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What Are 404 Errors? How Do I Fix Them?

What are 404 errors


If you have spent any time on the internet, you have come across this message. Error 404 is a standardized HTTP status code, and it usually occurs when the webpage is not available to portray on the screen.

There are many reasons why the 404 Error actually occurs:

  • The typical cause is that the website content has either been removed or moved to another URL.
  • The URL was miswritten or linked incorrectly.
  • The server responsible for the website is not running, or the connection is broken.
  • The requested domain name doesn’t exist.
  • The requested domain name can’t be converted to an IP.

Deadlinks are often responsible for this too. The operator may have no idea that the linked content has been removed or deleted. Quite a few websites still appear on the search engine results page even though they don’t exist anymore.

How do I fix it?

It’s not a fun experience being hit with that message. However, we need to try our best to find that information. As we said above, the error doesn’t necessarily mean that the webpage has been deleted. It may even be that the content has been moved to another page. There might be a few techniques that work to dix the error:

  1. Reload: A widespread glitch in the system. It may just be that the web page did not load up properly, which caused the error to show up. Reloading the page usually does the trick.
  2. Check the URL: It may so happen that you entered the wrong one while hastily typing in the URL. This one is a simple fix, just go back to the URL and make sure you have entered the right one. It could be because of spelling mistakes or typing in the wrong characters.
  3. The search function: Nowadays, every website has a search function, on which you can search keywords of your liking. It could be that the content you are looking for has been moved to another page. A quick search using the website search box should suffice and get you the content you need.
  4. Search engine: Search engines like google are an excellent way to find what you are looking for too. If you don’t find what you are looking for, a simple google search with your desired keywords will get you the results you need.
  5. Delete Cache: If the issue only occurs on a particular device, it may help clear the cache and cookies from that device and try again. Clearing the cache will allow you to access the page once again.
  6. Use the contact us feature: If after all of this you are still not able to access a particular page, it may be wise to contact the website itself and ask them for assistance. Getting in touch with the website should, however, be a last resort.

How it affects your website’s performance?

If you have multiple 404 errors on your website, it gives a negative impression to search engines like google and Bing. If the web crawlers recognize many 404 codes, it registers the website as an ill-maintained one. If it affects the ranking on google and the number of visitors will overtime decrease. The users will stop trusting the site if it’s full of broken links and dead links.

As we approach the end of our article, it is essential to realize that your website is not a one-and-done endeavor. Much like your house, your website requires constant upgrades and needs to be taken care of regularly. In today’s age, one of the most important aspects of having a successful online presence is having an interactive, well-versed website. There are many tools and agencies available that will help you to keep your website up to date and running.

If you have a website that needs to be fixed up or want to start from scratch altogether, get in touch with us!

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