How To Install WhatsApp Chat To WordPress Website?


If you’re the proud owner of a WordPress site, you likely look for every opportunity to hear feedback from your site’s users. What if there was a way to talk to your website users directly on your smartphone?

With the WP Social Chat plugin created by the Quadlayers team, you can allow your customers to start a conversation from your website directly to your phone number, using a platform we all know too well – WhatsApp!

Why WhatsApp?

Here are some reasons why enabling WhatsApp chat for business purposes is an incredible idea.

How to Get Started

First, navigate to the Plugins menu on Then, simply search for “WP Social Chat”, select “Install”, and activate. Once you reach this step, you’ll be presented with several options in your dashboard.

The Button and Chat features can be accessed via a free download, but the premium features come at an additional one-time cost, ranging from $20-$80 depending on how many site activations you require. Premium features also include additional individualized support and assistance.

Important things to keep in mind as you implement the WhatsApp social plugin are to ensure you are not using a phone number that you wish to keep private, as it will be visible to all site users.

Now that you know the basics, get started connecting with your site’s users by enabling WhatsApp chat on your WordPress site today!

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