Why You Shouldn’t Use A Nulled Version Of Elementor Pro?

Nulled Elementor

If you want to build a website on WordPress, you’ve probably heard of Elementor Pro. It is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress websites that allow users to create beautiful, custom designs without any coding skills.

These days, one of the biggest threats to the security of WordPress seems to be nulled plugins. WordPress’s extensive selection of themes and plugins is one of its primary strengths. You can choose from tens of thousands of free WordPress plugins and themes.

Additionally, a vibrant community quickly creates premium WordPress plugins and themes. Nulled WordPress themes and plugins prowl the shadowy corners of the WordPress universe. They pose a severe risk to the safety of your website. And here’s the same case with Elementor Pro.

What is a Nulled Version of Elementor Pro?

The General Public License, a free software license that ensures the freedom to copy, share, and change the software, is used to license most WordPress plugins and themes. This, however, makes it possible for the program to be nulled and pirated without any negative consequences for the person distributing the altered versions.

You might be tempted to utilize a nulled version of your preferred WordPress plugin or theme as a user. But doing so exposes you, your computer, and your company to potential threats.

Why You Should Not Install the Nulled Elementor Pro Plugin?

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why you should avoid using nulled versions:

Higher Risk of Malware And Viruses

While installing pirated software, there is a 33% chance it will contain viruses that can affect your software. Once established, it can damage the computer or browser and your data. Your home or office network may also be accessed by malware or virus. More harm than just access to your private and commercial information could result.

A study found that small firms were the target of 70% of ransomware attacks in 2018 and that the average ransom demand was $118,000. Trying to save a few dollars by utilizing a pirated or nulled version of a plugin or theme is not worth the potential personal, professional, and financial hazards.

Data Privacy at Risk

Consumers are more concerned about privacy than ever, even though they spend more time online. These restrictions govern not just household names like Google or Facebook. The same regulations apply to every website-based business, including membership sites, software providers, periodicals, and online shops. 

Using pirated software increases your risk of being hacked and exposing your and your customer’s personal information. Hackers can then easily steal your client’s identities, passwords, and financial data by exploiting pirated software vulnerabilities.

Issues in Website functionality

Several investigations have revealed that the issue may only sometimes be with the core WordPress platform. The developer community keeps the core platform current and adheres to the most recent online security guidelines.

Although websites can be hacked, your WordPress website will remain secure if you adhere to recommended practices. Outdated or inefficient WordPress plugins and other forms of cyber-attacks bring on the majority of vulnerabilities.

Always think about your website’s security. The first step is to use caution when choosing which plugins to install. The next step is ensuring the appropriate WordPress security plugin protects your website.

Tools to Detect Malicious Code in WordPress

Let’s take a look at some of the essential steps you must take every time you install a new plugin or them in your system:

Check for Viruses and Trojans

After installing a plugin or a theme, make sure the first thing that you do is check for any viruses, trojans, or other worms that might put your system at risk. You can check these with the help of several virus detectors by uploading the zip file to check for viruses. If your file is infected, you will get a red signal; if not, you can move on to the next step. Take the help of online file scanning tools like Virustotal.

Upload and scan your theme or plugin files before installing them onto WordPress.

Look for Unwanted Codes in Plugins

exploit scanner

Check for unwanted codes in plugins using another WordPress plugin, Exploit Scanner, which can be securely downloaded from the WordPress website.

After installing it go to Dashboard >> Tools >> Exploit Scanner and run the scan. It will take some time to complete the scan, depending on the number of plugins you have installed.

You can see a list of potential codes after the scan. To locate the plugins you installed from sources other than the WordPress repository, utilize the browser’s search feature.

Online Security Scanner

You can also take the help of Seahawk’s WordPress security scanner to scan unwanted viruses and codes that might cause a risk to your website. It allows you to review instantly for free and provides advanced scan reports. Additionally, you can check for Google Safe browsing status and more.

We offer enhanced detection and professional support for your installed plugin and themes.

Looking To Scan Your WordPress Plugins and Themes for Malware?

Scan your website for security vulnerabilities with our free and easy-to-use WordPress Security Scanner Tool


Putting your website at risk can cost a fortune to your brand. Web security is one of the first things at stake when you take help from illegal and nulled Elementor versions. Using a nulled version will not only hamper the safety but also affect your website’s functioning and ranking. 

Your website is a significant source of traffic, clients, and revenue. You want to ensure you have support to bring your website back online when you encounter software problems. You forfeit that benefit if you use any form of illegally obtained software.


What is an Elementor nulled or pirated version?

Various nulled and pirated versions of software can harm your website. These versions of Elementor Pro are harmful and not original. So, you should never download Elementor Pro, which doesn’t have an authentic resource. 

Why should I avoid using Nulled version of Elementor Pro? 

Nulled and pirated software versions are more damaging than beneficial for your use. It exposes you to the risk of viruses, malware, data privacy breach, SEO issues and, most importantly, harmful to your website’s health. 

What is the difference between a nulled version and an original version? 

A nulled or pirated version comes from an unauthorized resource. It is far-fetched from the original developer. The original version comes from the original developer, like Elementor itself, and minimizes the risk of malware and security issues. 

How can I download Elementor Pro for free? 

There is no way to download Elementor Pro for free. Elementor has a free version where you can see and test its features. Once satisfied with the free performance, you can purchase the pro version from the Elementor website. It is risk-free and comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, it is an easy and reliable investment. 

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Why You Shouldn’t Use A Nulled Version Of Elementor Pro?

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