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Best Recipe WordPress Plugins For 2024 (Premium and Free)


Since building a website has become more accessible, thanks to WordPress, recipe websites have become the gastronomic go-to for food enthusiasts. From sizzling skillet recipes to sweet desserts, these digital kitchens offer a feast for the eyes and the taste buds. Yet, to spice things up online, one needs the right tools, and this is where recipe WordPress plugins can help.

As we enter 2024, it’s time to unveil the crème de la crème of WordPress recipe plugins – a flavorful fusion of premium and free options that’ll turn your WordPress kitchen into a culinary masterpiece.

Benefits of Recipe WordPress Plugins

Recipe WordPress plugins aren’t just digital seasoning; they’re the culinary maestros orchestrating a symphony of advantages for your website.

Enhanced Recipe Formatting

These plugins elevate your recipes from mere ingredients and instructions to visually appealing masterpieces. With specialized formatting options, you can showcase your culinary creations in a way that captivates visitors and keeps them coming back for seconds.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Recipe plugins also optimize your content for search engines, making your recipes more discoverable. Rich snippets, structured data, and metadata are effortlessly incorporated, ensuring your delectable dishes don’t just tantalize taste buds but also search engine algorithms.

User-Friendly Recipe Display

Navigating a recipe should be as seamless as slicing through butter. Recipe plugins provide intuitive interfaces, allowing users to easily explore ingredients, instructions, and additional details. This user-friendly design not only enhances the overall experience but also encourages visitors to spend more time savoring your content.

Organized Recipe Catalog

Ever tried finding a specific recipe in a cluttered kitchen? It’s not a delightful experience. Recipe plugins offer organizational magic, allowing you to categorize recipes based on cuisine, dietary preferences, or meal types. This organizational prowess transforms your website into a well-arranged pantry. Thus, making it effortless for visitors to find the exact recipe they crave.

Responsive Design

Responsive design is non-negotiable in a world where browsing happens on everything from pocket-sized smartphones to expansive desktop monitors. Recipe plugins ensure that your culinary creations look equally appetizing on all devices. No more squinting at small screens or scrolling endlessly on larger ones – your recipes adapt seamlessly to the screen they’re on.

In essence, these plugins aren’t just functional add-ons; they’re the secret ingredients that turn your WordPress kitchen into a Michelin-starred experience for your audience. From the meticulous presentation of recipes to the behind-the-scenes SEO magic, recipe plugins offer a delightful platter of benefits for you and your visitors.

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Best Recipe WordPress Plugins

If you’re a food blogger or culinary enthusiast looking to enhance your WordPress site with enticing recipes, these plugins are essential. Elevate your cooking creations with these top-notch Recipe WordPress plugins, designed to simplify recipe management, enhance visuals, and provide a delightful user experience for your audience.

WP Delicious: Best Recipe WordPress Plugin

WP Delicious is the ultimate WordPress recipe plugin, combining a stunning design with powerful features for a seamless recipe-sharing experience. The plugin offers Gutenberg Blocks and custom post-type recipes, ensuring user-friendly publishing.

With a schema-friendly and SEO-optimized structure, it enhances search engine visibility. It also engages readers with a user dashboard and has a front-end recipe submission.


Key Features

  • Intuitive interface
  • Unlimited recipes
  • Customize colors, icons, and recipe units
  • User dashboard for reader engagement
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Promote equipment with affiliate links
  • Floating recipe bar for improved user experience

It supports Pinterest Rich Pins to showcase user ratings to amplify your recipe’s online presence. The free plugin is further enriched with six customizable widgets, an advanced search page, and detailed documentation.

Pricing: The cost of this recipe plugin is $59/1-year (1 site) and $199/ lifetime (1 site). Check out the live demo.

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WP Recipe Maker: Top Recipe WordPress Plugins

WP Recipe Maker is the go-to plugin for creating visually stunning Recipe Cards on your WordPress site. Beyond its user-friendly interface, it offers limitless customizability to make your food blog stand out.

This versatile plugin is compatible with various editors, including Gutenberg, Classic Editor, and Elementor. It also facilitates easy management of affiliate links and supports unit and temperature conversions for a global audience.


