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Basic Principles of Website Design That Drives Sales

Basic Principles Of Website Design That Drives Sales

No matter what kind of business you own—a startup or a big enterprise— every business needs to build a website to have an online presence and showcase its products or services in the market. However, building a website using fly-by-night or amateur-run website builders isn’t enough. To see pure results, you need to invest in expert website design. 

Did You Know? ‘57% of internet users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed website on mobile.’

But what makes a website aesthetically pleasing and impressive? How to create effective websites with attractive designs? What are the elements of an enticing, user-friendly, and conversion-driven Website? Are you looking for answers to the above questions? Here we have got you five powerful website design principles that will help you grow your business and convert more of your traffic into sales and leads. 

Why is Website Design Crucial For Your Business?

Stats Speaks Louder Than Words: Here are some essential facts about why website design is necessary:

  • study showed that 75% of users judge a company’s credibility based on its visual design.
  • It only takes visitors 50 milliseconds to form an opinion of your website design.
  • 94% of a website user’s first impressions are design-related, while 38% of users will stop engaging with your website if they didn’t find it unattractive.

Essential Website Design Principles That Helps Your Business Grow

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) are significant factors that help your website get more sales. The overall experience that visitors have as they click through your website is referred to as UX. UI is the platform/interface via which the user communicates with the system. It acts as a link between the user and the system.

If the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) are efficient, the user will want to spend more time at your website. The designer’s responsibility is to make the user interface look modern and neat.

The style of a website often influences UX. A poor interface leads to a negative user experience and vice versa. Use the page layout efficiently, use appropriate fonts and colors, and delete unnecessary details to create a good UI and UX. Also, bear in mind that your website should not include a lot of scrolling. 

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Avoid Distractions like pop-ups and auto-play videos

Though adding unique designs to your website helps, certain design elements and options can cause your conversion rates to decrease. Loud audio on your website suddenly distracts (and startles) website visitors. This will lead them to close the tab and leave. As a result, you will miss a lead. Extreme pop-ups are also irritating. A pop-up every 10 seconds is annoying and distracts the visitors from doing what they came to do.

Use the background pictures wisely. If your customer’s attention is drawn more to the background image than to your content, they’ll soon forget what they’re supposed to do there.

Even the tiniest diversion could cause your visitors to lose attention and leave your site immediately.

Unique Elements of Design

Because of the intense online competition these days, you must find a way for your website to stand out. Design is crucial because it affects the first impression you provide to your website visitor. A unique approach to the website design will tempt visitors to stay and look around the site. Consumers will remember you and will return to the website if you have excellent design elements.

Good Product Descriptions

The details of your items/products on the website significantly impact your customer’s decisions. The higher the quality of your website’s content like text, photographs, and videos, the easier the customer can associate it with what they require. This hugely influences your client’s decisions on whether to buy your services/products or not. Paying careful attention to these aspects will help you get more leads to your websites.

Also, the lesser doubts a consumer has in his mind regarding your products, the more inclined they are to purchase them.

User-friendly Website

If you design a website using a minimalist approach, you can exclude features that aren’t required. As a result, the site would be easier to create, use fewer resources, and respond far more quickly than congested e-commerce pages. Remember that less is better when it comes to your website. Don’t suffocate your guests with a lot of detail or material. White space encourages the text to stand out and increases readability.

Keep It Simple

One of the most crucial website design principles you need to consider is keeping it as simple and easy to use as you can. Research shows that sites win credibility points by being both easy to use and valuable. So, don’t overcomplicate and overdesign your website because adding too many frills can confuse people when they try to accomplish simple tasks on your site. Keeping it simple helps visitors quickly scroll down & find their way around, which generates leads.

Wrap Up

As one of the most potent promotional and sales tools, website design should be an integral part of your digital marketing plan.

At Seahawk Media, we understand this and help you bring your vision to life with innovative and successful projects. Get in touch with us for your website designing project because our top-notch design team will work collectively to build a WordPress platform you’ll definitely like. Are you ready? Let’s discuss how we can convert your website traffic into more leads and more sales.

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