Your 5-Point SEO Checklist For 2022

Your 9 Point SEO Checklist for 2021 01

It’s 2022 & if you’re still using the SEO techniques of 2011, your website is bound to fall. SEO keeps changing with time & new updates and algorithms. It is on us to keep pace with it. 

Having a website is all okay, but what if it doesn’t get seen anywhere? No point, right? That’s why you need SEO Experts who are updated with the latest trends. 

Since you are here, we’ll help you with an SEO checklist to grow organic traffic to your business in 2022. 

Here’s Your SEO Checklist For 2022 

Setting up the tools

On-page SEO Checklist


Always include your targetted keyword in the URL. It helps Google to understand what your page is about and what keyword to make it rank on. This also helps in increasing the CTR of your website. 

It would help if you also kept in mind that the URL should be short & clean. Avoid using excessive numbers or symbols. Short URLs rank better on Google!

Title Tag

Let’s talk about the title tag & keywords here. 

The number 1 thing you must know is to include your targeted keyword in the title. Along with that, always make sure to add it at the top of your page.

Another thing you can do for high CTR & better ranking is to add terms like “best,” “checklist,” “guide,” and the current year in the title (like ours). When you add the current year, google knows that your content is updated & will place it above the old content. 


Everybody knows how crucial formatting is for the content. But the question is how do you decide the order. Well, the order for headings is:

H1 -> H2 -> H3 -> H4 

Suppose you have a point to write in h2 and a subheading below it; for the subheading, you will use h3, and then again, the next point will be in h2. 

Note: H1 is used only once in the content. 

Tip: Always include your keyword in the headings. 

Image Optimization

Yes, google can’t see images as humans do. So, to make google understand what the image is about, we optimize the images. How?

Alt tags & file names. 

Do not just copy-paste the image into the content. 

Always rename it before posting & include the keyword. 

Next, when you put the image in the content, write the alt text the same as the file name.

That’s it. You’re done! These points will also help your image rank on Google Images and drive more traffic. 

Keywords & LSI

LSI is Latent Semantic Indexing which means using keyword-related terms in the content. It’s not 2011 that you can stuff your keyword in every line.

In no time, google will penalize your website if you do keyword stuffing. The better way in 2022 is to use synonyms & LSI keywords in your content. The idea is to let Google know what you’re talking about without spamming. 


There are two types of linking you must do:

1. External linking means you link to high authority & credible websites to back the facts you’ve stated in the content. It increases your credibility, and google knows that you’re an expert in the content you publish. 

2. Internal linking means your link to your blogs & pages within your content. This helps google in crawling essential pages of your website. Internal linking has a significant impact on keyword rankings as well. Make sure to do it strategically.

Technical SEO Checklist

SSL certificate

If you’re still using the HTTP version, high time you switch to HTTPS. Having an SSL certificate is not only a matter of security but also a ranking factor on google. 

Not sure what version you are using. Just check whether there’s a lock at the URL bar. When you click on it, it says secured connection. If not, time to update. 

Check for duplicate versions

There are many versions of websites available, like:

Always ensure that whatever version you choose for your website, the other ones must redirect to the primary ones. Let google index one version of your website.

Site speed

Site speed is a major factor in deciding whether your customer will buy from you. You don’t want your audience to click the cross button because your site takes time to load.

This is, in fact, a significant ranking factor too. When google knows your audience isn’t taking any action, your website is bound to fall in the rankings. In 2021, google confirmed that page experience would be a huge ranking factor.

Make sure the website speed is fast on mobile and desktop versions.

Broken Links

In 2022, Google has given the greatest priority to user experience. And broken links are signs of poor user experience. Nobody wants to visit a website that doesn’t show the desired results.  

Now you know why you must fix the broken links asap.

Mobile responsiveness

Rise in mobile usage; In mid-2019, Google switched to mobile-first indexing for all sites. If your website is not mobile-friendly, your ranking will fall simply because this again comes under user experience.

Note that there is a difference between websites seen on desktop and mobile. The good thing is that you can see the issues in Google Search Console. 

Structured Data

Google must navigate your website easily. A properly structured website enables users to navigate the website easily.

Crawlability & Indexing

Go to the Google search console and check the coverage. Fix all the errors & focus on warning signs. It will show you the blocked robot.txt pages.

Google cannot index the sites that are now crawlable. 

Make sure the important pages are indexed in the google database. Check in the coverage report whether there is any ‘noindex’ tag.

Content Checklist

In SEO, the content game has changed to a great extent in the last ten years. In 2022, the google algorithm keeps a check on the content to the extent that it is now penalizing the websites that it thinks to be spam.

Now you know why you must provide high-quality content. Do not worry; here’s a checklist for your ease. 



Link Building Checklist

Love it or hate it, link building is an essential part of SEO. In simple terms, it means that the more website linking to yours, the more authority you will have in the search engines. 

Not to forget, link building is not the primary thing to follow but also not something your business can ignore after reaching a particular stage. It is important to note that link-building has also changed drastically in the past few years.

Here’s a correct & genuine way to build links

The first thing you can do is, identify websites similar to your niche. Reach out to them to gain links in exchange for good-quality content

Second, Analyze your competitor’s link profile to outrank them. Reach out to websites that link to your competitor but not you. The competition is the number of referring domains between you & your competitors. 

Wrapping it up

SEO is an ever-changing thing. To keep up with good rankings & conversions, one must not try to fool the algorithm but walk with it. Here we gave an entire SEO checklist for 2022, whether for content, on-page SEO, or off-page optimization. Follow this checklist for the best SEO results.

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