. As a rule of thumb, seek a developer with at least five years of WordPress-specific experience to ensure they can create a professional-looking website that meets your needs and expectations.

Specializations and Technical Skills

Beyond their experience in the freelance web development space, get details on the developer’s specializations and technical skills. Are they well-versed in WordPress Coding Standards (WPCS) and able to apply them to their work to prevent coding errors and enhance code readability? This information will help you determine if they possess the skills to meet your project requirements.

WordPress Website Theme Selection: Custom or Pre-existing?

Selecting a suitable theme for your WordPress site is crucial for creating a structured,  visually appealing, and functional website. WordPress offers a plethora of WordPress themes, but sometimes, a custom theme might better suit your needs. Discuss with your developer the pros and cons of both options to identify the best approach for your project.


New Custom Themes

Creating a new custom theme can give you a unique website design that is tailored specifically to your brand and vision. However, it may also involve a higher cost and longer development timeline. A conversation with your developer about this option will help you understand the pros & cons of custom WordPress theme development.

Existing Theme Customization

Customizing an existing theme might be a more affordable and time-efficient option, but it may also limit the level of customization you want to achieve. Discuss with your developer the implications of customizing an existing theme and its alignment with your project expectations.

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SEO and Performance Optimization


A well-optimized site can significantly improve its visibility on search engines and enhance the overall user experience. Discuss WordPress SEO and site optimization strategies with your potential WordPress developer to make your website search-engine friendly and quick to load.

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On-Page SEO Techniques

On-page SEO techniques, such as incorporating targeted keywords within web page content and tags, are key in boosting your website’s search engine rankings. Discuss these SEO techniques and their implementation plan with your developer to enhance your website’s visibility through search engine optimization. Apart from on-page optimization, check if they provide additional managed SEO services or technical SEO services.

Site Speed Optimization

A fast-loading website (or online store) is essential for retaining visitors, particularly on mobile devices. Ask your developer about their planned site speed optimization strategies to guarantee quick and efficient loading of your website.

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Mobile Responsiveness and User Experience

Given the increasing number of mobile users, your website must be mobile-responsive and provide a superior user experience across different devices. When hiring a WordPress developer, discuss their approach to responsive design and user experience optimization to guarantee your website’s success.

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design is essential in providing a seamless browsing experience for users across different browsers, devices, and screen sizes. Talk to your developer about their strategy for integrating responsive web design into your website to cater to mobile users.

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Optimizing User Experience

Optimizing user experience is about creating an attractive design and ensuring easy navigation and fast-loading pages. Understand your developer’s strategy for enhancing user experience across different devices and platforms to provide all users with a consistent and enjoyable experience.

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Security Measures and Backup Management

With the rise in cyber threats and other potential risks, discussing security measures and backup management with your potential WordPress developer becomes critical to shield your website from potential attacks. Ensuring your website is secure and well-maintained on an SEO-friendly platform can also help improve its search engine rankings and user experience.


Website Security Protocols

Inquire about the developer’s website security protocols and practices, such as SSL/TLS, SFTP, SSH, VPN, and HTTPS, to safeguard your site from unauthorized access and guarantee data integrity. The developer’s adherence to rigorous security protocols is crucial for protecting your website and visitors.

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Backup and Restore Solutions

Regular backups and prompt restorations are essential to secure your website’s data and ensure its availability. Discuss with your developer their recommended backup and restore solutions, such as manual, automated, or cloud-based backups, and the frequency of these processes to protect your website from data loss.

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eCommerce Integration and Scalability

If your website is supposed to have eCommerce capabilities, discuss eCommerce integration and scalability options with your developer. Ensuring your website can accommodate growth, including adding new features, is key to its long-term success.

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WooCommerce Development Expertise

WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce plugin for WordPress, making it essential to confirm your developer’s expertise in WooCommerce development. This will ensure seamless integration and provide a smooth eCommerce experience for your website visitors.

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Future-Proofing Your WordPress Site

Discuss future-proofing your website with your developer, including any plans for scalability and adding new features. This will ensure your website can handle growth and stay compatible with the most recent technologies and trends.

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Communication and Project Management

Successful collaboration with your WordPress developer requires clear communication and effective project management. Establishing expectations for your involvement in the project, the preferred communication channels, and the project timeline will help ensure a smooth workflow.


