What is Metadata in WordPress 1

Metadata is data about data. For example, consider a record on your computer—any data about that document, such as who created it and when it is referred to as metadata.

WordPress metadata includes information about publications, pages, readers, comments, and other elements of your site—an example of would-be metadata author, post date, category, tags, keywords, etc.

Posts contain basic text, titles, tags, and additional information.

Metadata can also refer to data about websites that appear in search results, such as the title and summary. Meta tags are a type of HTML tag used to add metadata to a page.


Posts include basic information like text, title, tags, and additional data (metadata) like the number of times the post has been seen, the thumbnail ID, and the person who updated it, among other things.

How to add MetaData in WordPress?

When you publish a WordPress page, metadata, such as the time, date, contributor, and title, are automatically generated and appended to your content. Custom metadata boxes are also available for adding information.

Edit a post or page to create a custom metadata box. To add custom metadata to a post or page, you need to ensure it displays in the Editor of the Post or Page.

  1. Create a new page or post, or update one that already exists.
  2. At the top of the page, select Screen Options.
  3. Check Custom Fields in the Boxes panel.
  4. A new Custom Fields window will appear as you scroll down.
  5. To change a current metadata box in your theme, use the Name dropdown option.
  6. Alternatively, you can create a new metadata record by clicking the Enter New button.
  7. The name and value of your metadata field can be saved by clicking Add Custom Field.

Importance of Metadata/Meta Tags


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