Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins For 2023

Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins

Both merchants and affiliates benefit financially from affiliate marketing. However, an affiliate platform’s signup and renewal costs can be high. Affiliate plugins are a great substitute in this situation. You can generate an unending supply of leads by exhibiting your company and products to other people’s audiences through an affiliate network. These plugins offer features such as commission types, referral link generators, custom commission structures, and real-time reports. They also provide various payment integrations, making automating affiliate payouts easier for website owners.

Affiliate plugins can help boost your website’s sales and revenue by leveraging the power of affiliate marketing, making it an essential tool for online businesses. In this article, we’ve mentioned the research material for plugins and identified the top WordPress affiliate plugins for your assistance.

How To Choose The Right Plugin For Your WordPress Site?

Look at the bigger picture when deciding which affiliate plugins to utilize on your WordPress website. Especially if lead-generating techniques and online money-making are both your priorities. The right plugin can be a real game-changer for your website and you must ensure to have a checklist of your website’s requirements before choosing a plugin. Following are some of the points to keep in mind:

  • Prioritize your website’s needs
  • Rely on ratings and reviews
  • Focus on compatibility
  • Confirm the developer’s reputation 
  • Review for support
  • Check the pricing

List of ‘Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins’ for the year 2023

1. AffiliateWP 

It is a WordPress plugin that enables website owners to create an affiliate program for their products or services. It allows users to easily manage affiliates, track referrals, set commission rates, and make payments. The plugin integrates with popular e-commerce platforms and add-ons to extend its functionality.

2. ThirstyAffiliates 

This WordPress plugin helps website owners to manage their affiliate links more efficiently. It provides a simple interface to organize ties, track clicks, and insert them into posts and pages. Additionally, the plugin offers features like auto-linking, link cloaking, category grouping, and integration with other popular plugins. 

3. Pretty Links

With Pretty Links, you can shorten, conceal, and track affiliate links. It provides an easy-to-use interface for managing associations, tracking clicks, and making unique URLs with brand domains. Along with Google Analytics connection, the plugin also offers capabilities like link redirection, 404 error tracking, and click analysis.

4. ReferralCandy

ReferralCandy is a referral marketing platform that enables the user to reward referrals from existing customers and get new ones naturally. It uses word-of-mouth advertising and assists businesses in gaining new clients while retaining current ones.

5. Easy Affiliate

This plugin allows you to keep track of your affiliate’s activity by seeing how many clicks are produced separately and which affiliate is responsible for the increased sales. With management tools, you can determine monthly payment amounts and prices.

6. WP Affiliate Manager

This Affiliate plugin is a fairly affordable affiliate marketing solution for WordPress. It simplifies the affiliate’s management, login, and recruitment processes. Also, it keeps a track of the website visitors your affiliates suggest and pays out the proper commissions. 

7. AdSanity

This WordPress plugin simplifies the process of managing and displaying ads on your website. It allows you to create and schedule ad campaigns, insert ads into posts and pages, and track ad performance. Adsanity also supports various ad formats, including images, HTML, and Google AdSense.

8. Ultimate Affiliate Pro

A plugin that helps you create a complete affiliate program for your website. It offers various commission types, referral link generators, real-time reports, and multiple payment integrations. Ultimate Affiliate Pro also enables you to set up custom commission structures, create tiered affiliate programs, and automate payouts to affiliates.


You may develop and administer a profitable affiliate program with the appropriate affiliate plugins. Each of these plugins has special features and advantages that can be used to personalize your affiliate program and increase your earnings. From payment connectors and bespoke commission structures to commission types and real-time reporting, these plugins include all the elements you require to be successful in affiliate marketing. To advance your affiliate program, think about utilizing one of these plugins. 
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Best WordPress Affiliate Plugins For 2023

Both merchants and affiliates benefit financially from affiliate marketing. However, an affiliate platform's signup and


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