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How Enterprise, Big Brands Are Leveraging WordPress VIP & Underscores

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Written By: author image Komal Bothra
author image Komal Bothra

Ever wonder how legends are created? Legendary enterprise websites, that is. Here is our step-by-step breakdown of how large brands leverage different tools and platforms to develop stunning and functional websites enjoyed by audiences around the world. Let’s dive in!

Have an unforgettable brand

To use WordPress VIP, you’ve got to be a VIP. WordPress VIP is a best-in-class WordPress-managed hosting platform designed to support the needs of large businesses and websites with high traffic. Sites that would need the functionality provided by WordPress VIP are typically mission-critical, content-rich, and attract a large number of monthly visitors. Some top brands already using the platform include Facebook, Spotify, and USA Today. Enterprises like these tend to select WordPress VIP as their provider, since it’s the way to go for fast, simple, and secure hosting.

Create a mock-up of your website using PSD

Whether designing for a small business or a large enterprise, every website design starts with a game plan. When you’re creating a site with Seahawk, we help you visualize what it will look like first by using Adobe Photoshop to build a “blueprint” of your site. This mock-up is static, meaning functionality has not been added yet, but the mock-up shows you exactly how pages of the site will appear online. Once this has your approval, WordPress developers can use this mock-up to turn your website blueprint into reality.

Convert to a custom theme

When creating a site for a large brand, we think it’s important to make it your own. So does WordPress VIP. A requirement of using this hosting platform is to build on a starter theme, which allows the developer to completely modify the theme’s original code to create a custom theme best suited for your site’s desired functionality. Underscores is a great starter theme to use, because not only is it backed by Automattic, the company that created WordPress, but it also boasts a whole bunch of useful features that really simplify the process of creating a custom theme!

Remember the mock-up created in the previous step? Luckily, this will come in handy, as it can be converted directly into a WordPress site – find out how here.

Enjoy a website as unforgettable as your brand

Your site is now powered by a secure hosting provider, planned with a thorough blueprint, and running on a functionally competent custom theme, so your website design is almost complete!  Now it’s important to add in and optimize content your audience wants, as well as to constantly check to make sure everything is working properly. Successful brands are constantly innovating and updating, and luckily, having a custom theme makes adding changes easier than ever.

With a fantastic design and some consistent TLC, your enterprise website will be perfectly positioned to take over the world.

And here at Seahawk Media, we’re excited to help every step of the way.

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