Key Features

  • Affiliate Link management
  • Compatibility with multiple editors
  • Full text search for recipes
  • Compatible with Pinterest Rich Pins
  • Multiple rating features for Google recognition
  • Compatible with RTL languages

With a jump-to-recipe button, adjustable baking form, and multiple rating features, it ensures an optimal user experience. WP Recipe Maker is also responsive and mobile-friendly, guaranteeing seamless access on any device.

Pricing: This plugin offers three plans: Premium Bundle ($49), PRO Bundle ($99), and Elite Bundle ($149). Take a look at the preview.

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Recipe Box: Recipe Plugin for WordPress

Recipe Box is a robust recipe plugin for WordPress, enabling easy creation of recipes in posts, pages, and custom post types. The user-friendly interface offers fields for detailed recipe information, including ingredients, instructions, and optional details like prep time and cuisine.


Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Responsive design
  • Detailed recipe creation
  • AJAX-powered review system
  • Automatic rich snippet generation
  • Shortcodes
  • Responsive and retina-ready
  • User-friendly back-end options

With 60 customizable options, it provides flexibility in design and functionality. Responsive and retina-ready layouts ensure a seamless viewing experience across various devices.

Pricing: This WordPress plugin is priced at $19 and offers six months of support. Here’s the live preview.

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WP Tasty: Handcrafted WordPress Plugins for Food Blogs

WP Tasty recipes plugin is a user-friendly solution for food bloggers, effortlessly enhancing the presentation of your recipes. It ensures a delightful browsing experience for readers with easily adjustable portion sizes through recipe scaling and a convenient Cook Mode for hands-free following. Tasty Recipes is also SEO-friendly, boosting the discoverability of your content.


Key Features

  • Easy-to-use and efficient plugin
  • User ratings
  • Unit conversion
  • Complete nutritional data
  • Ingredient checkboxes 
  • Professional recipe card layouts
  • Custom translations

The plugin provides up-to-date structured data for enhanced visibility in search results, attracting new readers. It’s also seamless integration into your workflow ensures an easy-to-use experience, saving time on both SEO management and layout concerns.

Pricing: This plugin is available for $299/year. 

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Recipe Card Blocks: Best WordPress Recipe Plugin

Recipe Card Blocks PRO is the ultimate WordPress recipe plugin, enabling effortless creation and sharing of delectable recipes on your food blog. Its sleek design and intuitive features ensure a seamless display across any WordPress theme, with the added benefit of color customization in the PRO version.

The Elementor integration provides a customizable Recipe Card widget for versatile recipe placement on your website.


Key Features

  • 5 recipe card styles
  • Cook mode
  • Food labels
  • Recipe video
  • Recipe shortcode
  • Pinterest Rich Pins support
  • AMP support
  • WPML support
  • GDPR-compliant

Harness the power of structured data ( markup for better search rankings and social shares. The plugin also introduces a Unit Conversion feature, allowing readers to switch between US Customary and Metric units effortlessly.

Pricing: The plugin comes with three plans: Starter ($59/year), Professional ($79/year), and Business ($99/year).

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Gourmet Recipe: Premium WordPress Recipe Plugin

Gourmet Recipe, a versatile WordPress recipe plugin, empowers food bloggers with a feature-rich toolkit for creating visually appealing recipes.

Choose between modern and classic recipe card layouts, and easily modify single or multi-column recipe post layouts using block patterns. The plugin also offers a recipe list with customizable options for layout, filtering, sorting, and pagination.


Key Features

  • One-click demo import
  • Gutenberg blocks
  • Translation & RTL support
  • Detailed documentation
  • Mobile responsive
  • Google structured data

Gourmet Recipe seamlessly integrates with any theme and provides color options to match your site’s aesthetics. It also makes the organization of recipes efficient with courses and cuisines for easy navigation. 

Pricing: This plugin is available at $29 and offers six months of support.

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Blossom Recipe Maker WordPress Plugin

Blossom Recipe Maker is a free WordPress recipe plugin for food bloggers, enabling the swift creation of captivating recipes in under 5 minutes. With easy integration using shortcodes, effortlessly add food recipes to any post or page.

This intuitive plugin also fosters user interaction, allowing visitors to adjust serving sizes and mark their progress through ingredients and instructions. Additionally, the plugin offers an advanced search feature for instant access to favorite recipes.

