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WP Amelia Review: Is It The Best Appointment Booking Plugin?

WP Amelia

For businesses like health, fitness, and beauty salons, reservations and appointments are an integral part of their business. If you have a WordPress website, you can integrate an appointment and event booking system with the help of a robust plugin. This will help you systematically organize your business. In addition, the customer data & information that you generate from it can be used for your newsletter and email campaigns.

With a WordPress booking plugin, you would have a dedicated system at your fingertips, which you can customize and configure as per business needs. There are many WordPress plugins available for booking and event management, but one of the best among them is the WP Amelia appointments and events booking plugin. So, let’s check out what the Amelia.wp plugin offers and take a brief look at how this plugin works.

What Is WP Amelia?

The USP of WP Amelia is it is a user-friendly event and appointment booking plugin ideal for all kinds of businesses such as coaching & consulting, automotive & car repairs, beauty & spa salons, doctors & healthcare, web developers & agencies, personal fitness trainers and event agencies, hosts and organizers.


It offers an enterprise-level booking experience with abundant features, making it a good choice for service-based businesses and websites. With the WP Amelia booking plugin, you can do away with manual event & booking management and form filling. It helps you streamline your process while making it simpler for customers to book an appointment in a hassle-free way.

Unlike other event and appointment booking WordPress plugins, the Amelia WP plugin allows you to automate most mundane tasks, so you can focus more on growing your business. The best part, its intuitive, beginner-friendly design makes it easy to use; no training is required.

How is WP Amelia Different From Other Appointment Booking WordPress Plugins?

As discussed above, rather than hiring a WordPress developer to create a bespoke booking system for your website, the easiest way to add this functionality to your site is through a plugin. The WP Amelia plugin is flexible and offers many customization and endless features that make it ideal for small and large service-based businesses. Mentioned below are a few WP Amelia features that make it the ultimate booking plugin for WordPress websites.

Intuitive Dashboard

One of the reasons why the WP Amelia plugin is so popular is because it offers a simple and intuitive interface right in your WP admin dashboard. It has a responsive design for the backend as well the frontend.


When you click on the plugin tab in your WordPress admin dashboard, it will offer you complete details on booked appointments, appointments scheduled for the day, pending appointments, revenues generated, and which services had the most booked appointments. 

Google Calendar Sync

This feature ensures that you never miss out on an appointment. WP Amelia offers Google Calendar sync, so employees can sync their work schedule with their Google calendar. To prevent overbooking, the Google Calendar will mark dates as busy if the employee already has an event on that day. 

Group Appointment Bookings

From a customer perspective, group booking can be a handy feature. For instance, in the case of a gym session or yoga class, a customer might want to bring in their friend or partner. Here, rather than making separate bookings, they can opt for a group booking option wherein they can choose/mention the number of people they are bringing along. This will save time and make the customer’s experience on your website more seamless.

Google Meet and Zoom Integration

Amelia WordPress booking plugin offers both Google Meet and native Zoom integration. With these features, you can easily schedule and conduct online meetings via audio or video calls. For Google Meet, you need to synchronize your employees’ Google Calendars to create events. Once synchronized, your employees can send the ‘event invitation’ email to customers, which will be added as an appointment in the customer’s Google Calendar. To use Zoom in Amelia, you need to set up the Zoom application.

Event Calendar View

This feature enables you to highlight monthly events on your website via a monthly calendar. Customers can view the events scheduled for the current month and book an event as per their preference. WP Amelia offers shortcodes that can be used to add an events calendar to a page. These shortcodes can be used on different page builders – WordPress classic editor, Elementor and Gutenberg.

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Automated Notifications

The Amelia WP plugin allows you to set up email and SMS notifications for events and appointments. There are different types of default email notifications that you can send – follow-up for bookings, reschedule events/appointments, canceled events/appointments, and pending & rejected events/appointments. You can also send an SMS to inform your customers and employees about an event or appointment.

WooCommerce Integration to Process Payments

This plugin enables you to integrate with WooCommerce, thereby making it easy to process payments through the booking system. Apart from processing payments, it can handle tax for services and help you send invoices. You need to set up WooCommerce in the Amelia booking plugin. Once configured, it will allow your customers to pay via PayPal or Stripe payment systems.

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Service Packages and WhatsApp Integration

The premium version of WP Amelia offers additional features such as creating service packages or bundling, wherein you can offer your customers multiple services as a whole package for a set price. The WhatsApp integration feature, on the other hand, provides one more channel to send notifications to your customers, informing them about upcoming events or appointments.

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Pricing Plans for WP Amelia

This event and appointment booking plugin has a free as well as a premium version. The free version of the WP Amelia plugin has 50k active installations and offers tons of features. The premium version has subscription plans categorized into Annual and Lifetime.

The Annual pricing starts at approx $80 and goes up to $250. Each of the annual WP Amelia subscription plans comes with 1-year of monthly updates and premium support. 


The Lifetime plans start at approx $200 and goes up to $600. With the lifetime Amelia WP plans, you get lifetime updates and premium support.


How Does The WP Amelia Booking Plugin Work?

Before you make a purchase or download the free version of this plugin, you can check out the WP Amelia plugin demo to check how it works. It provides a demo of both – the frontend and the backend.

In the backend demo, you can view how the WP Amelia plugin works in your WordPress dashboard. Once installed and activated, you can click on the WP Amelia tab and set up different configurations.

You can start by creating the Services and Packages that you offer. Click on the ‘Add service’ tab and enter the required details. Once you enter the details, click on ‘Save.’


Next, add Employee details or information about the person responsible for handling appointment and event bookings. Click on ‘Add Employee’ → Enter details → Assign services → click Save.


Configure the Email, SMS, and WhatsApp notifications for employees and customers. Customize the message and set appointment notifications as required.


Lastly, choose a Booking form and customize it.


You can also schedule events, check appointments, and the payment status. To receive payments, install and configure the WooCommerce plugin. You can also add custom fields if required.

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Final Thoughts

For service-based businesses, the WP Amelia plugin is ideal for event bookings and appointments. It is easy to use, simplifies booking for customers, makes managing appointments easy for employees, and streamlines the entire process for your business.

Through WooCommerce integration, you can directly receive payments and manage taxes and invoices. It also allows Google sync and various channels for notifications, so your employees and customers do not miss their appointments. The best part, you can customize each feature to suit your business needs.

Amelia WP event and appointment booking plugin is cost-effective and has a free version if you want to try it out first.

Note: This booking system may not be suitable for real estate, travel, and hotel websites.

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