Preferred Communication Channels

Determine your developer’s preferred communication channels, such as:

  • In-person interactions
  • Phone calls
  • Video conferencing
  • Emails
  • Text messages
  • Online messaging platforms

Utilizing various communication channels can facilitate more productive and effective collaboration, ensuring the project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Project Timeline and Milestones

Discuss the project timeline and establish milestones for each phase, including design, development, testing, and launch. This will set realistic expectations and let you track progress during web development.

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Support, Maintenance, and Updates

Clarify the post-launch support, website maintenance, and update services offered by the developer. Ensuring your website remains up-to-date and well-maintained is crucial for its security, performance, and user experience.

Post-Launch WordPress Support Services

Inquire about the developer’s post-launch WordPress support services, such as addressing any issues or concerns that may arise after the launch of your website. This will ensure any post-launch challenges are promptly resolved and your website continues to perform optimally.

Regular Updates and WordPress Maintenance

Discuss the developer’s approach to regular updates and maintenance, including software updates, security patches, and content updates. Regular WordPress maintenance and care are vital for the smooth, secure operation of your website and its compliance with the newest technologies and trends.

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Portfolio and Client References

Reviewing your potential developer’s portfolio, client references, and case studies can provide valuable insights into their capabilities, work style, and past successes. Assessing their previous work and client testimonials provides a better understanding of their suitability for your project.

Reviewing Past Projects

Take the time to examine the developer’s past projects, such as websites they have constructed, plugins they have developed, and themes they have tailored. This will provide a clearer understanding of their skills, expertise, and capability to meet your specific requirements.

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Client Testimonials and References

Request client testimonials and references to gauge the developer’s reliability and professionalism. Client testimonials can provide insights into the developer’s communication abilities, capacity to meet deadlines, and overall work ethic, helping you make an informed decision when hiring a WordPress developer.

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Pricing and Payment Terms

Discuss pricing and payment terms with your developer to maintain transparency and prevent misunderstandings. It’s important to provide a budget and detailed requirements to accurately assess the project’s cost and set expectations for payment schedules and terms. Agreeing on a payment schedule and terms upfront can help ensure the project is completed on time.

Estimated Project Cost

Request an estimated project cost based on your specific requirements and budget. This will help you plan for the financial aspects of the project and ensure the developer can deliver the desired results within your budget.

Payment Schedule and Terms

Discuss the payment schedule and terms with your developer, including the amount, method, and payment timeline. Establishing clear payment terms can help avoid potential disputes or confusion and ensure a smooth working relationship.

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Hiring the right WordPress developer is crucial to the success of your website project. By asking the right questions and discussing essential topics, you can ensure a successful collaboration that brings your website vision to life. 

Key Takeaways

  • Assess the experience and expertise of potential WordPress developers.
  • Consider specializations, technical skills, theme selection, and optimization for successful project collaboration.
  • Discuss pricing, payment terms, and review portfolio/client references to ensure a transparent process before hiring.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What questions should you ask a WordPress developer?

When considering a WordPress developer, it’s important to ask questions such as: how many years of experience do they have in developing WordPress solutions? What is the cost of WordPress website development? Can they help with plugin and theme customization? Check their specialization and any particular expertise.

What should you consider when hiring a WordPress developer?

When hiring a WordPress developer, look for someone with diverse technical skills, such as proficiency in PHP, CSS, Javascript, and HTML. Additionally, create a job post, prepare a list of questions, check freelance marketplaces, view the developers’ portfolios, look at reviews and testimonials, and assess their communication and soft skills.

How do I evaluate a WordPress developer?

To evaluate a WordPress developer or a web development company, consider their knowledge and experience with the main programming languages as well as their ability to use the WordPress Plugin API to create plugins, handle administration, manage databases, and customize themes. Additionally, a WordPress skills assessment can be used to determine an applicant’s proficiency in WordPress.

What should every WordPress developer know?

Every WordPress developer should be knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and MySQL; understand the use of Action and Filter Hooks; have an awareness of the WordPress Template Hierarchy; create Site-Specific Plugins and enqueue scripts and styles; and be aware of best security practices.

What is the recommended minimum years of experience for a WordPress developer?

A WordPress developer should have a minimum of five years’ experience to create a professional website.

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