Key Features

  • Recipe gallery
  • Search recipes by category, cuisine, etc
  • Author template
  • Templates to list recipes
  • Embed Youtube or Vimeo videos to recipes
  • Translation Ready

Pricing: Free

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Zip Recipes: Recipe Maker For Your Food Blog

Zip Recipes is the go-to WordPress plugin for seamless recipe management, offering endless possibilities through its template editor and versatile settings. You can elevate your food blog’s visibility with optimized recipes for search engines, enhancing your organic reach and attracting more visitors.

With WYSIWYG editors, adding new recipes or creating templates is also a breeze, ensuring a professional look on any device. 


Key Features

  • Automatic nutrition generation
  • Mobile friendly
  • AMP compatible
  • Automatic serving adjustment for your users
  • Reviews and ratings
  • integrated
  • Recipe search, index, and gallery
  • Save Recipes on social media

This plugin prioritizes user experience, making recipe management efficient and user-friendly. Plus, it benefits from excellent support, making it a must-have tool for food bloggers aiming to enhance their online presence.

Pricing: It offers three plans: Personal ($20.30/Single site), PRO ($76.30/Five domains), and Agency ($146.30/Unlimited domains)

RecipePress Reloaded WordPress Plugins

RecipePress Reloaded is a versatile WordPress plugin designed for efficient recipe management on your blog. Tailored with editors in mind, it introduces a new post type for recipes, allowing you to publish them as standalone posts or seamlessly integrate them into regular posts and pages.

This plugin also provides flexibility in organizing recipes, featuring predefined food categories such as cuisines, courses, seasons, and difficulties.


Key Features

  • Different templates
  • User 5-star reviews
  • Recipe process shots
  • Custom post type for recipes
  • Preparation and cooking times
  • Post categories and terms on recipes

You can create custom categories effortlessly and use index pages or widgets like tag clouds and top-ten lists for easy accessibility. It also enables the inclusion of photos, videos, and comments in your recipes.

Pricing: Free

Le Chef: Premium Recipe WordPress Plugin

Le Chef is a premium recipe plugin that elevates your WordPress website into a captivating recipes hub. This plugin enables easy entry and formatting of recipes, making it ideal for showcasing family recipes or creating a dedicated recipes website.

With features like a recipe gallery, ingredients, custom steps, difficulty levels, cooking time, nutritional facts, and ratings, Le Chef provides a comprehensive solution.


Key Features

  • Fully customizable super-fast recipes nutritional filter
  • Chef Dashboard
  • Customizable layout
  • Custom recipe widgets
  • Calories counter
  • Custom measurements units
  • Custom recipe types

It also seamlessly integrates with any custom WordPress theme, ensuring a responsive design on all devices. Plus, it offers easy management and customization.

Pricing: This recipe plugin is available for $22 with six months of support. Check out the preview.

Chicory Shoppable Recipes

Unlike other WordPress recipe plugins, Chicory helps monetize recipes for WordPress blogs. With Recipe Activation technology, the plugin makes all recipes shoppable, enabling highly relevant, contextual advertising within the recipe card through Chicory Premium.

This innovative approach allows site visitors to shop directly from recipe content. Thereby, ensuring a trustworthy experience with grocery-related advertisements from reputable advertisers.


Key Features

  • In-recipe advertising
  • Shoppable tech
  • Supports WordPress version 4.0 or higher
  • Extensive network of 5,200+ food publishers, brands, and retailers

Chicory’s shoppable recipe tech also delivers high-performing and customizable experiences for bloggers and audiences.

Pricing: This plugin can be downloaded for free.

WP Easy Recipe Free WordPress Plugin

WP Easy Recipe is a straightforward and user-friendly WordPress plugin designed to effortlessly add “Recipe” content to your website, complete with separate categories and tags. The plugin also ensures a fully responsive experience.

Additionally, the plugin offers image upload options on categories, enhancing the visual appeal of your recipe content with ease.


Key Features 

  • [wp_easy_recipe_slider] shortcode for a responsive recipe featured image slider
  • [wer_recipe_of_the_day] shortcode to display the “Recipe Of The Day”
  • [wer_ten_best_recipe] shortcode for showcasing the “10 Best Recipes”
  • [wp_recipe_list_page] shortcode to retrieve all recipe pages seamlessly. 

Pricing: Free

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Recipe Contest WordPress Plugin

The Recipe Contest WordPress Plugin facilitates the effortless creation of comprehensive recipe competitions on your WordPress site. The plugin incorporates nine layers of fraud protection, ensuring the security of competition data and user information.

