How To Fix Widget Panel Not Loading In Elementor?

How to fix widget panel not loading in Elementor

You may add the widgets you need to the canvas area of an Elementor page or template by dragging them from the widget panel (the panel on the left) to the area where the page or template is being created. The widget panel has two purposes: it may be used to add widgets, and it can also be used to make settings. What if this panel stops functioning all of a sudden?

The widget panel often has the issue of not loading the widgets, which is one of the most prevalent issues. Instead of loading the widgets, the panel continually rotated a superimposed loading indicator over a white background. This is a snapshot of the problem that occurred.

If the error described above occurs with your copy of Elementor, you won’t be able to get any work done since, in addition to the widgets not loading; the panel won’t let you access the configuration choices until the problem has been resolved. So, what are some solutions to this problem?

Potential Reasons Why Elementor Widget Panel is Stuck!

Widget Panel in Elementor Not Loading or Keeps on Loading

1. The first possibility that causes the problem is that your system’s specifications do not fulfill the standards for the system that Elementor requests. You are responsible for ensuring that every component on your system satisfies the element’s minimal requirements, which may be found here.

2. Incompatibility between Elementor and other active plugins on your WordPress site or between Elementor add-ons is another option that produces the problem. This might occur either between Elementor add-ons or between Elementor plugins. We may give you the case of the conflict between Happy Add-ons and Essential Add-ons as an illustration. On the same page, we had already installed and activated the pro versions of both Happy Add-ons and Essential Add-ons, which is when we encountered the issue. When we deleted one of the add-ons, everything returned to how it was before.

There are Two Approaches to Fix Elementor Widget Panel

After ensuring that the program specs loaded on your server system fulfill the minimal criteria stipulated by Elementor, you may next attempt to correct the error by using the following potential solutions.

1. Verify each of the plugins

Incompatibility between Elementor and other plugins or between Elementor add-ons is one of the reasons why the widget panel does not load the widgets, as we said previously. This may also be caused by incompatibility between Elementor add-ons. Therefore, disable all of the plugins that are now active, except Elementor and Elementor Pro. If everything has returned to normal, you should start reactivating the plugins you just deactivated one at a time to determine which plugin caused the issue.

2. Make sure your topic is precise

If the strategy described above does not work for you, you should try switching to a different WordPress theme for the time being. You may give one of the essential WordPress themes a go, such as Twenty Seventeen or Twenty Nineteen.

Whether the problem continues, you should try to get in touch with your hosting provider to check and see if the PHP Zlib extension is turned on for your server.

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