Structured Data

Structured Data

Google Search makes significant efforts to comprehend the information shown on a page. By incorporating structured data on a website, you may be of assistance to us by giving Google specific indications about the meaning of the page in question. 

Structured data is a defined format for providing information about a page and identifying the content of the page; for instance, on a website containing a recipe, what are the ingredients, the cooking time and temperature, the calorie count, and so on. Google utilizes the structured data it discovers on the web to comprehend the information shown on the page and compile information on the web and the world in general.

What is Structured Data?

Structured data complies with a data model, has a clearly defined structure, adheres to a predetermined sequence, and can be readily retrieved and used by a human or a computer program.

Data that has been structured is often saved in well-defined schemas, such as those found in databases. In most cases, it forms a table with columns and rows that specify its many characteristics.

SQL, which stands for “Structured Query language,” is often used to manage stored data in databases.

Characteristics of Structured Data

Structured data have the following characteristics:

Advantages of Structured Data

The following are some advantages of structured data:

Why Does a Business Need Structured Data?

Data is the most important source of information on customers, processes, and workers. This data might be presented in various formats, such as comments left by consumers, tweets, financial statistics, stock movement data, or almost anything else. On the other hand, a significant amount of the data cannot in any way be quantified. You can’t put a number on how you feel, why you behave, or how long a video clip is. Therefore, organized data is essential since, in contrast to unstructured data, it enables you to draw conclusions more quickly and get information from the data.

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