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The Ultimate White Label SEO Guide For Agencies


What is White Label SEO?

Let’s first understand what is white-label marketing.

White label marketing is a form of partnership between two companies for outsourcing the work. Look at it this way, a digital marketing agency would outsource a part of digital marketing (social media, Ads, etc) to other companies to do work on their behalf & in their name

Similar is the case with White Label SEO.

SEO is vast, technical & long-term marketing. To provide the best and high-quality results, it must be done by experienced experts in the field. Therefore, digital marketing agencies hire a white-label SEO company to do this work for their client on their behalf & name.

Why is White Label SEO Important?

SEO is one such marketing strategy that does not give instant results. Rather, it is a constantly going on process for a period of time that requires numerous technical efforts and strategies.

Therefore, SEO alone requires a huge amount of dedicated time for the best results which might not be possible for digital marketing agencies as they have to focus on other aspects also.

Before talking about how to choose the best white label SEO agency, let us talk about the benefits of White label SEO.

Why Is White Label SEO Important


When you hire a white label SEO agency, you hire experts in that field who know their job & are best at it. It brings the best and most consistent results for your clients.

Saves money

SEO is expensive & the tools are more expensive. Tools like ahrefs and semrush cost a lot of money. By hiring a white label SEO agency, you don’t have to worry about extra expenses on these tools

Saves time

Time is money. Right? Hire a white-label SEO agency to save your time while focusing on other marketing strategies for your clients. It automates the entire process thus, saving a lot of time.

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Since white-label SEO agencies are solely focused on SEO, it certainly brings out the best results with appropriate strategies. Unlike agencies handling everything at once, it is always a good idea to outsource services to the experts especially SEO because of the time & effort it demands.


When you hire a white-label agency, the chances to scale your digital marketing agency improve by a huge margin. It’s easier to scale your business when you start outsourcing the work. Your portfolio improves thus, scales your business

How to Choose a White Label SEO Company?

With the increase in demand for SEO, white-label SEO services have also seen a rise. The question arises how do you choose the best white label SEO company?

These metrics are must-haves in their portfolio

  • Past record- Experience & Credibility
  • Good Reviews
  • How they plan the strategy
  • Services they offer in SEO
  • Deliverables & Speed
  • Customer Service
  • Communication & Transparency

Ideally, white label SEO company provides these services:

  • SEO Audit
  • Strategy & Reporting
  • Keyword Research
  • Competitor Analysis
  • On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Creation

White Label SEO Pricing

SEO is a long-term work of consistently improving strategies. Depending upon the deliverables, these are some pricing models & ranges of White label SEO.


Monthly pricing consists of a 6-12 month contract where you pay monthly.

The range could be anywhere from $1000 – $3000


Even though this model doesn’t work with white label SEO companies, still you should know the hourly rate if you wish to hire one SEO Expert.

Prices could range from $20 – $80

Per project

In this model, both mutually decide the timetable of the SEO services to be provided and according to the deliverables, the price could range from $3000 – $5000

Customised Model

In this model, you can pick the services according to the needs & then the pricing would be decided. Basically, it’s a personalisation of the entire SEO services.


The best SEO is always done by experts in the field. It’s always a good idea to hire a white-label SEO company to do this work on your behalf. Choose the best white-label SEO company by looking at the metrics given above. Picking the best not only helps your clients but also gives you a huge chance to scale your business.

At Seahawk, we tick the entire checklist above providing the best white label SEO services.

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