How To Connect Your WordPress Site With Active Campaign?

How to Connect Your WordPress Site With Active Campaign 01

WordPress is characterized by being one of the platforms that best adapts to the blog or website world. And, as such, many of them not only want to show their content but also connect with the public through the subscription or sending of the newsletter. To have greater control of the entry of new subscriptions, Marketing Automation is chosen. Not only to save time but to not lose the opportunity to connect with their user and personalize the messages concerning their preferences.

Advantages: Active Campaign with WordPress Site

The integration that Active Campaign proposes is relatively easy, online assistance, regular updates, in addition to offering us the different advantages that these tools have:

-Insertion of the form in all your pages, publications, and sidebar:

Not only does it allow you to embed the form in your WordPress page, but it also allows you to collect information about the users who fill in the form since it connects with the ActiveCampaign CRM.

“Discover the features Active Campaign key as CRM”).

-Follow-up of the form by inserting the tracking code.

This will allow you to know parameters such as the rate of visits. In addition, to take advantage of the strength of Marketing Automation of ActiveCampaign and send automated and personalized emails, to know the user and impact level at the right time.

-Live chat

Functionality that allows multi-channel communication. To do this, you must first enable the tracking code and then purchase or start a trial of this add-on, which will enable you to connect with the customer instantly and automatically. If you decide to have this functionality, the Conversations widget will also be added to your website.

Integration: ActiveCampaign and WordPress

If you have finally opted for ActiveCampaign to insert your forms, we will show you the different ways to be able to integrate them:

As can be seen, there is no single way to integrate WordPress with this platform. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the most appropriate one according to your experience with WordPress and with the HTML language.

Can the HTML form be copied and pasted on my WordPress site?

Creating the form with HTML code makes it relevant to mention that we will lose display characters if we do it through this action. Therefore, integration with the ActiveCampaign Plugin or its creation from the beginning with this language is recommended.

How to install and configure ActiveCampaign Plugin for WordPress?

To activate the ActiveCampaign Plugin, you must:

1. Look for the Plugin “ActiveCampaign” and install this plugin in your WordPress

2. Once installed, click on “Activate.”

3. Go to “Settings” or “Settings” in the sidebar of your WordPress and click on the Plugin “ActiveCampaign.”

4. Configure ActiveCampaign. To do this, you must go to our ActiveCampaign platform in “Settings.”

5. Subsequently, in the submenu, click on “Developer.”

6. Here, copy the “URL” and “Key” of the API.

7. Paste the URL and the password in WordPress and click on “Connect

In the section “Subscription Forms” or “Subscription Forms,” select those forms that you want to integrate with WordPress. To do this, check-in sections.

8. Finally, don’t forget to click on the button “Update Settings” or “Update Information.”

Insert subscription forms in WordPress

First of all, you must go to the post or page to integrate the form in WordPress.

Second, click where you want to put your form and click the ActiveCampaign button, which is located in the text editor bar (visual).

Finally, choose the form, and the form will be inserted in code. Once the post is published or previewed, you will be able to view the form.

Integration problem: connection failed

This error occurs when we do not use the login credentials correctly or an ActiveCampaign form has not been created yet.

Edit ActiveCampaign forms in WordPress

Once our ActiveCampaign Plugin is integrated, you will be able to make changes from ActiveCampaign, instantly modifying the form in WordPress, thus avoiding wasting more time creating your form.

Can you do more with the forms?

The default option after filling out a form is to say thank you, but you can do something different; if you need to, you can place a URL so that when you fill out the form, you can take them the thank you page or if it is a Lead Magnet that you are giving away, you can put the Lead Magnet on that page. There are many alternatives, and it is essential to know that we can configure this last step.

Well, with that, we already have the super simple but essential step to integrate the contacts that come to your WordPress and have them directly in your ActiveCampaign database.

If you have any questions about this process or similar, do not hesitate to contact us.

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