5 Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins To Start Your Business

5 Best Free WordPress Directory Plugins To Jumpstart Your Business 01

Have you been searching for the finest business directory plugins for WordPress?

Users can utilize a company directory to find network operators in a particular area or segment. Simultaneously, it assists such firms in locating clients and prospects.

You may even generate money online as a site owner by offering paid listings in your company directory.

With a decent business directory plugin, you can quickly construct listings of businesses grouped by region, genre, and other factors.

Users could use business directories to identify new vendors, while companies can use them to interact with consumers and other businesses.

Unlike a Search On google, a company directory is composed of handpicked entries with descriptions, reviews, and images. As a result, users seeking certain companies will find them more valuable.

We’ve selected a few of the top WordPress business directory plugins in this article to make work easier for you.

Directory of Sabai

Sabai Directory is a powerful WordPress directory plugin. You may use this tool to build a culture business directory similar to Wikipedia or Yahoo! Local Users may look for listings using keywords, categories, proximity, and location, as well as auto-suggestions. Sabai Directory also allows you to rate and review businesses and identify an established company like your own.

Using this plugin, visitors may contribute images to a company listing and respond to reviews and other users’ pictures. They may also use it to highlight listings, reviews, photographs, and comments that might be incorrect or improper. This aids both consumers and staff in regulating the site and ensuring that all company information and statements are truthful and fair.


Although it isn’t technically an extension, this WordPress theme has built-in plugin features. It includes a drag-and-drop web page builder and a customized lead form creator that offers you complete control over whatever data you would like to collect for listings.

As front-end contributions are authorized, you can use a different list of conditions to categorize them on the listing page. These results may be sorted by title, publication date, highest score, and other criteria. Users on the front end could use the theme’s sophisticated search capabilities, like “quick filters,” to find a firm they’ve dealt with before or one that suits their current requirements.

A well-designed ad management solution and a sequence calendar are among the theme’s extra features. A “free maps” option is also available and a shopping and transaction data processing setup.

Directory of Web 2.0

Web 2.0 Directory is a good-quality, feature-rich WordPress directory plugin that lets you construct a classified ad posting website, an events calendar, an automobile dealer website, a real estate website, and much more. This plugin has all the features you’d expect from a premium directory, including front-end entries, editing options, and Google Maps integration. It comes with a fully responsive system and is compatible with most WordPress plugins.

Custom logos and input fields, YouTube uploads, and the option to publish a listing are just a few of the extra features. You can also save a listing as a favorite in your computer window or download it like a PDF.

You can also save a list of your favorites in your computer window or download it like a PDF.

Business Directory Connections

Connections Company Directory is a popular free directory plugin that is immersive and screen-ready, with many features to make you develop a robust business directory website. It features the WordPress Editor and is functional with many WordPress Plugins and themes. The panorama block, the directory section, and the following list block are all supported by the WordPress Editor.

In a spinning module, the rotating block shows your listings. This is appropriate for lists as well as other web pages. The directory section takes a much more traditional method, displaying all of the firm’s financial position on your webpage statically. Finally, the forthcoming list block shows all of the activities that are slated to occur in the future.

Directory of Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the free Plugins for WordPress that includes all of the contemporary features you’d expect from a directory website.

This plugin has a built-in search feature and automated pagination, and the ability for users to modify directory entries as just the features they have generated are shown. This aids users in keeping track of the active lists so that they are aware of what is accessible to their consumers.

It also helps organize directories and items by displaying them as tables. You may also use one or more of the plugin’s preset shortcodes to create a custom design. Users may, for example, examine individual submissions on their webpage or in a pop-up window, and you can accept or reject entries submitted in quantity.


You’ll need a company directory plugin that lets you perform all of this. If you need more information about company directory plugins that allow your users to contribute listings, pay for submissions, and browse for listings, then head to Seahawk Media. Having said that, here are some of the top WordPress company directory plugins available.

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