Best Free WordPress Theme Frameworks For Developers In 2023

Top 10 Free WordPress Theme Frameworks For Developers In 2022 01

When choosing WordPress to build your new website, theme customization and selection are some of the fundamental steps that are crucial to increase brand recognition and deliver a particular emotion to your site’s visitors.

Yet, despite having so many WordPress themes to choose from, you may feel unsatisfied and bound by the limited customization options available.

Or, you can build your own WordPress theme using WordPress Theme Framework.

Understanding WordPress Theme

WordPress Theme Framework is a parent theme with drop-in code libraries for core functionality, enabling you to design your website with maximum flexibility. However, it would be best to use it in conjunction with a child theme to deliver a full-featured design.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress Theme Frameworks, which can help you build a distinctive and helpful WordPress theme.


If you want to start with a free framework, then you can consider this framework. Besides being free, it has many essential functionalities without much complexity, making it time-effective.

The drag-and-drop page builder tool is one of Gantry’s showcases. Gantry employs page layouts, allowing drag and drop widgets to populate the page layouts with content.

You can download it from the official website, which is available for free.

The developers recommend beginning with Helium, and if you follow the framework’s extensive documentation, it’s easy to work with it.

Cherry Framework

Cherry Framework 4 is a free, open-source WordPress theme framework renowned for its flexibility and advanced functionality.

The framework uses a modular structure, and all its functionality is integrated into plugins. Most importantly, it comes with version control. You can easily use multiple plugins or themes while ensuring the framework is constantly updated and works smoothly after each update.

You can make design changes using shortcodes, which saves a lot of your time while also ensuring control over elements. 

There are instruction manuals and a well-organized structure to make the process easier.

You can download the framework from here.

Hybrid Core

Hybrid Core is one of the best WordPress Theme Framework for 2023 that is entirely free for everyone. 

You have complete creative freedom to choose what you want to build and what you want to control. 

If you want to build a completely custom website with WordPress, Hybridcore is an excellent choice. This will also give you a more hands-on role in developing your new website.

But there are paid plans to enjoy premium benefits like access to a different theme, Support Forum Access, priority support Via slack, many more.

Here are the plans with their pricing:-

  • Exhale Pro: $ 49.99/ year
  • Members Pro: $ 59.99/year
  • All-Access Bundle: $89.99/year


Beans is a WordPress theme framework that is adaptable, extensible, and lightning-fast. This robust framework, built with UIkit, keeps your web pages lightweight so they can load as quickly as possible. Themes created with Beans not only look great, but they also resize content correctly on all devices.

Because Beans is semantically coded, you can be confident that your site will rank higher in search engine results pages. Every line of code in this SEO-friendly framework is optimized to the greatest extent possible.

You can download the framework from here

Simon WP Framework

Simon is a simple framework that allows you to quickly and easily deploy WordPress themes. It supports widget areas in both the footer and the sidebar. Because Simon is fully responsive, your theme will look great on all devices and screen sizes.

Simon also supports child theme functionality, which allows you to update the framework directly. As a result, you won’t have to worry about losing the changes you’ve made to your theme. 

FlexGrid CSS, Breadcrumbs, Form Design, Custom Icon Support, and Various Typography Options are some of the additional features included in the framework.

You can download the framework from here 


Reverie is a fully responsive, SEO-optimized, versatile WordPress framework built with ZURB’s Foundation. This framework is minimal and offers two custom menus and two widget areas by default, including many other unique features.

Reverie is an excellent choice for both starting a new project and developing your own child theme. Reverie inherits the Foundation framework’s features and enhances your HTML5 and WordPress development experience to the maximum extent achievable.

You can download the framework from here


Unyson is a great drag-and-drop WordPress theme framework for 2023 that allows you to create complex themes easily. This user-friendly framework includes many built-in extensions and options that will help you speed up the theme development process.

For example, while the built-in SEO module eliminates the need to install additional plugins, the breadcrumbs extension allows visitors to navigate your website more quickly. A few custom widgets, such as blog tabs and Flickr, are also available to make your theme sidebar more appealing and valuable.

Click here to download the framework.

Your Takeaway

If you have a WordPress website and need help, we are here to support you. 

Contact us to get your website designed by our professional design team.

Our WordPress Professionals will get the work done quickly, from routine maintenance to complex troubleshooting and debugging.

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