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AutomateWoo Plugin Review


If you are a WooCommerce store owner, you must always get your hands on all the new updates and tools to help your store grow bigger and brighter. You must streamline the marketing process and create a solid baseline to attract and retain more customers. 

But how do you do that? Introducing powerful marketing automation for your WooCommerce Store, AutomateWoo Plugin. It comes with robust tools and features that help you grow your store and make more money. 

The tool has feature-rich automation to create an endless range of automated workflows. So, let’s dive deep into the function of this plugin with AutomateWoo plugin review and how it can help you enhance your store’s functionality and features. 

What Is AutomateWoo Plugin?

AutomateWoo Plugin review

AutomateWoo is a tool developed by WooCommerce to enhance and offer push to marketing efforts for your online store.

 It is an excellent tool with several automated functionalities, such as automatic email campaigns, preventing cart abandonment, generating customer reviews, and much more. 

The best part is you get an easy setup to use and manage it directly from your WordPress dashboard. Using its powerful features, you can create a wide range of automated workflows to help you add more functionalities to your store. 

How Does It Work?

AutomateWoo workflow

AutomateWoo allows you to set up a series of workflows comprising different combinations of Triggers, Rules, and Actions within WooCommerce. 

  • Triggers are when an event occurs. It defines the circumstances in which the workflow will run. An example trigger would be doing something when an order is made. 
  • Rules enable you to perform advanced logic on your workflows so they only trigger in specific situations. For example, the rule would only start the workflow for orders totaling more than $100.
  • Actions decide what happens when a workflow is triggered. With AutomateWoo, you get a range of customizable actions available. These include sending an email, changing order statuses, and defining a custom function if you are a developer. 

Once this workflow is created and implemented, you can schedule your workflow to run virtually any time. Whether immediately, after a set time, or even at a particular hour or day of the week. 

Features Of AutomateWoo Plugin

Let’s run through some features of AutomateWoo and see how they help the WooCommerce store and enhance its marketing efforts. 

Follow-Up Emails 

automatewoo plugin review

Sending follow-up emails is a great way to show customers that you care about how they interact with your store. It helps you enhance your brand credibility and build trust among your users. 

With AutomateWoo Plugin, you can send follow-up emails easily. It enables you to create and send follow-up emails to the customers regularly engaging with your store. The emails help you promote specific products and ask for feedback, reviews, and more. 

With AutomateWoo, you get the theme and style of the email that is much similar to your WooCommerce theme, which cuts down the customization work for you. 

Lesser Cart Abandonment 

If you have an online store, you might be aware of the issues with cart abandonment and how it leads to loss of sales. According to a study, more than 40% of people abandon the cart before completing the purchase. 

But what if we tell you you can decrease your chances of Cart Abandonment with the AutomateWoo Plugin? 

With this tool, you can send automated reminder emails in intervals to interested buyers about their abandoned items in the cart. You can easily set up reminders at regular gaps or an automated series of emails to check with customers about their left carts. 

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SMS Notifications

If you want a plugin that handles both admin and customers seamlessly, then AutomateWoo is for you. 

With its trigger features, the admin and customers will be notified whenever there is a big AutomateWoo trigger. With this, you can send automated SMS from WooCommerce via AutomateWoo Workflows. 

Special Offers and Recommendations 

Sometimes, you get a one-time purchase, and customers tend to go inactive after that purchase. How do you win back these customers? You can do this by using AutomateWoo’s rewards and recommendations. 

AutomateWoo helps you set up a marketing campaign to target silent customers with their existing email data and credentials to reach them out. You can give lucrative offers, special deals, and discounts with AutomateWoo and get customers active again. 

Wishlist Marketing 

Sometimes users forget the items on their wishlist, and it’s too late to buy when they remember them.

With the AutomateWoo plugin, you can solve this problem for your customers by sending them reminder emails and notifying wishlist products going on sale or if it is about to get out of stock.

This helps in attracting them to buy the product then and there. However, to use these features, you must integrate with WooCommerce wishlists or YITH wishlists. 

