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How to Integrate ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ Service in WooCommerce?

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Written By: author image Aditi Tanwar
author image Aditi Tanwar
Buy Now, Pay Later in WooCommerce

The Buy Now Pay Later option is becoming increasingly common in online stores. Customers can use BNPL services to purchase goods and services while deferring payment until later quickly. 

This gives clients more flexibility to pay monthly and spending power while also giving online retailers a chance to boost sales and profits. WooCommerce is one well-liked eCommerce platform that supports BNPL. 

WooCommerce is a free and open-source eCommerce plugin for WordPress. Millions of online retailers utilize it to market their goods and services on their websites. WooCommerce additionally provides numerous payment gateway connections, such as BNPL services.

Merchants must open an account with a BNPL provider and install the necessary WooCommerce plugin to use BNPL in WooCommerce.

Every BNPL supplier will have a unique plugin easily accessible in the WooCommerce plugin directory

The BNPL option will be available for consumers to select once the plugin has been installed and active. After selecting their desired BNPL provider, they can proceed with the normal checkout process. The BNPL provider will handle the payment and all subsequent payments by their terms and conditions.

How To Choose The Right BPNL Plugin?

Purchasing the right plugin can be challenging, especially regarding your data security. Let’s look at some points you must consider before buying the right plugin according to your website’s functionality:

Easy to Use

A BNPL platform can expedite and simplify the purchasing process for your clients. They quickly finish their Buy and go back to their previous task. Seek platforms that provide a quick and non-tedious buying procedure to encourage your clients to buy again. Customers should be reassured that they don’t have to worry about paying the entire amount up front by the software, which can significantly lower cart abandonment rates.

Easy to Customize

You can use various buy-now-pay-later techniques with these platforms. The “Pay in 4” approach, which divides the total amount into four divided payments, is the most preferred. Until the entire sum is paid, the pay-in-4 process makes one payment every two to three weeks. You can search for BNPL platforms that provide a variety of term lengths, from a few weeks to months.

Cost to Customers

Buy-now-pay-later accounts are similar to credit cards in that the customer must repay when the installment is due. Although buy-now-pay-later installments normally do not incur interest, failing to make payments can have several consequences.

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Best Buy Now Pay Later plugins for WooCommerce

Let’s take a look at some of the best Buy Now Pay Later plugins for WooCommerce:


Afterpay Plugin

For users who are new to using Afterpay when making purchases, the platform establishes reasonable and open initial spending credit limits. This initial limit can increase when customers make their payments on time. To encourage clients to spend correctly, the vendor also offers advice. Retailers who offer both online and in-person purchasing alternatives can use Afterpay. It offers direct connectivity with Square, built right in, making providing BNPL alternatives from a Square POS system simple. 


Affirm Plugin

The platform is helpful for telesales, in-person sales, and online purchases. They are the BNPL solution of choice for Amazon. No matter where customers make purchases, businesses can incorporate buy-now-pay-later alternatives with Affirm. To make it simple for customers to purchase from your e-commerce site, you can use Affirm to display flexible payment terms on every product page and checkout.


Humm Plugin

Humm promises to pay your company in full on the following business day. If your small firm depends on these payments, this may be important. In addition, Humm will refund its charge if a consumer returns an item to your shop.


Sezzle Plugin

It gives customers financial knowledge and transparency, empowering your target market. Utilizing the Sezzle Up program helps you provide clients the chance to avoid late fees while also enabling younger customers to establish credit. 

When your clients sign up for this program, Sezzle will notify credit reporting agencies of their timely installment payments. Sezzle provides your clients with a simple BNPL solution. The only payment option is the four-pay plan, which entails a 25% down payment upon receiving an order from a customer and three more payments. Any gains from your clients must be made within six weeks.


Klarna Plugin

Join Klarna with WooCommerce to enhance your checkout experience with a soft credit check. With Klarna’s widget seamlessly integrated, customers can choose from various payment options, including direct payments by Google Pay, pay after delivery, and installment plans. Klarna, backed by one of Europe’s largest banks, ensures global compliance and protects against credit and fraud risks. Trusted by over 500,000 merchants and 150+ million consumers worldwide, Klarna guarantees seamless transactions through custom solutions, boosting conversions and order value. Reach new audiences and enjoy assured payments with Klarna, a reliable Buy Now Pay Later solution for your WooCommerce store.

Affirm Payments

Affirm Payments_Buy Now Pay Later

Integrate Affirm Payments seamlessly into your WooCommerce store to offer flexible payment options that empower shoppers. With tailored Buy Now Pay Later programs, Affirm removes price barriers, increasing average order value and customer base. Trusted by 250k retailers and 16 million users, Affirm modernizes consumer credit with transparent terms—no fees or compounding interest—enhancing satisfaction and driving conversions. Quick integration with any ecommerce platform, intuitive marketing tools, and optimized terms maximize revenue, making Affirm the ideal choice to boost sales and customer satisfaction on your WooCommerce platform.


PayBrights Plugin_Buy Now Pay Later

PayBright with WooCommerce can be connected to offer convenient installment payment plans, increasing affordability and conversions for customers. As Canada’s leading provider, PayBright’s plans feature low interest rates and no hidden fees, driving repeat purchases and higher order values for over 8,500 merchants. With upfront payment to merchants and assumption of repayment risk, PayBright ensures seamless transactions and customer satisfaction. Quick approval process, flexible payment options, and protection against fraud make PayBright the ideal Buy Now Pay Later solution for your WooCommerce store.


Clearpay Plugin_Buy Now Pay Later

Get Clearpay for your WooCommerce store to cater to discerning shoppers worldwide. With over 19 million active customers globally, Clearpay drives repeat purchases and referrals, enhancing merchant partnerships. Clearpay, operating as Afterpay in multiple regions, boasts a seamless payment experience with no external credit checks or fees. Merchants benefit from upfront payments on an ecommerce platform, risk minimization, and daily settlement reports, while customers enjoy instant sign-up and flexible payment options. Key features like Express Checkout and AI-powered risk management ensure higher conversions and expanded market reach, making Clearpay the superior Buy Now Pay Later solution for WooCommerce.

Veem Payments

Veem Payments_Buy Now Pay Later

Veem Payments simplifies a payment method for large transactions on your WooCommerce site, offering diverse payment options like cards, bank transfers, and checks. Clients can securely checkout without leaving your store page, boosting conversion rates. With no setup or monthly fees, Veem streamlines payment processes, enabling merchants to handle receivables and payables globally in one platform. Trusted by thousands worldwide, Veem ensures secure transactions with advanced authentication and fraud protection. Accept all major debit/credit cards in 70+ currencies, avoiding card fees and accessing funds instantly with Veem.


Several eCommerce companies place the highest focus on offering flexible payment options. With the Buy Now Pay Later feature, consumers can immediately buy and pay for things through weekly or monthly installments. 

Making this option available at the checkout eases your customer’s decision to complete the transaction. Thus, if you want to provide your consumers with the most enjoyable shopping experience possible through flexible pricing, raise the average order value, boost sales, and reduce payment fraud.

Consider the BNPL alternatives mentioned above and choose a plan that matches your spending limit and precise requirements. 

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