Seahawk vs. Codeable


Looking for Codeable Alternative? You’re at the right place! 

Seahawk is globally present & trusted by the top-recommended WordPress web hosts to build and manage pro WordPress Services & there’s a reason for it. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider Seahawk over Codeable

For Web Hosts

Codeable: Web hosts partnered with codeable get no commissions in return & lose continuity with their customers.

Seahawk: We provide web hosts with in-house retention divisions using company emails, that retain their customers, and prevent churn.

Revenue Model

Codeable: Web hosts & agencies cannot make any revenue by partnering with codeable. It’s no advantage partnership that is nothing less than a one-sided crush.

Screenshot from the Cloudways website

Seahawk: Web hosts partnering with us make a profit and retain customers because we offer services that improve their customer experience in close partnership via shared slack and dedicated in-house teammates (no 3rd party contractors).

Data Privacy

Codeable: Part-owned by Automattic, you take the chance of sending your customer’s data to third-party contractors and an Automattic company that owns competing web hosting providers.

Seahawk: We’re all in-house team & full bootstrapped. Your customer’s data is safe and protected with us as your dedicated retention division.


Codeable: They have a network of remote 3rd party contractors, similar to Fiverr and Upwork.

Seahawk: We specialize in building retention divisions internally for web hosts and have worked with the top global web hosting providers.

Seahawk vs Codeable
Seahawk offers WordPress White label Services

Cost Effectiveness

Codeable: They charge $70-120 per hour.

Seahawk: We are cost-effective and list $70-100 per hour retail for WordPress development hours for our partner. So our hourly rate is considerably low than codeable. We also productize our pricing for services like Hacked Site Repair and Site Speed Optimization.


Codeable: They have a scattered contract network of 3rd party freelancers, just like Fiverr.

Seahawk: We work with the best hand-picked talents from India & Pakistan, which is ranked second as the global hub for tech innovation. Specifically, our Indian leadership has headquarters in Gujarat which we believe is the Silicon Valley for WordPress.


Codeable: Gets reviews for themselves once you send your customers to them.

Seahawk: We get thousands of Trustpilot and G2 reviews for our partners to help boost their 5-star reviews and NPS scores.

Wrapping it up

With so many advantages of working with Seahawk, it’s no coincidence that we are trusted by the world’s top web hosting companies for Premium WordPress Services. We have retained millions of dollars for our partners through our retention services that prevent customer churn.

It’s your time to partner with us to bring out the best experience for you & your customers and keep an important retention division in-house. Seahawk is the best codeable alternative!

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