How To Convert Sketch Design To WordPress Website?

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Seeing the growing demand for WordPress development, businesses seek a reliable & well-versed WordPress development company that can build a user-focused and ROI-driven website and is even highly experienced in converting Sketch designs to WordPress.

Sketch is the all-in-one digital design platform used for UI, mobile, web, and even icon design. It is used & loved by millions of people. Sketch is the vector-based design software that enables users to resize any shape they draw to any dimension without even losing sharpness. Therefore, the Sketch designs look great even on a retina or very high DPI (dots per inch) screen.

Having an authentic dark mode aesthetic, built-in design linting, design libraries from Apple, flawless PDF import, and offline compatibility, Sketch has become a leading tool in the website design space.

When Converting sketch design to a WordPress website, Knowing what widgets you have available, the flexibility of the available widgets, and what animations and motion effects you could be adding is vital to your workflow. As you’re drafting, think of various ways to build the elements you’re designing later in Elementor, using widgets and sections to create each component. 

Converting Sketch Design To WordPress Website- The Process

The cost of converting Sketch to WordPress is determined by elements like your site’s kind, size, and specialty, the features and functions you want to include, your budget, the team you will engage, etc.

Apart from that, the method you use to convert Sketch to WordPress determines the conversion cost. However, the cost of converting Sketch to WordPress ranges from $4500 to $150,000 or even more in some instances.

Here are the Steps to Convert Sketch to WordPress website


Preparation is the most crucial stage in converting your Sketch design to a WordPress theme. Create your Sketch file based on your website’s overall style and look and features, and functions. You may use sketch files to add unique features to your website and define aesthetics and look based on your needs.

Examine the Files

After you’ve created your Sketch files, the next stage is to analyze them. Header, footer, menu, sidebar, and other parts are included in the Sketch files. In this step, you can create non-static content using HTML and CSS code, understanding the structure of the Sketch files.

Export Files

It is one of the crucial steps in the conversion process. Slice/export the files and separate the static and non-static content. By dividing the Sketch design, you may maintain the inert material on your website, such as photos. Sketch lets people export files in an Html template.

HTML to Sketch

Creating HTML and CSS code is the next stage in the Sketch to WordPress theme conversion process. For a speedier approach, automatic conversion might be used. However, the quality is frequently harmed. A skilled Sketch to HTML conversion business, on the other hand, can hand-code your Sketch files and convert them to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code, which is further turned into a WordPress theme.

HTML conversion to WordPress 

This phase changes your HTML design into a WordPress theme that is completely functioning. You must create many files of these themes, such as header.php, index.php, footer.php, etc. To create a title, you must transfer the header from the HTML page to the header.php file to generate a title. Similarly, do the same for the remaining files. To link the header and other scripts, use the various WordPress capabilities in the index.php file.

Quality Control

After finally completing your conversion processes, the following step is to test your WordPress theme thoroughly. You can confirm that your WordPress theme is mistake-free, glitch-free, and performs smoothly by testing it. From looks to performance, you must test every component of your WordPress theme on various devices and browsers to guarantee it functions flawlessly. Trying the appropriate approach will help you improve the performance of your WordPress website.

Include a Theme

After you’ve completed your testing of the WordPress theme, the last step in the Sketch to WordPress conversion process is to add/integrate the design to your WordPress website. You may apply the WP theme to your website from the admin interface, navigate to the admin page’s panel, install the theme, and activate it on your WordPress website.

Hire a professional

If you want someone else to do it for you? We’re here to help! You can opt for the Sketch to WordPress service to convert your Sketch designs into pixel-perfect, responsive & bug-free WordPress website code by a professional developer. A professional developer has all the required skills and knowledge that can convert your sketch files into the quality and standards-compliant WP themes. With their extensive experience & skills, they can perform the conversion professionally. 


Converting a sketch to a WordPress theme is not as challenging. You may use various techniques to turn your Sketch design into a graphic-optimized WordPress theme. We hope you learned everything about Sketch to WordPress conversion in this article.

It might take some time to get into the swing of the design process. By following the steps indicated in this blog, you will be able to convert sketch design to a WordPress website.

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