With features like IP address checks, unique IDs for each vote, email confirmation, and more, it shields against hacking attempts.


Key Features 

  • 100% responsive design
  • Full integration with BuddyPress
  • East to translate
  • Compatible with WooCommerce
  • GDPR-ready
  • Email notifications
  • Lifetime Free Updates

Complete control over design, data analysis, and voter management is provided, allowing customization of text information, image adjustments, and competition parameters. The plugin ensures a secure, flexible, and user-friendly platform for hosting engaging recipe contests.

Pricing: This plugin is available for $39. View the demo.

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Ultimate Post Recipe: WordPress Posts Cooking Recipes Plugin


Ultimate Post Recipe is a responsive WordPress plugin designed to effortlessly enhance your blog posts with detailed recipe blocks. With unlimited cooking steps, ingredients, equipment lists, summaries, notes, and more, this plugin transforms your content into engaging cooking recipes.

The seamless integration with any theme, whether automatic or manual, also allows for easy installation and usage without requiring coding knowledge. 

Key Features

  • Custom image upload for recipe block
  • Unlimited custom styling
  • Shortcodes and custom functions
  • Cross-browser compatibility
  • WP Multisite and Multi-user compatible
  • Translation ready

The plugin supports Google Rich Snippets (, enhancing your recipe’s visibility. Display recipe blocks on single post pages, showcasing recipe titles & summaries and providing a visually appealing and informative cooking experience for your audience.

Pricing: This plugin is available for $25 with six months of support. Here’s the preview.

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Choosing a Recipe WordPress Plugin: Considerations

Selecting the perfect recipe WordPress plugin requires careful consideration and a keen eye for detail. Here are essential factors to weigh when venturing into the world of recipe plugins.

Ease of Use

A recipe plugin should simplify, not complicate. Opt for a WordPress plugin with an intuitive interface and straightforward functionalities. The last thing you need is a convoluted setup that leaves you scratching your head. A user-friendly plugin ensures a smooth cooking experience, both for you and your audience.

Compatibility With Your Theme

Your website’s theme sets the visual tone, and the recipe plugin should dance harmoniously to its rhythm. Ensure that the plugin seamlessly integrates with your chosen WordPress theme.

Compatibility issues can lead to aesthetic inconsistencies and functional hiccups in the worst cases. A visually cohesive website is a feast for the eyes.

Support Options

Even the most seasoned chefs need a helping hand sometimes. Prioritize plugins that offer robust support options. Whether it’s a comprehensive documentation library, responsive customer support, or an active community forum, reliable assistance ensures you can tackle any challenges during your culinary website journey.

Specific Needs and Requirements

Not all recipes are created equal. Consider the nature of your culinary content – are you predominantly sharing complex, multi-step recipes or quick and easy delights?

Choose a WordPress recipe plugin that aligns with your specific needs, offering features like customizable recipe cards, nutritional information, or video integration if required.

Level of Customization

Just as chefs infuse their dishes with a personal touch, you should be free to customize your recipe display. Look for plugins that offer a range of styling options, allowing you to tailor the look and feel of your recipes to match your brand identity. The ability to tweak colors, fonts, and layout ensures your recipes are as unique as your culinary creations.

Plugin Reviews and Ratings

Before committing to a recipe plugin, take a stroll through the virtual aisle of reviews and ratings. User feedback provides valuable insights into the plugin’s performance, reliability, and any potential quirks. Consider positive & negative reviews, and check for any trends or recurring issues. A well-reviewed plugin is like a five-star rating for your digital kitchen.

By weighing these considerations, you’ll not only find a recipe plugin that suits your needs but also set the stage for a delightful browsing experience for your audience.

Just as a well-chosen spice elevates a dish, the right recipe plugin enhances your WordPress kitchen, turning it into a culinary haven for food enthusiasts.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, selecting the best recipe WordPress plugin for your website involves weighing the features, compatibility, and ease of use. Premium recipe WordPress plugins like WP Delicious, RecipePress Reloaded, and Le Chef offer advanced functionalities, customization, and professional layouts.

Free recipe WordPress plugins like WP Easy Recipe and Chicory Shoppable Recipes provide essential features for those on a budget.

Regardless of your choice, these WordPress recipe plugins enhance your culinary content presentation, engagement, and monetization. Consider your specific needs, user interaction features, and design preferences to make an informed decision and create a delightful recipe-sharing experience for your audience.

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