Birthday Emails

automate woo features

Everyone loves warm birthday wishes; you can also give them to your customers. With AutomateWoo, you can easily send happy birthday wishes WooCommerce email and make their day with a wish. 

You can also use a coupon with AutomateWoo Birthday’s add-ons. This is an easy and quick installation method to reach your customers and improve brand loyalty.  

Card Expiry Notifications

Having an excellent user interface is the most important thing for any online store. One must offer an easy-to-use and user-friendly experience for their customers. Many times, users save their card detail while making a purchase online.  

However, these cards may expire, and it causes issues while making further purchases with the same card. To help users avoid these issues, you can send them card expiration messages through AutomateWoo and offer them a hassle-free shopping experience. 

Personalized Coupons 

Did you know you can generate dynamic, customized customer coupons with AutomateWoo? Personalized coupons are crucial for solving abandoned carts and inactive users. 

With this tool, you can set variables and customize discount coupons for them. You can set these coupons on certain conditions like they get the coupon only upon activating their account or clearing their cart. 

AutomateWoo Integrations 

AutomateWoo Plugin review

AutomateWoo has the ability to integrate with a lot of powerful plugins with valuable features to give you a marketing edge for your online store: 

WooCommerce Subscriptions

You can manage your subscriptions easily while integrating the plugin with WooCommerce subscriptions. With this, you can build workflows depending on subscription needs, such as a status change or a renewal payment failure.

WooCommerce Memberships

With this integration, you can trigger workflows that send automated follow-up emails, rewards, and offers to loyal customers with VIP status and monitor membership cancellations.

WooCommerce Bookings

You can integrate  WooCommerce Bookings with AutomateWoo and enhance customer experience. This will help lower cancellations and upsell users with automatic booking confirmation after booking.

WooCommerce Points and Rewards 

You can set up automated workflows with the plugin and reward specific customer actions. You can easily set rewards for WooCommerce Points and Rewards and earn brand loyalty.  

WooCommerce Wishlists 

With this integration, you can use custom triggers in AutomateWoo and inform customers when their wishlist cart items are on sale. Additionally, you can send reminders for things that went unpurchased in intervals to bring them back to your site. 

AutomateWoo – Add Ons 

Just when you thought that was all about what the AutomateWoo plugin offers, there’s more to it. The plugin comes with three add-ons, two paid and one free to get additional features for your store. 

AutomateWoo Addons

Birthdays Add-on 

 With this add-on, you can please your customers by wishing them welcoming birthdays and with a WooCommerce birthday email and coupons for special offers. This is sure to make your customers happy than ever! 

Refer A Friend

You know how you get a reward if you refer a friend for the services you are taking and help promote it well. You can offer the same to your customers with a custom referral program to your WooCommerce store and increase your organic sales. 

AgileCRM Add-On

AutomateWoo Plugin review

This adds new actions to use with the wide range of triggers included with AutomateWoo. 

You can use this add-on with the official integration plugin AgileCRM offers and enhance your store’s functionality with the power of both. 

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AutomateWoo – Pricing 

You can buy AutomateWoo Plugin at $71.40 for the first year, which is billed annually. It costs $9.92 monthly. This will include one-year extension updates, one-year support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee if the functionality doesn’t sit well with your store. 

So, it is a risk-free buy and takes your WooCommerce marketing to a new level. 

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AutomateWoo Plugin – Pros and Cons 

Well, everything comes with both pros and cons. So, let’s see some of the pros and cons of this plugin before jumping to any conclusion: 

Easy setup and management Basic Customer Support 
Easy and direct access from the WordPress dashboard Limited customizations options with email templates and designs 
Automated functioning Requires extra paid plugins and codes for some customizations 
Personalized coupon system 
Can send multiple and targeted emails
WPML Support 
Cost-effective marketing tool 

Final Verdict 

Now that we explored each aspect of the AutomateWoo plugin, including its functionality and features, it’s safe to say that AutomateWoo comes with more pros than cons. If you are looking for the right marketing tool with automation-rich features and powerful support, then you must confide in AutomateWoo. 

It’s a powerful tool developed by WooCommerce, sure to change your WooCommerce store positively. We hope that our article above helps you make the right choice for your WooCommerce store. 

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