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Seahawk Vs. Upwork


Who wants to waste time & keep digging into UpWork to find WordPress developers with correct pricing & credibility? So, what is Upwork Alternative for WordPress development?

We know what you want- Hassle-free personalised WordPress development done by experts in the field who are trusted by over 1000+ Web Host companies.

Reasons why Seahawk is your best friend with WordPress Services over Upwork


Seahawk: In-house group of experienced marketers & developers who are best at their jobs, trusted by the top managed WordPress web hosting companies

Upwork: Hard to find credible expertise in the large pool of several service providers


Seahawk: We are globally present & Over 1,000+ companies like GoDaddy, CleanJuice, DreamHost etc, trust Seahawk for WordPress services

Upwork: Scattered Portfolios all over the platform

Targeted approach

Seahawk: Seahawk is solely dedicated and passionate about WordPress: Retention Services for Managed WP Web Hosts, WordPress Technology, WP Services Marketplace, WordPress Education

Upwork: Has a cluttered pool of services & almost impossible to find the best in the ocean.

Communication & personalization

Seahawk: Communication is easier than ever. We have a self-service platform for direct-to-customer business. We provide hyper-personalized service that resonates with your brand.

Upwork: Restrictive & doesn’t let you go beyond the platform. Communication is a tedious task, hence, personalization becomes an issue.

Seahawk’s Self Service Platform


Seahawk: More cost-effective on pricing with high-quality results trusted by over 1000+ Web hosting companies

Upwork: You gotta pay Upwork’s commission fee as well

Specialised talent

Seahawk: Based in India which is ranked second as the global hub for tech innovation. Also, our talented team is cherry-picked from the best in the field

Upwork: Freelancers are spread all over.

Wrapping it up

Getting things done from a specialised WordPress agency especially when it comes to complicated stuff that requires expertise, is always a better choice for your clients as well as your business. Upwork Alternative for WordPress development? Seahawk is solely focused on WordPress and is best at its work, unlike UpWork which has a scattered pool of services.

Get your WordPress development done with the best talents in the world. Contact us today to upscale your WordPress game!

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